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Report: Darcy Regier Says No to Pominville Tribute

Back in October the Buffalo Sabres welcomed former captain Jason Pominville back to Buffalo for the first time since he was traded away at last season’s trade deadline. The big debate was whether or not the Sabres would honour Pominville in some way for his time in Buffalo. The end result was no tribute and no mention for the former beloved captain of the Buffalo Sabres. According to a report that broke last night the Buffalo Sabres organization was ready to honour Jason Pominville but when GM Darcy Regier heard about the tribute he put his foot down.

For many fans, and even fellow teammates and friends of Pominville, not having anything to recognize him was an embarrassment.

There was no video tribute, no mention of his name, no “thank-you” over the PA and they didn’t even show him on the jumbotron for a few seconds during the game. There was nothing for Pominville. If a Sabres fan had awoken from a deep sleep and didn’t remember the last few season’s they wouldn’t have known Pominville was ever a member of the Sabres- let alone the captain.

It was an embarrassment for the organization to not honour their former captain and a player who seemed willing to stay through the rebuild. Pominville never demanded out and gave it his all for 13 years in the Buffalo Sabres organization. It was truly a dark moment in Buffalo Sabres history, but at least now we know the Sabres had something planned for Pominville.

When you’re the GM of a hockey team you can pretty much do whatever you want and everyone has to listen, Darcy Regier exercised his powers as GM by nixing the Pominville tribute, but the question is why?

Did Regier not want to honour a player he himself traded away because the team is headed in a different direction? If that’s the case then why honour Lindy Ruff who made his return to Buffalo just a couple weeks later and was let go so the team could go in a different direct?  I don’t think Darcy really wanted to fire Lindy – but something had to be done.

What kind of player loyalty does this message send to other players both on the Sabres roster and who may be on the market this offseason. If the Sabres can’t honour a player who was involved with the organization for 13 seasons, became the captain, was loved by fans and did a lot for the community, why would anyone want to captain the Sabres? No matter which way you slice the cake on this one, it was not a good move by the Sabres (Regier) to not honour Pominville.

My question to all of you; Why do you think Darcy Regier would squash plans to honour Jason Pominville? Is he really that cynical?

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  • qwicwted

    You know, I have no problem with Darcy squashing the plans to honor Pommer right before a game. Jason isn’t retiring and I would rather have Jason come back for a “Pomminville night” when he is NOT playing for an opponent. Personally I liked the tribute to Lindy, but he’s not on the ice going against our boys. This article is all about another reason why to dislike Darcy. I liked Pomminville, thought he was a crappy captain and believed towards the end of his time in Buffalo he became complacent. In other words, I expected more from him as a leader, veteran and Captain.

    I can see the Sabres having a Pommer Tribute when he comes through Bflo the last year he is playing and getting ready to retire. I know some teams are selling this idea to put “fans” in th seats, but I don’t really agree with it. If Pegula wanted to do a Thank you to Pommer, I’m sure it would have been done. Thing is….you never know – Pommer might come back and play a game or two and then retire out – that would be the appropriate time to reminisce bout his time in Buffalo.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      fair enough. I like the points you made and it’s really a tough situation. But Pominville game so much of his career to the Sabres and he returns to the place he called home and kind of gets the cold shoulder.

  • Mary Ann

    Going to disagree with the previous comment because Pommers gave 13 years to an organization which is sadly becoming the joke of the NHL. One of the most difficult tasks, aside from keeping players motivated on and off the ice, an organization needs to keep the fan base happy. Darcy was making an emotional decision, not a business decision and it ended up back firing on him. Alienating the fan base is not the way to do it.

    In Chicago we did a very classy salute to Dave Bolland and it was appreciated by the fans and my Bolland. Why does Buffalo think that NOT saluting Pomminville was a smart thing? What does it say to players like Miller who gave the best years of their careers to Buffalo? You need to appreciate the ones that are still in the life raft with you – it is time for Darcy to go!

    • Joe Mazurkiewicz

      Because darcy is FREEKIN STOOPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the comment MA. I fully agree, appreaciate the guys who went to battle for you no matter what. Pominville dedicated 13 years to the Sabres organization and you can’t even give him a stick tap?!
      This move had to have put a bad taste in Ryan Miller’s mouth

  • Juan

    Its time to squash the reign of Darcy Regier , if this franchise wants to be taken seriously it starts at the top. Develop and nurture the reputation of the Sabres. A new direction is severely needed.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree this franchise needs a new direction ASAP

    • Jeremy Shramek

      your wish is my command

  • BryanD

    Darcy Regier is closed

    • Caitlin Campbell

      well he certainly has been very helpful

  • Dano

    “Why do you think Darcy Regier would squash plans to honour Jason Pominville? Is he really that cynical?”

    How to put this in a ‘ nice ‘ tone..

    WHEN Regier is fired, I hope its in total disgrace. Nothing from Pegula outside of ‘ Darcy was fired ‘. No reasons given, no props.. nothing. Use the same standards Regier has to those whom he hired.

    Why would Regier be so contrite about doing this for Pommer? Because this team is all about Regiers new vision, not anyone/thing from the past. He will NOT allow a look backwards even though those might have been happier times with a much better team.

    In doing such, its not an embarrassment, but an insult to the players and fans. He knows what it is and intends to knowingly do it. Regier feels empowered to do such because.. he can.. and he will.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Someone wants to see Regier go out in a blazing fire eh? haha
      It’s definitely an insult to players and fans IMO, the players are what draws the fans in and if you’re not going to treat them properly no one will come and play here.

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz

    BTW Kevin Dineen AND Craig”Rammer”Ramsey are available!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yes they are… and Randy Cunneyworth is now in the organization

  • Bill Morgan

    Let’s give Darcy three more years then evaluate…I think we have a Stanley CUp winning team in the pupa stage now!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I think they’re establishing a solid core for sure. They need some more solid players but they’ll be competitive in about 3 years

  • philherz

    Maybe now that Darcy is gone, JP can get his recognition on his next visit!!!