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Poll: How Long Will John Scott Sit?

John Scott will have his NHL disciplinary hearing tomorrow on Halloween. Scott has been suspended by the league since last week,

so it’s extremely likely Scott will be sitting for fair while. Despite the fact that Scott is a first-time offender many are still calling for the NHL to throw the book at the Buffalo Sabres over-grown goon.

The hit in question was from the Sabres game against the Bruins last week when Scott landed an elbow/shoulder to the head of Loui Eriksson. The hit has drawn a lot of controversy from around the NHL and painted a dark cloud of sorts over the Buffalo Sabres organization for employing Scott.

It no longer matters what the rest of the NHL thinks, or even the fans, John Scott will be suspended. The only question is for how long? The in-person hearing means Scott will be sitting for at least 5, but after all the stir he’s caused there’s a lot of people calling for him to sit 10 like Patrick Kaleta.

After the pre-season brawl between the Sabres and Leafs ignited by Scott and Phil Kessel, one has to think Brendan Shanahan and the NHL doesn’t want Scott on the ice for the next meeting between those two teams. The Leafs and Sabres square off in a home-and-home on November 15th and 16th, which is 7 and 8 games away. Chances are Scott will be suspended until after the Sabres and Leafs square off.

The verdict for John Scott will officially come down tomorrow, but place your vote below based on how long you would suspend Scott for his hit. The other question becomes how long will Ron Rolston keep Scott out of the line-up after the suspension like he’s planning with Kaleta? Sound-off in the comments how long you would suspend John Scott and how long Rolston sits him for.

How Long Will Scott Sit?

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  • Kevin

    Considering it’s his first time in Sherriff Shanny’s Jail and that he has already served 4 games, I predict 5 games and he will be back for the California Cruise next week. Now will RR play him? I can’t say. But I will say this, he may fall under under high scrutiny if he plays him right away.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m hoping Shanny is fair and just because it’s Scott’s first time and doesn’t hammer him like the public is calling for. Give him the 5 for a total of 9 games out.
      Some more player selection fines?

      • Vic Soga

        S/b 5 games but he will get 8 as it happened to a Boston player. Smart thing to do is not play Scott against Toronto. Makes our players play tougher and smarter.

      • Dano

        Heres the Point Caitlin and something you just dont see at all..

        “I’m hoping Shanny is fair and just because it’s Scott’s first time”

        Kronwall put himself into a bad position when McLeod hit him. Kronwall even admitted after that it was his fault. Didn’t matter. McLeod got 5 games.

        With Chara, it’s the other way around. An absolute nobody (Wingels) put himself in a bad position and a ‘ star ‘ player got him. The hit was “high.” The hit was late. And Wingels didn’t return to the game after. Seems to fit the criteria doesn’t it? Not even a penalty was called.

        Kronwall and Chara have been questionably hitting people for many years. Ask MaxPac of the Habs about ‘ turnbuckles ‘ and missing many games from it..

        Shanny will NOT be fair. To even give Shannahan or the league the benefit of the doubt is lunacy. They are enabled by the fans reactions to do what the new-fans/twits want to keep butts in the seats and the revenues rolling in.

        Kronwall and Chara are ‘ fan favorites ‘. Scott is liked in a smaller circle same as McLeod, Kaleta and others whom are sitting in the pressbox.

    • Dano

      From all I have seen, even on sites where enforcers are loved, DOOM is the prediction. Common thoughts are 15-20 games due to the perception of it all and the amount of suspensions handed down.

      ‘ Infractions ‘ are being handed out and the league is on record pace for suspension/games being given.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I honestly hope he doesn’t get 20 games because it’s honestly not right as he’s a first time offender.

        • Dano

          Horseshit! You said he doesnt belong in the NHL, Hes an ‘ Overgrown Goon ‘ whom doesnt have skill.

          You really DONT understand how what you and many others have said will influence what happens.

          You want Scott out of the game. You have blatantly stated so, now your asking Shannaban to be ‘ fair ‘? YOU are part of that ‘ Public ‘ you mentioned in the post below that is calling for him to be gone!

          I WANT you to have your way on this. I want the Sabres in Frilly panties and getting beat up again.

          Shannaban fair and impartial?

          Chara the other night Hit Wiggles in the head then 2-handed Hertl in the teeth. Not even a game misconduct for either. Why is that?

          Kronwall went with a stupid move and put himself in McLeods check. Kronwall is KNOWN to be a dirty hitter.. McLeoud is given a suspension.. why? Well McLeod is in the same boat as Scott ‘ Little hockey skills ‘..

