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Could Patrick Kaleta Be Sitting Longer For Rolston?

It appears that the NHL are not the only party fed up with the antics of Patrick Kaleta, his coach appears to be jumping on the same boat. Every Monday morning Ron Rolston joins the folks over at WGR550 to talk about the Buffalo Sabres. Today he was asked about the plans for Patrick Kaleta when he returns from suspension and his answer doesn’t exactly scream “welcome back”

When asked about Kaleta slating back into the line-up, Rolston offered up this;

“We have a lot of decisions coming down with guys coming back from injury. We’ll sit down as an organization and make a decision regarding what’s the best move going forward.” ~Ron Rolston

In the interview Rolston goes on to say the decision will be between Corey Tropp, Patrick Kaleta and John Scott, but considering he was

asked about whether Kaleta slates back into the line-up it doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement from the coach. From the sound of things it doesn’t seem like Rolston is too eager to get Kaleta back in the line-up and the team may be leaning towards letting him sit a little longer.

From the interview Rolston seemed to hint that he would rather have Corey Tropp back in the line-up over Kaleta. Tropp should be ready to go for Saturday’s game against the Anaheim Ducks and Kaleta will be eligible to return that night.

Kaleta’s latest 10 game suspension is the 3rd time the rough winger has been handed a suspension by the league and Gary Bettman himself hinted that Kaleta has to change his approach to the game like Matt Cooke did. Oddly enough Cooke has actually offered to work with Kaleta to help him change his game.

When Kaleta is in the line-up doing what he’s asked he’s a solid asset for the Sabres. He kills penalties, blocks shots and doesn’t shy away from hits. He’s a great third line grinder when he’s playing between the lines. When he skates outside of the lines he’s a detriment to his team. The Sabres need to figure out a way to keep Kaleta between the lines so that he can play his game without throwing illegal hits.

To throw another wrench into the Kaleta plot, the Sabres have started to play better since both Patrick Kaleta and John Scott have been out of the line-up. They’re gelling more as a team and starting to gain chemistry. Their last three games have arguably been their most complete and exciting games of the season.

What do you think; How long will it take Patrick Kaleta to draw back into the Sabres line-up?

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  • Timothy Redinger

    This would not be the first time the team extended a suspension for Kaleta. I believe Ruff handed him two games on top of a league suspension before.
    It is a no brainer putting Tropp in the lineup over Scott – the skill levels just don’t compare.
    Can Kaleta change? That is the million dollar question.

    • lee Munn

      Actually, it is a 1.25 Million dollar question. I hate to say it because he is a hard worker, but I would rather have Tropp in over Scott & Kaleta. He has the grit along with OFFENSIVE talent, and his age fits this “Futur” team better than these two…. Then soon Armia will return & one more has to sit, or just send Armia to Roch. I think it is worth giving Armia a 9 game tryout and unlike Grig. he CAN go to Roch if does not fit in yet.

  • Dano

    “What do you think; How long will it take Patrick Kaleta to draw back into the Sabres line-up?”

    Im hoping neither he nor Scott comes back at all and Toronto and Boston have their way with this team. Its what the twits want.

    So long as the Sabres wish to wear their frilly panties, time I would spend going to the games has gone to making new boards for the pond rink. :D

    In a serious tone, Kaleta will be a healthy scratch more often then not. Kaleta is what he is, over gritty and physical. Something “fans of today” can find no appreciation for.

    • qwicwted

      Dano, the league has decided to make the Sabres, in particuar Kaleta, Scott and Ott, their whipping boys in making an example of its trying to curb cheap hits and violence. We saw last night Ott get 4 minutes for a “slight” slash and he needs to also change his game. Essentially guys like Scott, Kaleta and Ott need to tone it down. Kaleta and Ott both have some skill and need to focus on using that skill versus trying to stir things up with a questionable hit or action. They both have a target on their back like Cooke did and they need to change their game. I think our team is starting to get some chemistry and getting Tropp and Armia back will also strengthen the team.

      • Dano

        Tone it down? Ryan Nugent Hopkins took a stick swing at someone after a knee-on-knee hit. The Suspensions this year are HORRIBLE!

        The REASON that Scott and Kaleta are targeted is due to the fans in Buffalo allowing it. They have little to no support at all. In many instances, the ‘ Fans ‘ WANT this team to be punished.

        Hockey used to be a game of men. Now? Its glorified Soccer with fans whom want soccer on skates and most of whom see going to FNC as a ‘ social event ‘ instead of a good blue-collared sporting event.

        The League isnt going after just the Sabres. Take a GOOD LOOK at all the suspensions and 10minute misconducts being given out. Its ridicules!

        The time is coming when players whom used to lay good hits are going to be tossed OR they will stop hitting. Why risk a suspension? Why risk the scrutiny? Heaven forbid they are to be compared with a guy like Kaleta or John Scott!

        The cheap shots in the NHL are going to get a LOT worse. ‘ Star Players ‘ are even becoming dirty and the league doesnt hold THEM accountable.

