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Buffalo Sabres Fire Darcy Regier And Ron Rolston

It almost sounded too good to be true – the Buffalo Sabres announce a “major press conference” at 1030.  Nothing more, nothing less.  What’s

happening at first Niagara Center?

Has the Ron Rolston message gotten stale?  Is Terry Pegula tired of having his players gaining “perspective” from the press box as opposed to the ice rink?  Has Darcy Regier finally, finally been removed from the rebuilding equation?

Thoughts of what could be happening to speed the rebuilding process up went running through my mind – and then multiple reports started coming in to validate those reports.

Terry Pegula, announces at 10:43 Eastern time – that last night he relieved Darcy Regier and Ron Rolston as general manager, and head coach respectively with the Buffalo Sabres.

Darcy Regier ends his tenure as the longest serving general manager in Buffalo Sabres history.  Ron Rolston was relieved of his duties as coach, marking the shortest coaching tenure in Buffalo Sabres history – outside of Floyd Smith’s one game stint.

Patrick Lafontaine has been brought in as the Director of Hockey Operations – replacing Darcy Regier.  The Buffalo Sabres have announced that Ted Nolan will return behind the bench of the Buffalo Sabres as the interim head coach.

When news was first breaking of this, i was talking to another fan – who said – “who cares, it’s just more games at the top – as long as Darcy is here, nothing will change.”

This is the same fan who has not watched a Buffalo Sabres game in three seasons, boycotting the losing ways of the organization.  I know this fan well – long time season ticket holder, long time fan of the team, has not spent a dime or wasted one minute of their time on the Sabres until Darcy Regier was relieved of their duties.

When I texted them and said, well you can watch hockey again – their response?  Ted Nolan? I hated Ted Nolan.  Some fans just never will be happy.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the coaching position – as Nolan was introduced as the interim head coach.  Just a formality because it is an in season change?  Or does Ted Nolan know he is coaching for his job?  Pat Lafontaine said it himself, he will finish out the year.

Why Ted Nolan and not a coach with more current NHL experience?  Are the Buffalo Sabres drawing short straws because no one wants to coach a young rebuilding team that will most likely be at the bottom of the ranks for a couple of years?

As far as the general manager goes?  Who gets tapped on the shoulder?  Who is Pat Lafontaine’s short list?

It is no longer just a PR move.  The Buffalo Sabres have finally made the change that should have happened, just over two years ago when Terry Pegula bought the Buffalo Sabres.


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  • Joe

    I almost cried from excitement that regier was fired but idk if ted nolan is the coaching answer. Pegula needs to throw some big money around and get a big name coach to come here. I will be open minded with nolan tho and optimistic and see wat happens

    • Dano

      What is ‘ wat ‘?

      Anyway, Nolan isnt a bad coach. With the right GM, this team might start putting up points sooner rather then later.

      • Joe

        Wat=what. Sry im usually on this app on my phone ans just end up using shorthand for texting

        • Dano

          Sry? ans? Jesus :( . English please! ;)

          • qwicwted

            Come on Dano – he already said he is texting via his phone. My phone does the same thing and you should see some of the results of my texts.

          • Dano

            Im a caveman. I dont do ‘ t3xt0rz ‘. I know people are smart enough and educated enough to represent themselves in a more positive light.

            I have yet to run into anyone on this forum that isnt well versed, good intentioned and are more bright then the average person.

          • Ray Rome

            I also imagine that you are smart enough to figure out what he is saying when hes short-handing his text. I don’t shorthand either, but I also don’t complain about it.

      • Kevin

        I am estatic we finally got rid of Regier – even though he rapes other teams in trades – but, hiring a new coach BEFORE you hire a new GM wrong way to go about it. What if the only way they can get the GM they really want is if he brings in his own coach. Which he has the right to do? Also, I like TN as much as anyone else, but, I thought RR was just beginning to turn the corner with this team. They have shown progress over the last 10 games. He had them playing at a high compete level against everyone.

        The Ducks game you might as well throw out cause we were so over-matched it wasn’t funny. And, it isn’t just the Sabres the Ducks have done that to either. I am not sure what to expect from Nolan. I am not going to get sucked into what he has done in the past because that was then and this is now. We will either do a Patrick Roy and win a bunch, or a Craig Barube and lose a bunch after until the new coach gets acclimated.

