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Buffalo Sabres Three Stars Vs. Anaheim Ducks

Well the Buffalo Sabres put forth their best and most complete effort this season for a period and a half before things went downhill against the Anaheim Ducks. It was a rough game for the Sabres and their fans but there were a few positives and they are the three stars.

1st Star- Matt Moulson 

The great thing about Matt Moulson is that he has yet to give-up like the rest of the team appears to have done. That’s probably because he’s working hard for a contract this offseason, but none-the-less it’s refreshing to see someone working hard to generate offence every game. Moulson had a brilliant play setting up the first goal from behind the net and finished the game with 2 assists. He’s skating hard every game and seems to have energized Tyler Ennis as he too is playing harder. Moulson led all forwards with ice time tonight and never gave up on this game even when it was 5-2, he still battled hard and tried to generate offence for the Sabres.

2nd Star- Tyler Myers

Yes, tonight Tyler Myers earns the second star for potting his first goal of the season. Sure the goal didn’t mean much but Myers used his size to create room in front of the net and hammered the puck home. In addition to Myers goal he was the only Sabres’ defencemen who wasn’t a minus player in the 6-3 loss. Myers has started to bounce back this season and is starting to round into shape on the blue line. He may never return to his Calder winning form, but he’s becoming more reliable and physical once again which is nice to see. Myers potted his first goal and hopefully that will help his confidence going forward.

3rd Star- the fans (Cody Hodgson

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

You have no clue how badly I want to give the third star to all the fans who either spent money watching this game at the arena or had to watch the game from home. To sum it up tonight’s game was not pretty and one many Sabres will soon want to forget. Stick tap to all fans who sat through the entire game and watched this tough loss. But since the fans don’t have skates on their feet I’m giving the 3rd star to Cody Hodgson. When you look at tonight’s game there wasn’t too many others who deserved a star. Hodgson scored the first goal off a beautiful feed from Moulson and finished the night with a goal and an assist.

Tonight’s game was rough, hopefully Tuesday night’s game will be better.

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  • Vic Soga

    1st star for the whole sabre team for the first 35 minutes. No stars after that. I stayed until the end of the game and when I got out, the parking lot was empty. I guess Ennis does not like to block shots, especially on that third goal. Zadorov and Myers played well except on that last goal. Both were pinching in and got caught but they tried to make things happen.

  • Jes

    1st – Myers + Zadorov (Played great tonight)
    2nd – Moulson (Yes sir playing for that contract and will play us right into another 1st round draft pick)
    3. Pavel Bure – lol I know he wasn’t part of the game or a Sabres uniform ever, except for maybe on Wayne Gretzky’s 3D hockey back in the day but honestly I hate the ‘Nucks to a T but this guy is my favorite NHL player of all time. So I had to give it to him. Thanks for all the memories Pavel and thank you so much for not getting a cup in Vancouver!!!

    Lol we are so bad so I thought we’d have a little fun with this.

  • Andrew

    Rough west coast trip coming up…

    • Jes

      You said it bro. We’ve got 12 games remaining this month. Out of those 12 we play Montreal, Philly and Jersey once each. Those are the only 3 teams out of those 12 games that aren’t ranked 12th or higher in the leagues overall standings. Not only a tough road trip, a very tough month all together.

  • Joe

    Coho really? He was minus 1 and one of the goals was his fault for half heartedly tying up a guy in front. Hes a joke as a first line center in the nhl amd the deal we gave him is a joke too. Yea he scores some goals but he doesnt play or even try on defense and wont go into a corner or behind the net to get a puck bc he doesnt wanna get hit. Thats not a first line center if u ask me. Hes not the future first line center everybody is hoping hell be unless u envision a first line center that has a minus in the plus minus every yr and wins 0 one on one battles