          This is the Game YOU wanted Caitlin. Enjoy it!

          It doesnt matter ‘ right or wrong ‘. Shanny is going to do what sells tickets. The Twits want the boys in panties so he will give them what they want.

          The Politics of ‘ player selection ‘! Is Rolston even going to put Scott on the ice knowing his paycheck is on the line?

          The Twits just dont get it.

          The Players used to control the game. Now, its some coat/tie idiots and the whining twits whom are ‘ suffering ‘ whom call the shots.

          • Michael McBurney

            Maybe tone it down a notch? Or several. As it is you’re coming off as someone holding onto so much thinly controlled rage (over people and matters you really don’t even know) we gotta hope you aren’t behind the wheel of a car any time soon.

  • Dano

    Over grown Goon? Really?

    As to how long Scott will be ‘ Shanabanned ‘.. 15-30 games. The Tally doesnt include the games hes already sat in Shannabans Gitmo-Bay. It would be surprising *IF* those games did count.

    Im hoping the suspension is the maximum and puts Scott out against the up coming Leafs games so all the Sabres ‘ fresh meat ‘ can see Orr, McLaren, Clarkson, Broll, Fraser and the rest of the mob run them out of the building and run up the scoreboard. Maybe Kessel will lumberjack a star this time?

    If its 12 games or more, thats 3 times the Fresh Meat will see the Leafs. 17 and 18 will be Ottawa ( Neil, Kassian, Smith and crew ). 20 games puts it right around the time we see Boston again. Surely, without Scott they wont feel inclined at all to not run the Sabres. I mean, Colin Campbell, shannabans boss wont have any objections to his favorite team ( IE: His sons ) seeing suspensions for dirty play ( Charas boarding and 2 hander in the SJ game anyone? ). Mike Milbury, Jack Edwards and the Folks at NBC will rave on about how the ‘ dirty Sabres ‘ need to be run and all the Twits will drink it like kool-aid and ‘ tweet ‘ it all over!

    I guess I need to say 25 games then. SUFFERING!

    Randy Carlyle is going to tell his boys ‘ turnabout is fairplay ‘. Make no mistakes, he likes a team with truculence and no frilly panties.

    SUFFERING SUFFERING SUFFERING! Yes, the Sabres will be.

    When Zadorov makes a big hit, What will happen? Is Steve Ott or McCormic going to stand up for the team or is Buffalos rookie going to meet one of the above mentioned Leafs players and get tuned up? Think Miller will be safe between the pipes or will he get Lucic’ed again? Orr has run a few goalies in his days.

    Yes, SUFFERING! I look forward to seeing it. The only tickets that arent on Stubhub and friends have offered some good dollars for them as they know its going to be a great game watching the Pee-wee team get stomped by a real one.

    Let us all pray for 30 games or a lifetime ban so Caitlin can be happy there wont be an ‘ overgrown goon ‘ on the team anymore.

  • wolfdoctor

    Any more than 5 games would clearly show an anti-Sabres bias.

  • davidmuscalo

    I can guess how many game Shabbyhan will sit Scott, but I suspect that Rolston will sit him for at least another 10 games.

  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    If I’m the Sabres owner, I keep playing Scott while appealing the suspension of any length(if Shannahan says suspension) in the courts of law, and tell Shannahan to kiss my ***.

  • Kyle

    If the league wants to punish the Sabres they should should not suspend John Scott. Rather, they should foce them to play him 15-20 minutes a game. That is better punishment.

  • Title Town

    are you people out of your minds – those of you who think shannahan will be “unfair” or “anti-Buffalo” and whatever other dillusional crap some of you are spewing? scott needs to be kicked out of the league. A) he sucks nd 2) he sucks and C) he’s a loser with one job and that’s to be a d**k and hurt people. its time this galoop starts looking for some other employment. what’s more important; gettng this clown off your “beloved sabres” or focusing on WINNING MORE THAN TWO FRIGGIN’ GAMES?!

    - Boton Fan…out.

    • nikvoodoo

      If you can’t see that Chara hitting two San Jose Sharks in the head and not even getting a fine as bias treatment by the NHL then you are just like every other Boston sports fan in creation: Delusional.

    • BryanD

      I’m actually agreeing with a boston fan.. John Scott A) He Sucks B) He sucks and C) he sucks. and any time on the ice he is a power play waiting to happen