Nov 2, 2013; San Jose, CA, USA; San Jose Sharks center Tommy Wingels (57) skates to the ice before the game against the Phoenix Coyotes at SAP Center at San Jose. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres at San Jose Sharks: Fan Discussion Thread

The Buffalo Sabres begin a three-game, West Coast road trip tonight by swimming with sharks – the San Jose Sharks, that is.

How brave of them!  And utterly stupid!

Don’t the Sabres know that the Sharks are one of the best teams in the NHL, having only lost 1 game in 14 tries?

No matter – you can’t cancel NHL games due to a disparity in talent, last I checked, so the Sabres need to show up tonight ready to play.  This will be the toughest match the Sabres have had so far, as San Jose puts up close to four goals a night – best in the NHL.  To make matters worse, the Sharks allow a tad under two goals per contest – second best in the NHL.

They score.  They defend.  The Sabres don’t do much of either, currently.

So who plans on staying up to watch this baby?

All right, all right – snap out of it!  We all know this game will be a challenge, but we’re fans and it will be fun to see how the future of the franchise handles adversity.  Who knows – the Sabres might catch the Sharks with their pants down and skates off!  Go Sabres!

Questions to consider:

1. Can Matt Moulson and Cody Hodgson combine for at least two goals tonight?

2. Who on the Sabres winds up with a positive +/-?

3. How many times will the red light go on for the Sharks?

Lemme hear you, Sabre Noise readers!

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  • Richard Spalding

    Pants down and skates off, you say? Maybe for one period. Sabres will score first, then get absolutely blitzed. Final score: 5-1 Sharks. Sorry – I’m not feeling as positive as I would like for this game!

    • Kevin

      Sharks roll 4 lines and all 4 are contributing right now, along with the dmen. They are just too skilled and arguably the best team in the league right now. If we see Niemi in goal we might not score but one. If we thought the the Ducks were powerful, wait till we lineup against this team. I have been following this team since Curtis Brown was traded there years ago. He is still there working in with their in studio intermissions. The Sharks are what I would love the Sabres to become. Except the playoff failures. Don’t get wrong, I still believe in miracles, but……

      • Jes

        We will Kevin. This rebuild is going good right now. You gotta keep faith my friend. We have huge amount of young talent right now. Easily one of the very best prospect pools in the league. Add to that whatever we may get for Miller, Ott and Moulson at this years trade deadline we will be swimming in picks and top end prospects. I say we will be back in playoffs in two maybe three years time.

        • Timothy Redinger

          Prospect pools are only valuable if they turn into something special – how many of them will want out of Buffalo before the magic happens?

    • Jes

      Common Rich no shutout predictions?

      Learned your lesson? lol

      • Richard Spalding

        I’ll wait until the Sabres play the Panthers before I try to get bold again!

  • Timothy Redinger

    Miller tends to play well out West – maybe its home cooking from the Mrs. Sabres still lose but I don’t think its as bad as you think….4-2 Sharks with the goals coming from Moulson and Stafford.

    • Richard Spalding

      And the fact that Miller is auditioning for a West Coast job pretty helps the Sabres’ cause, too!

    • Timothy Redinger

      Well – I was close on the score…..and Stafford did get a goal!

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  • Caitlin Campbell

    Can we opt to play without a goaltender tonight? I think either guy will have their stats killed tonight. I could see it easily ending up 5-2 Sharks.

  • Jes

    Sabres win 6-5 OT

    1. I feel like CoHo is gonna step up tonight and nab a hattrick. Moulson assists on all 3.
    2. Ehrhoff or Myers will have the positive +/- tonight.
    3. Sharks score 5 tonight.

  • Dano

    1. Can Matt Moulson and Cody Hodgson combine for at least two goals tonight?

    Its possible. Probable? Maybe 1 between them.

    2. Who on the Sabres winds up with a positive +/-?

    This is going to be a one sided beating. Its going to be a woodshed event like no other! I think maybe 3-5 of the boys will stay even. The rest.. not so good.

    3. How many times will the red light go on for the Sharks?

    I hope at least 4 times for Joe Thorton! I want to see if he keeps his word! :)

    The way they ran it up ( scoreboard ) on the Rags.. this could be the game that absolutly exposes this team. *IF* there is going to be a double digit score against the Sabres, tonight will be it.

    • Richard Spalding

      Ha ha ha! Yes, now I’m cheering for Thornton! I totally forgot about that – you just gave me a REAL reason to stay up so late!!!

  • [email protected]

    #1- I can see a goal from either Moulson or Hodgson not both.

    #2- No one

    #3- 6 times, minimum