        • Dano

          Im thinking its going to be 50/50 for the rest of the season. There wont be anymore laziness on the ice from the Sabres. There will be some benchings and ‘ bad feelings ‘ but Nolan will get the boys on their feet again.

          • Kevin

            I believe he will institute pride and responsibility to the players. I also think they are going to have to go out and bring in more veteran leadership and send some of this youth down to Rochester. I think the first thing they will do is send Zadarov back to juniors.

          • qwicwted

            You know I don’t think you are going to see Kaleta or Scott back for awhile. I think Nolan is going to make players work for their ice time. The objective is to get our youngsters familiar with playing in the NHL and develop their skills. Nolan has to change the attitude on the bench through discipline and hard work. I don’t see the Sabres sending our youngsters down to Rochester, but perhaps bringing others up to see what talent we have that might be NHL ready – maybe like McNabb or Ruhwedal and Armia.
            I like the fact that Nolan has the title “interim coach”. It also gives him the opportunity to change the title into a “coach”. Nolan has told the players they will have to work for their ice time and he is also working to make his position more long term.
            Pegula has sent the right message whether the change was a PR move or just a move to right the ship. I’ll take it either way.

          • Dano

            Im not so sure. Zadorov is the gritty type of player Nolan likes. *I* believe Zadorov needs another year before he makes the team, but its not my call.

            I do agree a lot of the youth needs to get sent back down. Keep half this year, bring in some veterans so the kids have someone to mentor with, then bring the rest up in a year or 2.

            Theres nobody outside of Moulson and Ott that the kids can really learn from or have an example to follow.

            THAT is where Duh-cy really F-ed up this team and why they arent winning or moving forward.

          • Jes

            God I hope we don’t start winning. Unless we go on a huge streak there’s no way we can make playoffs. And honestly starting a season out this bad and ending up with something like a 13th overall pick would just be a waste. Results would be great but this should’ve happened earlier in the season. I’m hoping for at least two years in the basement of the league. McDavid and Ekblad would easily be worth it. I know it’s all hearsay on how well the draft picks will pan out but highly regarded players like those two always pan out.

          • Dano

            They are class of 2015. Thats 2 drafts away. Quebec could become an expansion by then. Those 2 kids might suffer an injury that debilitates their play. Buffalo might not win the draft lottery..

          • Jes

            I doubt Quebec gets a team. Just because I think the whole alignment thing would be screwed up again. Any teams that will be coming into the league IMO have to be Western based teams. We have the assets to move up if we don’t win the lottery. We could end up with 4 first rounders this year. Man it would’ve been so awesome if we traded Vanek, Poms and Miller last year. Such a deep draft.

  • Dano

    I dont mind Nolan at all right now! Might not be the best guy but hes the right guy for the time being. He will push discipline and a defensive scheme on these kids.

  • dave

    Can’t wait for Tor game can watch my team with a real feeling that things will change will miss Darcy NOT!!!!!

  • Wayne

    Karma is what happens when the coach you ran out of town 16 years ago gets rehired the same day you get fired. long overdue and a beautiful day in Buffalo. Thank you Sabres for giving the fans hope.

    • Lloyd M. Jr.

      If the Sabres start gettting things right and start winning the games they should win, I might bounce back onto the Sabre bandwagon again.
      Right now, however… HOW ABOUT PAT KANE AND THE BLACKHAWKS????!!!!

      • Dano

        With all those draft picks banked, having cap room and some prospects, Its possible ( but not likely ) that Kane could wind up ‘ home ‘.

        *I* dont want him here, but it could happen!

  • qwicwted

    Its interesting because I have been thinking of Ted Nolan as being the right coach for this team. I’m not expecting him to suddenly change the team dynamic and start winning a lot of games, but I do want him to bring back the Sabres reputaton as being “the hardest working team in the NHL”. I like the changes and bringing in Patty La La is a great PR move. Darcy did some good things for the Sabres and I do thank him for that. Rolston was given the opportunity and perhaps he was good for the interim. Now we can truely say we are “rebuilding”!

