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Poll: Where Will Ryan Miller End Up?

Now that the Buffalo Sabres and Darcy Regier have made it pretty well known that they will be looking to move Ryan Miller, the question becomes where will he end up? Miller has stated that he wants to go to a contending team and that he will not accept a trade to any Canadian team.

With the no-Canadian team clause Miller has that leaves about 23 teams for Darcy Regier to wheel and deal with to find a suitor for the

goaltender. Miller’s cap hit and record this season will make him a little more difficult to trade but there has to be a team that is willing to make a move to acquire him. The question is who?

Are the Avalanche in need a new netminder after this Semyon Varlamov situation? Sending him to Colorado would land him close enough to LA to appease his wife and the Avalanche under Patrick Roy have a pretty solid team. Sending him to Colorado would be a win-win for the netminder. The Philadelphia Flyers are another team in need of some goaltending but when are they not honestly? Steve Mason has been holding down the fort for the Flyers but that won’t stop Paul Holmgren from shopping for a more experienced netminder. The Flyers don’t have much cap space so the Sabres would have to eat a large part of Miller’s cap, but if the Sabres can land a solid return it may be worth it.

Another team that is right in the middle of the Ryan Miller news is the New York Islanders. The Islanders could use a netminder and in fact if they had one last playoffs they may have upset the Pittsburgh Penguins. While the Islanders do need a goaltender, one has to think that if they wanted Ryan Miller they would have dealt for him instead of Thomas Vanek or would have worked out a deal for both Vanek and Miller.

A surprising team that has entered into the Ryan Miller trade rumours is the Washington Capitals. While Braden Holtby has been a great goalie in the playoffs the Capitals are rumoured to be unhappy with his regular season play and may be interested in adding a veteran to teach Holtby how to play in the regular season. The Capitals are another team in a position to win and make the playoffs but Miller would likely be riding the pine come playoffs in Washington. Another team that keeps floating around in the Miller rumour is the St. Louis Blues who would be willing to make a move and acquire Miller.

Where do you think Ryan Miller will end up when Darcy Regier finally pulls the trigger on the trade? Vote in the poll and then sound off in the comments which team you think will land Miller.

Where Will Ryan Miller Land?

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  • Vic Soga

    Colorado – 1st round pick for 2014 or 2015 and Stastny. Stastny would rather play in Russia than for Sacco .
    St Louis – 1st and 2nd rounders and Chtis Stewart. We need another Grier type player. Leino, Ott, Stewart checking line. Stewart is only 26 but makes 4 mil.

    • Jacob Breunig

      I like the Colorado idea for sure, stastny could use a change of scenery, especially with duschene and McKinnon set to be the #1 and #2 centers for many years there, he needs a team where he could be #1 or #2. But I think we might need to give a second or third+ to sweeten the deal

      • Jes

        I think it’s pointless to trade for Statsny. Saaco and Statsny didn’t get along at all in Colorado I believe. Plus he’ll leave via free agency anyway.

        I think draft picks and prospects are what we should be going after from the Avalanche because they are in a win now type of mood and they’ll probably give up more on the future side of things then most teams would. But all in all I believe Miller will most likely be on the Island or St. Louis.

    • Jes

      Nice. Could work. Ott’s already a Grier type + more. And honestly if we’re getting rid of Ott there’s absolutely no reason to keep Weber around. Throw him in the trade with Avs. Plus they lost a little bit of a pest in Downie so throw in Kaleta and McBain to sweeten the pot.

      To Avs

      To Buffalo
      2014 1st Round
      2015 2nd Round
      2014 3rd Round
      Calvin Picard or Michael Sgarbossa

    • qwicwted

      I can see Miller to St. Louis for Stewart and a draft pick or 2. For some reason Stewart doesn’t fit in Ken Hitchcock’s game plan – they are paying him $4M a year for 13 minutes – 2 assists so far this season. Actually, I kind of think the notion of taking Halak/Stewart and a draft pick for Miller/Adam. Both Halak and Miller are UFA at the end of the season the draft pick could be conditional on how far St. Louis goes in the playoffs or if Miller resigns.

