Most Impressive Buffalo Sabres Through 16 Games

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While the first 16 games of the Buffalo Sabres season haven’t exactly been stellar and their 2-13-1 record has them sitting last in the NHL, there have been some bright spots on the Buffalo Sabres roster. A lot of players haven’t been playing up to expectations but there are a few shining stars who are giving fans hope for the future. Today we’re going to look at some of the players who have actually been playing well for the Sabres early on.

*Matt Moulson does not count on this list because he just joined the Sabres a few games ago*

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  • Dano

    Good article and observations C.C. .

    In all honesty, theres a bunch of players I have been impressed with.. then the next game I question what I was thinking.

    Props to Enroth. I believe hes proved hes worthy of being a starting goalie. Even when he was shelled by the Ducks, he didnt loose his poise. Hes done as well as can be expected with the team in front of him.

    Forwards? Ill leave Ott out of the content and go with Foligno. Hes worth the local fans support ( local guy ) and hes been picking up the pace. His defensive game could use a bit of work ( as could the whole teams ).

    Defense? Zadorov deserves a mention but hes not as consistent or as versatile as Pysyk. I think by the end of the season he will be a solid blueliner. Maybe even top pair.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the read Dano. I hear ya, one game you’re really pumped about a player and the next you’re wondering how he got drafted. Enroth has IMO earned a chance to be the Sabres starter, he’s played well and showed some solid puck stopping ability.
      Foligno is a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to see him in a couple of season’s. Great leadership, strength and some solid skill, he’s a real valuable player.
      I’ve liked Zadorov he has just played too few games to crack this list, I think by next season he can easily be on the of the top defencemen for the Sabres.

      • Julie May

        I am very glad you gave Enroth credit. I love Jhonas, and I think he’s ready. There is no denying that Miller is one of the best goalies in the world… but given more ice time, Enroth would be right behind him I am sure of it.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Thanks for the read Julie. I want to see Enroth get more ice time so that I can see what he’s got, I have little doubt he has what it takes to backstop this team once Miller leaves but I want to see how far he can take his talent

  • qwicwted

    Cat to be honest, I will say the only youngter that we have that Im not too impressed with is Gregorenko. I really like Girgensons and can see him being a future Captain. I’m also impressed with Flynn. What I’m finding myself doing is commenting on Stafford being on the 4th line and being outperformed by Cody McCormick. At least Cody is always in mix and Staff seems to always be late to the dance. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that I’m always “wishing” for Drew to do something. Yes, watching the Sabres can be frustrating, but then when the camera gives a closeup on our youngsters, it reminds me that their just teenagers. One thing I will comment on is that I really like the acquisition of Moulson – we need more of his work ethic and attitude as I think he has more leadership than Vanek.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Yup I feel Grigorenko really needs to step up his game. When players like Brian Flynn are playing better than a 12th overall pick it should be a sign.

  • Jes

    I have 3 that I’m really impressed with and that’s Pysyk, Enroth and CoHo.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Three very impressive players, all included in my list

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  • Joe

    Coho is not that good i have no idea wat anyone sees in him. All he is is a goal scorer hes nothing more than a winger playing center. And pysyk isnt that good either. Risto and zafarov are already better than him. Pysyk will never be better than maybe a 4th defenseman

    • Caitlin Campbell

      With all due respect I think Hodgson has done everything the Sabres have asked of him. He’s centred both Vanek and Moulson and is leading the team in goals and points, what more could you want? Would he be a first line centre on most NHL teams no, but he’s doing just fine for the Sabres.
      If the Sabres top 4 defence turn out to be Risto, Zadarov, Myers and Pysyk that’s a pretty solid looking top 4

      • Kevin

        So many say he wouldn’t be a first line center on most teams. Are you talking about all the top teams? Because if you are, why should anyone expect the Sabres to HAVE a first line center that CAN play on those teams on out team? Some fans need to be realistic, i agree COHO is doing what he can.

      • Joe

        He is not playing hard enough and doinf te dirty work. I played center for 10 yrs. a centers reaponsibility is the whole ice. Offensive and defensive zone. Cant be scared to go behind the net and tough out a one on one battle or shy away from hits. If the effort was there i wouldt be so critical of him. As soon as i see him put in the effort along the boards and in the defensive zone i will agree he should be a first line center. If i was the coach id be putting mccormick on the irst line over hodgson as mccormick batles and grinds on both ends of the ice. All the praise we give coho sets a bad example for the younger players

    • wolfdoctor

      Huh? Pysyk is the best player on the team.

    • ende

      Well, you do need goals. It’d be nice to see him round out his game though.

  • lee Munn

    Nice Article Caitlin. I agree with your order completely.. the one I would ad.. Maybe even in front of Flynn is Larsson. Yes, only ever playing 15 games in NHL and only 1 assist but not many other players on this team, play as defensive, and not making as many mistakes as the others. . YES, Girgs has looked the best, on so many unseen plays like last night having an opportunity for a breakaway shorthanded… when they went back into our end who was all the way back to stop them?? Girgs. If most others could play with his heart & grit, we would be turning around much sooner. (hint, hint, Stafford)

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the read lee. Larsson has been a very solid player but he’s just been unnoticeable for the most part. He plays a solid 2-way defencive game, but I think I was just expecting more on the offence. I could honestly see Girgensons wearing the C in a few years.

  • [email protected]

    I have to agree with your list, and I know Zadorov doesn’t fit the ten game criteria, but he is a guy I think we will be seeing good things from.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the read Joey. If Zadorov had been here longer he would have been on the list for sure, looking forward to seeing him develop a little more