Oct 15, 2013; Uniondale, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Thomas Vanek (26) scores on New York Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov (20) during a shootout at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Buffalo won 4-3 in shootout. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports Buffalo Sabre

Buffalo Sabres Retain Thomas Vanek Salary In Trade

It couldn’t be a clean break – sure Thomas Vanek will never again don a blue and gold sweater or skate for the home team at First Niagara Center -

but he will still receive a check with Terry Pegula’s signature on it.

According to an AP report - someone with knowledge of the trade is confirming that the Buffalo Sabres are retaining a portion of their former captain’s salary – and a nice chunk of it as well.

If the reports are true, then the Buffalo Sabres will still be liable to pay about 20% of Vanek’s salary.  This makes sense for the New York Islanders.  While the Buffalo Sabres received two draft picks, one in each 2104 and 2015 – the teams also traded contracts of soon to be unrestricted free agents.

Thomas Vanek had a salary of 6.4 million, while Matt Moulson is only on the books for 3 million and change.  For the Buffalo Sabres to keep twenty percent of Vanek’s salary – the New York Islanders are getting Thomas Vanek for Matt Moulson money.

It is still yet to see if Moulson can continue to improve the Buffalo Sabres offense, and how well Thomas Vanek will pan out for the New York Islanders.  Having Buffalo keep a portion of the salary definitely helps lessen the blow for the Islanders who are paying a pretty high price to rent the Austrian sniper.

I still say Buffalo wins this trade.

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  • Jes

    Doesn’t matter if we end up taking money back in this season especially on a $7 million player and it’s reported it’s only 20%, that’s a weekend in Italy for the Pegula family. It’s only one season and no real effect on or off the ice for us.

    I also heard that the first round draft pick that we got from the Isles can be deferred to the 2015 draft.

    • Dano

      Correct on the 2015 defferment. If its a top10 pick, the Isles will keep it and we will have their first and second in 2015 while they keep their first in 2014.

      • Ben Chalker

        I kinda hope they defer it til 2015… It’s allegedly projecting as a much deeper draft class than the 2014 one. But if I know that then I’m sure NYI’s front office probably has a handle on it.

        • Dano

          Looking at the OHL and WHL.. It would seem that way. Just have to watch whom enters the draft this year coming July and who opted out.

      • Timothy Redinger

        I don’t like the way the Islanders set up this deferment – a team could really shoot themselves in the foot….the Islanders could defer a ten overall selection, only to lose a higher draft pick in 2015 – depending on how the Islanders pan out.
        I am surprised the Islanders didn’t make a pick conditional based on their ability to resign Thomas Vanek.

        • Dano

          If *I* were a GM, I would have put a flag up for a ‘ resigning ‘ type of situation.

          Looking at the WHL, OHL and QMJ.. It might be nicer to actually have a 2015 pick instead of a 2014. The draft isnt looking THAT deep for 2014 as it was in past years.

          We just have to sit back and see how it pans out. Vanek wasnt staying, at least the Sabres pulled in something for him.

  • Ben Chalker

    We all knew any deal that sent Vanek or Miller out of town would see them still on the payroll. Anyone who is surprised or shocked isn’t paying attention.
    I don’t necessarily think we’re at a stage to declare winners or loser on the trade, but I think Buffalo is in a better position for having made the trade.

  • qwicwted

    I don’t have a problem with Buffalo taking back salary for Vanek. I think we unloaded a bad attitude. Sabres made their pitch and offer to Vanek, he turned them down….so time to move on. I like the type of player Moulson is, flying under the radar, but hardworking, smart and the type of guy I want our youngsters to emulate. Moulson is from the Mississauga area – so he knows Bflo well and he may just embrace the fact that Buffalo did pay a price for him, has given him the opportunity to became a part of this team and a leader for our youngsters. Tavares speaks very highly of the guidance that Moulson gave him and hopefully he will mentor our young team.