        People will martyr the hell out of Scott and Kaleta while 2 handers and lumberjack incidents go unpunished because of the name on the jersey and what market the player represents.

        Its unfortunate you dont see the full view of what your implying.

        You can say that the league is making the Sabres their whipping boys.. and just read the articles here and you see a staff member saying ‘ Scott doesnt belong in the NHL ‘.. fully supporting the leagues position and taking the game away from the players..

        I used to watch at minimum 3 games a night. Less if they werent broadcasted/played or if I couldnt find a stream.

        Now? I’m starting to care less and less. My tickets are on StubHub. All the Jerseys went on Ebay ( 3 left! Cheap! ).

        The ‘ New Fans ‘ and the Twits can have the sport. I’ll play on the pond and be happy. REAL hockey at its roots!

        Im saying ‘ You all can have the NHL’. Go ‘ Suffer ‘. Go cry about who should be in the league and who shouldnt.. but please, do so AFTER you have laced them up and set an example. Those in the NHL have achieved more then I have and I respect each and every player for doing such. I’m not going to tell them where they should or shouldnt be.

        I refuse to give the NHL another dime at this point as their message isnt about letting boys become men playing a REAL sport. Its a watered down version of what it used to be.

        I’ll go to local games and buy their goods to help them out. Keep the minor leagues going and support the kids there.

        Im not saying Im right and your ‘ wrong ‘, Im saying ‘ its all yours ‘. Dont cry and complain when the league gives you exactly what you want and the games become as boring as the European ‘ elite ‘ leagues. I used to watch those games too till they became too boring.

        Im looking forward to see whom the league decided to suspend next. If its a Sabre for just looking at somebody with a silly face, do NOT cry about it. It wont surprise me.

        A while back, Ottawa and Buffalo had an ‘ Incident ‘. Chris Neil ran Drury. Ruff stood up and ‘ called out the clowns ‘. The leagues response was to fine Ruff. The Fans response was to tell Ottawa and the League where they could go and donation drives were spoken of pay Ruffs fines.

        The Fans of today would say ‘ How dare Ruff do what he did! ‘ and scream for a ‘ time out ‘ or all kinds of suspensions.

        • qwicwted

          No problem Dano – I didn’t take it personal. The thing is, I don’t make the rules and I’m not the league. I also was at the “old aud” when the Broad Street Bullies would come to town. I do believe there is a place for an “enforcer” type of player and have no problem with John Scott. Although I do have a problem with Kaleta sometimes. I think Scott does believe in the code for his type of player and he is on the ice to keep other teams from running our “skilled players”. Hummmm what a novel idea – didn’t Gretsky have his own goons? Doesn’t Sid have his? But what I don’t agree with is a player that goes out and just takes a run at a player and I think you have and I know I have seen Kaleta do that – not once, but numerous times.
          What the league has to do is get rid of this “Commissioner” or Czar Shanahan because he is not either seeing the whole picture or he is being swayed by the media. Instead there should be a panel – perhaps made up of one Rep from each team that would rule on suspensions. I also think that film should be viewed to see why something was warranted (if the hit or the fight was retalitory).
          Problem is……I don’t have a voice – the players (their union) and the owners have the power. So, I’m sure there will be changes during the off season.

          • Dano

            Friend, the players gave up that power. The Players used to police themselves. Now? Bettman, whom has never played the game.

            Bettman has expanded a 300million dollar league into a 3 BILLION dollar league even with failures in many cities and expanding to areas where hockey isnt a known/established sport.

            Thus, the league will follow him. Its about the MONEY, not the game.

            I do like your idea of having the player reps from each team having a say in regards to suspensions. Give the players some of their voice back.

            Till the players decide to do something, they dont get a dime from me.

  • lamarred1118

    The last 4 games were against the Islanders, Stars, Panthers and Bolts not Boston , Philly, Toronto and Minnesota. They go out on a night against the latter 4 teams without someone besides McCormick and they get throttled just like when Miller got run and the strongest response is a half-hearted push from someone like Andrej Sekera.
    The result of the fact that Kaleta was amongst the bystanders during that game is the Sabres acquiring John Scott in a direct correlation. And I don’t hate Scott but I do hate Kaleta and the reckless way he behaves on the ice, let him sit another 10, without pay, see if he get the message then!

  • Jes

    That quote doesn’t really mean anything. It could just as well mean sending down rookies and such, right?

  • Joe

    Heres the problem with both scott and kaletas recent suspension. In both instances the opposing players were skating with their heads down and that is what caused the point of contact to be the head. The nhl is teaching players that they can protect themselves from getting hit by lowering ur head. Not to mention meone remember leino getting hit the lther night? If leino doesnt pick his head up at the last minute he wouldve been in the hospital bc he wouldve gotten a hit to the head. Also who doesnt rememer the hit from cmapbell on umberger a few yrs back. Those fay that was a good solid check bc umberger was skating with his head down. Nowadays that wouldve been a minimum 3 game suspension. Unless ur phil kessel. The nhl js becoming rediculous and almost makes me nlt want to watch