  • BryanD

    I’ve haven’t really watched any games this year just because I was tired of the same old regime. I got in to work logged on to TSN and I got goosebumps. I don’t mind Ted Nolan at all, anything’s better than Rolston and LA LA LA LA LAAAAAA FOOOOOOOOONNNNNTAAAAINEEEEE!!! Time to break out the old #16 jersey again. I can’t remember the last I had goose bumps for this team

  • Dano

    I have to be 100% honest and not ‘ hold back ‘. If your easily offended, please read no further.

    Nolan is a Coach that takes no crap. Hes not afraid to run the goons. Im sure this will cause all sorts of ‘ suffering ‘ and hopefully the new ‘ emo-fans ‘ will find their razorblades with rust on them.

    Im expecting MANY of the new emo-fans to whine and complain a LOT about Nolan. Nolan will bench a ‘ star player ‘. Nolan has stood up to Hasek, then GM Muckler and isnt afraid of the press either. Hes a straight shooter whom already has a Jack Adams award and hes played the game with the Pens and Wings.

    Nolan was the guy shunned by Regier. After taking a team of ‘ nobodies ‘ to a higher level, Regier offered Nolan a lousy contract.. it was ( more or less ) an insult. This is poetic justice IMO.

    My Predictions : Scott will be dressed more often then not. Kaleta will probably be brought back. McCormic is a main-stay as 4th line center. The Sabres might even acquire another policeman or we might see Tropp and Foligno to play a more physical game.

    So much for the rookies needing ice-time. Some might be traded.

    To those whom dont like physical hockey, fights or altercations of any kind ( emasculated hockey lovers ), you might as well turn your tv’s off and sell your tickets. Nolan is all for it. Hes a Blue-Collar Coach, always has been.

    • Kevin

      So your saying he is a coaches a Bruins style of game?

      • Dano

        Not at all. He will probably RUN the bruins into the ice if he had his way.

        • Kevin

          I have no doubt we will try and can’t wait to see that. But they are a no no-nonsense team that takes no crap from anyone just like we hope our team will turn out to be. I hate the Bruins, but they’re not a bad model to copy. Only one problem, we need the players to do it.

          • Dano

            I have no doubt Buffalo COULD handle the Bruins if they were given the liberty to do so.

            The Problem is, the Bruins dont need their players injured or suspended. They are a contender and will go to the playoffs.

            What will the Bruins do if someone like Kaleta takes out.. Rask? What would the bruins do if Scott decided to take that idiot Chara to task and put him on IR like he did Shawn Thorton? Are they going to have teh hunchback of Boston ‘ Milan ‘ come out to punish someone? Just whom is he going to do something to that really matters for the Buffalo team right now?

            Is the league going to fine Nolan? Maybe suspend players? Who cares, been done already. Lame, boring and not original at all.

            Boston would have EVERYTHING to loose. There are many critical and GOOD players on their team. Make no mistake, talent wise, Buffalo cannot compare and at this point, they shouldnt try.

            What they ( Buffalo ) need to do is jell. Start becoming a team. Grow. They need to learn how to handle defeat before they can take on victory.

            Bostons Model is flawed in some ways. They pissed away a great goaltender in Thomas over politics. Their whole back-end relies on Charas minutes. They have one good top 6 line. They are seen as being protected by the league ( do I really have to show examples? ).

            Buffalo? They are a blank page, a wildcard and can do anything they want. They really can only get better from here, there isnt much worse according to franchise history. ;)

          • Kevin

            Hopefully we don’t end up a goon team. I would rather us be a intimidating team instead. What we need is team toughness. Nolan’s team before had Ray, May, Boughner, Barnaby and whoever else I can’t remember. Every line had someone on it. And if it didn’t there was a dman out there to crack the whip. We need that more that just one hammer that plays maybe 2 minutes a game. I know Scott has his place, but he can’t be out there all the time. Teams hated playing us, because we were the hardest working in your face team there was then. We had plenty of sandpaper and it was pretty course.

          • Dano

            McCormic is 3rd line material. Scott is on the 4th line. If Myers could ever find his manhood like he did in Juniors, hes capable. Zadorov is capable. Foligno and Tropp are capable, Kaleta is capable.. ALL of them Know how to play quite well.

            Move Scott back as a 7th Defenseman and grab Ashem or Tootoo. Teams would HAVE to keep their heads up at all times.

            If your going to be intimidating, someone will eventually call them out. They better be capable of backing it up.

