Oct 10, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Jared Boll (40) and Buffalo Sabres right wing Patrick Kaleta (36) fight during the first period at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Place Patrick Kaleta on Waivers

Well, one thing you cannot say about the Buffalo Sabres: they sure don’t take the weekends off.

Almost a week after stunning the hockey world by announcing on Sunday that they had traded Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders, the Buffalo Sabres have placed fan-favorite Patrick Kaleta on waivers, immediately on the heels of his serving a 10-game suspension.

Let’s hear the Sabres’ rationale from General Manager Darcy Regier himself:


 Obviously, the Sabres don’t believe Kaleta is capable of changing his style of play while he is wearing the blue and gold, and that his game no longer has a place within the organization.  I know we have had this debate here at Sabre Noise many times before, with tons of fans arguing that he is a necessary evil and that his absence will make it open season for Sabres’ rookies.  I can’t imagine the fans who have been Tweeting #dosomething darcy had this in mind! Is there a chance that the Sabres wish to keep Kaleta in their system?  Again, back to Twitter!  



 I admit: as someone who has argued that the Sabres should move Kaleta, I am surprised they decided to head in this direction.  Clearly, they don’t feel they can get any value by moving him in a trade, or maybe they hope he will clear waivers and be humbled by this move.  Perhaps this is the Sabres’ version of tough love, with the hopes that it will wake Kaleta up and give him the incentive he needs to change his game.  Let me hear what YOU think, Sabre Noise fans!

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  • Caitlin Campbell

    I saw this coming after I heard Ron Rolston on WGR 550 earlier this week. He said the organization had to make some decisions regarding Kaleta and I guess they had had enough of Kaleta

    • tim

      Love him or Hate him, when did you ever see him take a shift off, never. I don’t know of anyone else on the roster you can say that about.

      • John

        Totally agree, this team is a joke. Why is Stafford still on the team ? This organization doesn’t have a clue. I won’t watch but hope they start to win enough to screw up their draft position/ideas going forward.

        • Dano

          John.. You are correct. This team is a Joke that lacks so much talenmt. Kaleta is gone and now they will lack even more entertainment value.


          • John

            Yea im just so sick of seeing them gliding around and not have a care in the world. Want to make a statement waive Ennis not Kaleta. Not saying it would be smart but it would be a move that got these guys thinking.

          • Dano

            CANT DO THAT! Even the writers here would scream!

            I follow quite a few hockey sites, some with former players and AHL guys. The ‘ Fans ‘ in Buffalo want a European game on the NHL ice here. They will scream how bad they are ‘ Suffering ‘ and that anyone with any fortitude needs to be sent down/away/trades so some rookies can get their icetime.

            Without any decent veterans, those rookies might as well just sit on the bench as they arent going to progress at all. Regier has brought in nobody at all to help in that department.

            Best old-school fans can hope for is Kaleta is picked up by BOSTON or Toronto! Imagine him coming back to town on either of those 2 squads and running around.

          • John

            Would be great

          • tim

            My guess is that Darcy figured it’s not just enough to destroy the franchise, now he is out to destroy the fanbase. What a D-bag move from the worst GM in the NHL.

          • Kevin

            It’s simple: He had to do what he had to do. Kaleta made his bed just one too many times. We are not the first team to get rid of a guy like him. I would actually be surprised if another team picks him up due to his bad reputation. What team is going to want to looked at as being the one that takes on his bad baggage? I think he will end up as an Amerk for sure.

          • Jes

            Naw man those kind of statements would make UFA’s not want to come here even more then they already do.

          • John

            Only way we’ll get anyone now is if pay tons over the asking price. Terry Pegula has let this organization become the biggest joke in NHL I can remember in a long time.

          • Jes

            Despite what you may think Dano, Scott isn’t next.

  • Timothy Redinger

    They needed the roster space, and frankly, he is taking up ice time that one of the kids could be skating. If we are going to rebuild, we might as well let as many kids play as possible, and let them build the chemistry at the nhl level.

    More tough moves will have to be made as Scott, Tropp, Armia all creep back into the lineup.

    • Kevin

      They can waive goodbye to Scott as well IMO. if these kids are going to grow let them also learn how to take care of themselves.

      • tim

        As a Buff. transplant living and working in Boston I watch a lot of Bruins hockey, they are a completely different team when the play the Sabres with Scott in the line-up, trust me. Look it up when was the last time they outhit the Sabres with Scott in the line-up. Let alone all the dirty crap they pull on other teams that somehow vanishes from their games against Buff.

  • Joe

    I agree with tim. He was the hardest skater on both ends of the ice and was a great penalty killer and played with 110% heart every shift no matter how bad everyone else was playing. Super upset with sabres for this one

    • Kevin

      I agree he gave his all, problem was he just could not control his emotions and would do the stupid thing again and again. It just grew old. This last time was the back breaker. DR was feeling the pressure from the league on whether the team should apply their own sanction on the player or not. Well the I guess that’s when they had all they could stand of the # 36 saga. Sad to let go a kid who gave all that he had and too much of it from time to time. it was the time to time that got him fired. Take Care Patty.