  • Kevin

    Figuring the Islanders don’t have anything left to trade, and the fact that the Avs desperately want to keep up their run to the playoffs and more. I think they are his best shot. But, I don’t think we will see a high profile player like Stastny come back. But, we can hope right? Maybe if we sent them Stafford, Kaleta, Scott, Flynn, McBain and a box of pucks for good measure, we might get that Irish kid O’Rielly. :D

    • Dano

      McBain is one of our better defensemen. Doing better then Weber. Myers and Hank. Why throw him away?

      • Jes

        McBain isn’t doing better than Myers. There’s a huge reason why McBain has been a healthy scratch many games. He only shows up on the PP. He’s RFA at years end with some nice talent in the AHL for us I see no point in resigning the guy.

        • Dano

          Myers is sitting at a solid -8, 16pim and constantly turns over the puck. Hers making rookie mistakes like passing in front of his own net while the opposition is sitting right there!

          McBain is -4, No PIM, plays hard, keeps the puck along the boards and out of passing lanes. Hes a defensive defenseman. He doesnt try and act like a forward and get burned ( as Myers has all too often ).

          Myers is over 6foot6, one would think he would use his size and try to be imposing on rushing forwards.. he never learned to do it. He looks like a fawn with weak legs as of late..

          The reason why McBain has been a scratch : Zadorov and Risto. Have to get the rookies some time to see what they are capable of. Its not due to a lack of skill on McBains part.

          The ONLY defenseman ‘ statistically ‘ better then McBain is Ehrhoff. The only one better then McBain in the defensive end that I have seen is Zadarov and that is a bias on my part because I LOVES ME a defenseman that will put a forward into the boards!

          • Jes

            LOL Myers has played twice as many games than McBain. On a horrid team like this even Shea Weber would have worse numbers than McBain. Those stats are very misleading. Once McBain plays more than half the games Myers ha than come back and we’ll have a discussion.

        • qwicwted

          Jes, I agree with you on McBain – I don’t even know why Rolston is playing him, I would rather play the kids.

    • Jes

      Again ROR isn’t going anywhere. Only way he comes back is if you throw in Ennis with Miller along with a Flynn for ROR and a draft pick. ROR is on there most productive line so I doubt they’d want to screw that up to improve a position that really they do not need improvement in. Varlamov is kicking butt this season. Other than his domestic abuse situation I don’t see them eyeing Miller at all right now.

      St. Louis and Islanders seem like the more likely destination. Maybe even Washington. I remember last year there were reports on the deadline that Buffalo and Washington were pretty close on a deal that would send Miller to the Caps.

    • qwicwted

      There is someone I like that might spark Darcy’s interest – Okposo. Wonder if the Islanders would be interested in Miller/Weber for Nabokov/Okposo.

  • davidmuscalo

    None of the above; he isn’t going anywhere!

  • qwicwted

    You forgot the surprise team(s) – Nashville and Carolina – both starting goaltenders are out for a month or so and so are the backups.

  • chas territo

    I am so tired of reading about the trade of Miller that never happens!! All “I” want is him gone. DR is probably over valuing him as usual and his demands are making a trade near impossible! Now because he got Moulson, people are back to praising him which is wrong!! He is still the same piece of crap, no matter what he does. He has a blank check, again!! He can continue to be the guy we don’t or need because he got us extra picks. I don’t buy it, he is a snake oil salesman!!

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  • BryanD

    I don’t see the blues shopping for Miller.,.with Halak, Elliot and Allen in there system there pretty goalie heavy. I see one of them leaving because there’s just to many goalies there. If he stays in the east I say he lands in Washington, Carolina or possibly Tampa Bay, with a goaltender like miller in TB the lightning would be deadly. Philly though they need Miller don’t have the cap space to sign Miller. Most likely Miller will be moving out west and I’d put my money on Colorado as his new home. Before he went to Ottawa I would have said Miller for Bobby Ryan but the Ducks are pretty good in net as well. SJ, Arizona, and the Kings have solid goaltending, Vancouver Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg are out of the question though 3 out of those 4 could use him. My moneys on the Ave’s or my long shot out of the dark team is he joins Ruff in Dallas