            I think having an outstanding first line and an ‘ok ‘ second, followed by a checking type line and a ‘ policing ‘ line would work fine. It took the Sabres to the Cup finals before. Most of the Chemistry needed to do the same damn thing with the same type of players is already here.

            The boys dont lack talent, they lack someone to kick them in the pants and get them to put to use what they presently have.

            Besides, a goon team beats an emo team every time, even if the emo team has its cutting tools. :D

          • Jes

            McCormick isn’t third line material. There is a reason why he’s been on the 4th line for majority of the season on a very shitty team.

            Tootoo or Asham? Why not just call up Kaleta? That move would be pointless IMO. Kaleta can be had with a simple call up and Tootoo and Asham would cost you something. Probably not much but something.

          • Dano

            Jes.. your failing to look at the perspective of the reply I gave.

            A third line in traditional terms were your ‘ grinders ‘. They went out and hit everything on the ice. They chased the puck and just played a shut-down or defensive game.

            Have you watched McCormics last few games? His line spends more time in the offensive zone and has actually potted a few goals. If you watch, they play it with 2 of the 3 forwards playing the puck or the man with it while the 3rd is keyed on acting like a 3rd defenseman for when one of the regular defensemen pinches.

            Its a resemblence of the older Peca/Varada type of line.

            Im all for calling ip Kaleta and dont think he should have been spanked to begin with.

            In regards to Ashem and Tootoo, they were added grit, the sandpaper Kevin spoke of.

          • Jes

            Ya but those are back in the day type of lines. Top two lines score and the bottom two are energy lines back when Gretzky was skating around the league. In the NHL today the majority of goals come from the top 3 lines. And that 4th line is the “energy” line. No way he’s third liner. Yes, his lines got chances here and there, but seriously a team that shoots a dominating 15 shots a game an unlikely someone is bound to get a couple chances.

            And honestly Asham and Tootoo would add grit but really we don’t need anymore players of that mentality. We already have Kaleta, Tropp, McCormick and Ott.

            But yes get what you are getting at.

          • Dano

            “Ya but those are back in the day type of lines.”

            No, they are the types of lines that can still be established, can be quite effective, and will more then likely be on the Ice at the FNC in the very near future. By all means though, I could be wrong.. I wouldnt wager on it though. Look at the teams Nolan has built, the success they have had.. theres a pattern.

            Its one of the reasons why I believe Nolan is the right coach for the ‘ time being ‘.

            ” And that 4th line is the “energy” line. No way he’s third liner.”

            You have your opinion.

            “And honestly Asham and Tootoo would add grit but really we don’t need anymore players of that mentality.”

            Really? We dont need guys whom give 110%? Are you F-ING serious?

            What we dont need is a 4th year Veteran like Myers doing rookie mistakes like constantly turning over the puck or not playing good in his own end.

            What we dont need is a prima-donna like Grigerenko given a promise to be on the team and not having to earn it.

            What we dont need is a second ( or first ) Prima-donna with a Hollywood-want-to-be-’A’-listing-wife goaltender causing drama and showing how much he doesnt want to be here.

            If you think a guy like Tootoo or Ashem brings less to the table AND locker room, by all means, you can have your opinion.

            Want my real opinion?

            McCormic would be on a third or even a second line on *my* team. Why? Effort! Can he put the puck in the net? Maybe, he has before but not all that often. He sets an example though. Skills can be learned, perspective and vision can be gained leading to further insight.. Having a work ethic though? Thats something thats very hard to teach someone when they are past the age of 16. You either have it or you dont. McCormic has it.

            Is Ott a first line winger? Hell, hes played on the first line in more then 1 game with the Sabres! Hes a third line grinder or ‘ pest ‘. Put Him, McCormic and Kaleta on a 3rd line.

            Different players have different establishments. Look at Yak ( Nail ). The kid is gifted with vision, hands and speed.. yet hes not even first line worthy in Edmonton! Hes second or third line at best in their system and hes complaining about it, calling his agent into the scene like a baby!

            Im saying this politely.. If I were the coach of that team, Yak would be sent down or waived! Call your agent and put the team in the press like that? GOODBYE! Hes a CANCER whom re-ignites the definition of ‘ lazy russian ‘. Just wants to float and run with the puck.