  • Jacob Breunig

    Tropp expected back this weekend so that’s most likely they sent him to Rochester, he won’t be claimed. Troop will take fourth line minutes to start and hopefully leino or Stafford will be gone soon opening up spacein the top six

    • Jes

      Agreed. Stafford should’ve been bought out in the summer. I have no clue why they think he’s going to bounce back. Also this couldn’t be a more perfect time to trade or buy out Leino.

  • tim

    I really don’t think Darcy or Rolston get it, you have Stafford floating for weeks at a time and players like Kaleta and Weber that would do anything and everything for the team. I figured when Patty came off his suspension it would be a good move to start the 1st shift, bc Rolston has already stated more than once he doesn’t have the answers as to why they don’t show up in the first period. Ron the “Motivator” Rolston.

    • Kevin

      I heard Rolston say that! But it’s not uncommon for a Coach to admit they don’t have an answer to what’s going on with their players. Although I can’t tell if RR is deep in thought behind the bench or like a deer in the head light’s.

      • Dano

        How bout that venison? ;) In season for Bow right now. :)

  • qwicwted

    The Sabres know Kaleta is a marked man – Lindy has said so much and Kaleta needs to change his game. I understand the move because the chances of Kaleta costing you a penalty everytime he is on the ice is high. Kaleta is a hard worker and he does have some skill – he is good on the penalty kill, he hustles and he can score an occasional goal. He just needs to control himself and maybe he’ll get picked up by a west coast team where he might have some more breathing room.

  • Dano

    Imagine this : Another team claims Patty and he RUNS THE PISS out of his former team and shuts down Buffalos already miserable power play?

    Poetic Justice maybe?

    Start handing out the frilly panties Darcy!

    • Jes

      Lol exactly what I’m thinking Dano. There is a market for Kaleta. Darcy should’ve just sent down a two way contract and tried trading him before he made this move.

      • Dano

        This is Duh-cy Repair your speaking of. Hes doing what the Twits want in order to try and fill seats. Look at this perspective..

        Erico above stated ” ive never understood why he was on this team for so long… ”

        Look at all the empty seats! Who buys those tickets? Most of them are Locals. Some are Canadians from Hamilton or people whom cannot attain Leafs tickets..

        Buffalo’s team just shunned its *local* guy. How many fans liked the concept of having a local guy on the team? Im willing to bet theres quite a few people whom liked the idea whom arent Twits or a ‘ social media ‘ type that wont take too kindly to Regiers move here.

        Tickets are selling for less then 30$ as it is. The drain is opening!

        What Erico probably failed to realize ( or forgot for a moment ) when he typed is that Kaleta being on that Ice opens a lot of doors for local kids. It gives proof that if your not a big named European or someone from Canada, you CAN make it to the ( supposed ) best league on the planet and play with the ( supposed ) best players in the world. You CAN do it. Kane ( and others ) need no mentioning as they arent playing in front of the people they grew up with, their families and neighbors. 40sum games a year.

        THAT is what Patrick Kaleta *is*. Hes not just a dirty player or a guy whom didnt work hard to get where he is.

        Of all the people criticizing Kaleta, Id like to see even HALF of them play to half of Kaletas ability.

        So its best to just let them believe they have a clue and hope Kaleta is picked up by another team and brings his full game upon what the ‘ fans ‘ of Buffalo call a team. ;)

        • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

          No offense, but you can’t type this -

          Of all the people criticizing Kaleta, Id like to see even HALF of them play to half of Kaletas ability. -

          and then criticize Drew Stafford. Either all players are up for discussion, or none.

          Now. having said that, I am glad you support local players. I agree that someone like Kaleta is a great success story, and I know you are a pretty old-school hockey guy. The bottom line, though, is that the NHL is changing. It’s not Regier’s fault the NHL wants to get rid of guy like Kaleta and Scott. They are a dying breed of player the league wants to get rid of, and no amount of lamenting this will change the fact that the league wants more money and more fans.

          I doubt Kaleta gets picked up; he clear waivers, go to Rochester, and who knows? If he shows the organization he can play smart and within himself, he might be back in Buffalo some day.

          • Dano

            Couple things Rich :

            “No offense, but you can’t type this -”

            What? Saying people or supposed ‘ fans ‘ whom criticize Kaleta dont have half his talent? In all honesty, at this day and age I dont believe I could skate or hit the way he does. I dont think Caitlin could? How bout you coach? How about those with the negative comments?

            Thats the point Im making. People can have an opinion but I sure hope they realize how worthless they really are. I include mine in a lot of such content as Im not on that rink in the NHL.

            Theres many commentators whom talk their trash and say how bad Kaleta is, yet : Whats their stats?

            Therein is the problem. Its one thing to say one believes something but its absolutely a different entity when its spoken as if it were a mandate with no backing.

            “and then criticize Drew Stafford. Either all players are up for discussion, or none.”

            As an over the hill guy, I would wager I would put more effort in a game then Stafford does and I have a good 15 years on him. True or not? Id LOVE the chance to prove it. Pond should be ready by early January! I’ll have new boards for it this year. You and your team are welcome to come check it out if you like.

