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Poll: Will Patrick Kaleta Be Back?

Over the weekend the Buffalo Sabres decided to send Patrick Kaleta down to the Rochester Americans following his 10-game suspension so he could evolve his game. But the question all Sabres fans are wondering is whether they will see Patrick Kaleta in blue and gold again.

Rich wrote yesterday on the options the Sabres organization has regarding Kaleta. They can let him rot in Rochester, buy him out or

they can help Kaleta change his game. Right now the later option doesn’t seem to be the way they’re going but you never know. The NHL and Darcy Regier have made it very clear that Patrick Kaleta has to change his game before he makes a return to the NHL and don’t for a minute think that Gary Bettman didn’t influence this decision with Kaleta.

The mission for Kaleta is simple; change your game. Other players like Matt Cooke and Steve Downie have been able to refine their games and are now having success in the NHL, while others like Sean Avery are a forgotten memory. Which path will Kaleta choose?

The toughest pill for Kaleta to swallow is the fact the Sabres themselves aren’t willing to help him change. You look at Cooke’s change, the Pittsburgh Penguins stood by him. They didn’t send him down to the AHL, in fact they used an early exit from the playoffs to help teach Cooke to hit players without breaking the rules.

For whatever reason Darcy Regier decided the AHL would be the best place for Kaleta to learn and change his game. Perhaps the addition of Randy Cunneyworth was aimed to help Kaleta or Regier just doesn’t want him in a Sabres uniform anymore. Whatever the reason, Kaleta has been sent to the AHL to work out his problems.

What do you think: Can Patrick Kaleta successfully refine his game and make a comeback with the Buffalo Sabres or is this the beginning of the end for Kaleta in Buffalo? Place your vote in the poll below.

Will Patrick Kaleta Be Back?

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  • Timothy Redinger

    Good points on the Penguins standing by Cooke and helping him change. There is no one in Buffalo that could help Kaleta – part of the move to Rochester has nothing to do with evolving his game – the team also needs the roster space. I think the organization is looking to cut ties because while he was supposed to start tomorrow for the Amerks – the Amerks are even pushing off putting him in uniform.

  • Jes

    He’ll be back. He will end up clearing his ways in the AHL then once he comes back he’ll be the same old Kaleta and then will be traded in a package deal that’d include Miller, Moulson or Ehrhoff

  • Dano

    He wont be back endless its for another team.

  • davidmuscalo

    Unfortunately, Kaleta’s NHL career is over, he knows it, Regier knows and certainly Buttman knows it. Buttman and Shabbyman will see to it the Kaleta will finish his career in the minors.

    Comparing Cooke to Kaleta is unfair to Kaleta. Cooke is a skilled player and he can help a team more by playing by the rules. Kaleta, skill wise, is a marginal player ; he has to earn his ice time by aggressive, hard-nosed play.

  • BryanD

    I think Kaleta’s Sabres days have came to a end. I see him float around the minors for a while either AHL or even ECHL levels. All it needs is one cheap shot in the A and he’s gone from the amerks as well , with his history it’s not if it’s when he’ll screw up.