Mar 3 2013; New York, NY, USA; A fight breaks out during the third period between the New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres at Madison Square Garden. Rangers won 3-2 in shootout. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres - New York Rangers: Fan Prediction Thread

Happy Halloween, Buffalo Sabres fans!

Yep – I know you know where I am headed with this.  it’s Halloween, after all, and I’m a sucker for the holiday, so let’s get it out of the way: will tonight’s game against the New York Rangers in Madison Square Garden be a treat, or a trick, for the Sabres?

There – ya happy now?

In his first game as a member of the Sabres, Matt Moulson sure did provide a spark, scoring two goals and getting a healthy number of scoring chances during the contest.  Simply put, he played with a level of determination that I had not seen out of Thomas Vanek in his short time with the Sabres this season, which is disappointing but the truth.  I sincerely hopes Moulson keeps showing me that he is willing to do whatever he can to help this team win now, because I honestly wish Buffalo will make an honest attempt to convince him to re-sign with the team once his contract expires at the close of the season.

Speaking of scoring goals, the New York Rangers are currently giving up over three goals per game, an encouraging statistic given the way that Buffalo has playing the last few games.  Even more encouraging news: the Rangers are the second-worst scoring team in the NHL right now.  (What’s that – the Sabres are the worst?  Shut your pie hole, man!!!)  This is a game the Sabres can win, everyone, provided they play a full sixty minutes and get some quality goaltending, something Ryan Miller has not given the team his previous two starts.  If he is in goal tonight, will he be distracted by all of the trade talk that has surrounded him, and the fact that it is rumored that the Sabres have zero intention of signing him after the season?  I can’t imagine he will be – we all know he has been preparing himself for a one-way trip out of Buffalo for a while now – but who knows how an athlete such as Miller responds to reading his name over and over and over again?

Questions to consider:

1. Can Cody Hodgson inherit some of Moulson’s mojo and score tonight?

2.Does Moulson begin a points streak as a Sabre by scoring or notching an assist tonight?

3. Can Ryan Miller shutdown, and shut out, a punchless Rangers offense?

Chime in below, and go Sabres!


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  • Richard Spalding

    I’m going to call it: Miller gets a shutout, Hodgson and Moulson each score tonight, and the Sabres actually beatdown the Rangers 4-0. Feeling it!

    • Jes

      whoaaaaaaaaaaa there Richard remember what happened the last time you predicted a shutout for Miller?

      • Richard Spalding

        I have short-term memory loss. It’s a gift. :D

        • Vic Soga

          Will it be Miller’s last game? Will he be traded for 1st round pick and Stastny or O’Reilly. Colorado traded for center Talbot this afternoon.

          • davidmuscalo


          • Dano

            Yep! They traded away Steve Downie for Max Talbot. Could it be they are going to put Stasny/ROR to Buffalo for Miller?

          • Jes

            lol don’t get to excited.

          • Jes

            O’Reilly can’t be traded before February, January or something like that Vic. Plus he’s a huge part of the Avs most productive line no way Sakic or Roy would give the green light to do that.

          • Vic Soga

            You are probably right about O’Reilly. What about Stastny? Stastny is probably pleading and willing not to get traded to a team with Joe Sacco coaching him. He would even take a pay cut. Does Sacco look after the forwards at practice? He did a great job tonight.

  • Jes

    Sabres win 5-1

    1. Yup Hodgy scores 1 tonight along with 3 assists
    2. Yes sir!! Hattrick for Moulson tonight plus an assist on Hodgy’s goal.
    3. Miler won’t get a shutout. He’ll let in a softy in the first period early as usual and then play solid throughout the rest of the gam.

    • Jes

      Man one of these days the Sabres will score those 5 goals I’m keep predicting.

  • Caitlin Campbell

    Moulson has another big night and Hodgson pots one and the Sabres take this bad boy 3-1.

  • Cory Buck

    Sabres 2-1.

  • [email protected]

    I’m with the folks who think Miller shouldn’t even be on the ice at all. Play Enroth as the starter from now on.

    But my prediction for tonight? Miller lets in at least 2 goals. One in the first period for sure, because it always happens. Moulson will either score or pick up a point or two, Ott will put one away on a PP, and Hodgson will score the one that wins the game. I’m thinking Sabres 3-2

    • davidmuscalo

      Pass the CoolAde

  • davidmuscalo

    Unlike you I am not so concerned as to how Ryan Miller will play or Enroth, if he starts the game. My concern is how the porous defense will play. Also, the punch-less offense will be facing a good defensive team and a very good goalie.

    I am pinning my hopes on the fact that Callahan and Nash are out and that Moulson turns out to be the leader this team so desperately needs. There is a lot to like about Moulson, but I think Rolston summed it up pretty well when he stated that Moulson plays in all three zones and, more importantly, he plays well in all three zones. If some of the youngsters can learn by his example, they will begin to show progress in their development.

    It is so frustrating watch game after game as the Sabres find more and more ways to lose. Almost every game is close, but in all but two instances, they have ended with the short end of the stick.

  • Dano

    My Prediction? Dorsett gets his ass beat by McC!

  • Travis Hoh

    We have a lot of optimistic people @Sabrenoise – not looking good for most of these predictions. But there is still time!!!

  • chas territo

    No matter what they do the Sabres can win nothing! DR, has made some trades and they have potential, but I am not happy about potential. Moulson started with 2 goals in his debut, but will he be like Boyce? True fans will know the reference??Has there been any improvement in their play, resoundingly, NO!! Miller is so ordinary average would be a compliment. Drew… CUT HIM< NOBODY WANTS THIS LAZY, UNENTHUSIASTIC PLAYER!! I am sick and tired of Drew being on out team!! DR, you can't find a trade partner, swallow your pride and cut him!!