            “Now. having said that, I am glad you support local players.”

            Heres some food for thought : Remember Tim Kennedy? He lives in South Buffalo by Saint Ambrose church/school. He made it to the game and.. what happened? He split.

            Do you think Pat Kane would ever want to play in Buffalo with its present management/ownership?

            Fans would love to see BOTH of them. Imagine if Kaleta, Kennedy and Kane were all in Buffalo playing on a line. The Nannies will cry it wouldnt score or some regurgitated rubbish, but the fans would love a ‘ Home Grown Line ‘.

            Thats the roots of the game.

            “The bottom line, though, is that the NHL is changing. It’s not Regier’s fault the NHL wants to get rid of guy like Kaleta and Scott.”

            Its not so much the league, its the FANS.

            Look at the reactions in other hockey towns. MaxPac was run by Chara.. they called the cops! There was some emotion involved!

            Buffalos fans? They need their diapers changed, literally! The whining and constant crying..

            Because I have the gall to even say such, I’ll probably be the ‘ bad guy ‘. Doesnt bother me one bit.

            The Fans used to stick with the team. Go back to that Ottawa game when Neil ran Drury. WE as fans went as far as to advertise wanting to raise funds for Lindy’s fine. Can that be said about those ‘ fans ‘ of today?

            “this will change the fact that the league wants more money and more fans.”

            Look at all those EMPTY SEATS! Hows that working out Bettman? Darcy? Shannaban? New Fans? Prime seats to the Habs games are being sold online for 30$! They went as far as to put it to the season ticket holders as theres better seats then what some of those season holders have that are now cheaper…

            And those seats are still empty.

            Again, I hope someone picks up Kaleta and he gets a chance to Run Darcy’s guys. Gets a chance to skate by the Buffalo bench and tell the rookies whom need ice time ‘ Keep your heads up children ‘. And when they dont..

            We know what happens then. And the whines and moans and crying in all the messages that will be posted..

            Fact is, as much as they want all the Kaletas and Scotts out of the league, the Rats are taking over. The league wont be able to suspend people quick enough as theres so many hits taking place now that are VERY questionable. Its so questionable that Shannaban CAN be selective and get away with it.

            The LNAH is looking more credible then the NHL as of late. :D

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

            I think you and I are saying the same thing – none of us half the talent of even the worst NHL player, so either we can criticize every player with that fact in mind, or we can’t criticize any player for that very fact!

  • erico

    ive never understood why he was on this team for so long… hes the most useless player in the league since sean avery. its been countless times he has blown a lead for us. I understand Tropp is almost back and ready to play. A much better fit for a young team.

    • John

      Blown the lead for them? Useless huh ? Do you wear your Stafford jersey proudly? Just guessing you own one.

      • erico

        just because he plays a hard up tempo game does not mean he works hard. he simply just plays a violent game. im not defending any other player on the team but he needed to go. hes nothing but a loose cannon and his spot on the 4th line opens up spots for guys who have more hockey skill such as Tropp, Mccormick, Adam.

        • John

          Cody does not have more skill. But your right dam that LOOSE CANNON ! = joke

          • erico

            i understand stafford needs to go but he also has a 4m$ contract.

          • Dano

            Buyout. Simple answer to getting rid of Stafford.

        • Dano

          “he simply just plays a violent game.”

          Incase you didnt know the obvious.. Hockey IS A VIOLENT GAME!

          You hit people, theres fights, theres high speed collisions..

    • Jes

      Ok Erico the guy takes unnecessary penalties and is a dirty player but guy he is probably the hardest working player that I have seen in a Sabres uniform since Drury left.

  • Jes

    This is a good move. Especially with Tropp returning. I admit Kaleta has been pretty dirty player, probably the dirtiest. But what I cannot understand is why Regier never just traded the guy. Package him with Stafford to the Caps for Erat or something. Garbage for garbage trade. Stafford could get a chance on a line with Ovie and Erat could add even more speed to this lineup.

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      I would have preferred a trade, too – but which team is going to make this trade? Doing so would just put them on the league’s radar.

  • Tim

    Why buy out Stafford with one year left? Leino is the last buyout candidate, due to injuries and length of contract. Secondly, this team is bottoming out on PURPOSE. They plan to win the lottery this year AND NEXT. They’re going all in on Connor McDavid in 2015. The “suffering” will allow Peggy Banks to save money on a “young, developing roster” (the bankroll is only $30 million next year and probably will just tip the cap floor) while building the roster through the draft. Look at Pittsburgh and Chicago. Superstars picked up in consecutive drafts and what? Oh, Several playoff runs, multiple final appearances and 3 cups total. Colorado has nailed enough drafts lately they could be the next team to roll. The only thing that concerns me is that it is Darcy behind the wheel. Darcy’s record of 1st round picks isn’t grand. Hell, you could argue the last 15 years to be blind luck. We need a new GM, but not new skaters. Let the listlessness continue to win the lottery, then cut bait. Don’t suffer, but enjoy the losses. I root for them to lose, so that hopefully they can win.