            In my system, those whom are willing to work and put in effort will see the most icetime. I dont care if its the Mayors Kid, the local Judges kid.. no favoritism and I dont care what your talent levels are. If you dont work, you’ll go nowhere.

          • Jes

            LOL OMG man your hilarious.

            Of course those lines can be established. I didn’t say they couldn’t be established. Two energy lines and two scoring lines won’t make you successful in this league anymore. Every top NHL tem today rolls 3 lines and 1 energy line.

            We need more guys who have no scoring touch and are known for dirty play throughout there tenures in the league? Are you F’n serious?

            “McCormic would be on a third or even a second line on *my* team.”

            Then you’d have a losing team. Plain and simple. McCormick on a 2nd line? Why not throw Scott and Kaleta on the first line? 2nd line is basically retarded and laughable and 3rd line is stretching it. McCormick only shows up on contract years. I don’t remember him even being on this team since he won that team MVP a few years back and got a nice contract to boot. Then disappeared until his what? Yes, until his contract year. Yes, he’s been alright this year but your acting like the guy is our savior. Which he is not.

            There is a reason why Yaks doesn’t see time on that top line. Have you seen the offensive talent in Edmonton? Gagner, Eberle, Hall, RNH, and Yakupov? Need I say more? Also we all know how a dislike of a player from a coach can go a long way in how a player performs. Eakins doesn’t like Yaks plain and simple. Just like Ruff didn’t like Afinogenov.

            And honestly if you were the coach of EDM and you told the GM to send down Yaks, you’d be done, or very close to being done. Yaks is one of there prized possessions and honestly Yaks was doing great in his rookie year and fell a part since Eakins came into the picture.

          • Dano

            Again, you have your opinion.

            “And honestly if you were the coach of EDM and you told the GM to send down Yaks, you’d be done, or very close to being done.”

            So.. you have experience at being a GM? Theres a position open in Buffalo.

            “but your acting like the guy is our savior. Which he is not.”

            Your over exaggerating. Forget the GM position, run for Congress, would seem more fitting.

            “LOL OMG man your hilarious.”

            Most people believe so. Do you even own a pair of skates?

            Earlier you mentioned ‘ back in the day ‘ and Gretzky.. is 2007 ‘ back in the day ‘ to you? How about the Leafs of *today*? Carlyle runs a top6/bottom6 scheme.. they played last night..

          • Jes

            “Again, you have your opinion.”

            Yes everyone’s entitled to there opinion, but when it comes to something like McCormick on a second line on a “SUCCESSFULL” NHL team it’s very comedic.

            “So.. you have experience at being a GM? Theres a position open in Buffalo.”

            No I don’t have experience being a GM of an NHL club. But that just a fact you can’t just F around with a player like Yaks and go even further by saying he should be sent down and still not have management looking over your shoulders at every single move you make. And do you have any experience as a NHL GM? Because if you do there is a position open in Buffalo….

            “Your over exaggerating. Forget the GM position, run for Congress, would seem more fitting.”

            How I am over exaggerating? You should run for congress throwing out all these accusations that I’m over exaggerating when clearly it’s you. McCormick on the 2nd line? If that’s not over exaggerating I don’t know what it is. You personally wouldn’t have my vote. With the rate your going you’d lose the election. McCormick on the 2nd line? Lol.

            “LOL OMG man your hilarious.”

            “Most people believe so. Do you even own a pair of skates?”

            What in the blue hell does owning a pair of skates have to do with being hilarious? LOL again too funny.

            “Earlier you mentioned ‘ back in the day ‘ and Gretzky.. is 2007 ‘ back in the day ‘ to you? How about the Leafs of *today*? Carlyle runs a top6/bottom6 scheme.. they played last night..”

            Yes back in the day is Gretzky. Post lockout is back in the day in today’s NHL.

            No Carlyle doesn’t run a bottom 6 top 6 scheme. He’s rolls 3 lines that can score and put up points and 1 line that comes out and puts in a solid defensive energy type effort.

          • Dano

            I get it, you love to argue, OK, shed the mitts then..

            “Yes everyone’s entitled to there opinion, but when it comes to something like McCormick on a second line on a “SUCCESSFULL” NHL team it’s very comedic.”

            And a guy like Dave Semenko, whom had even less skill played on Edmontons FIRST line. Are you really THAT incapable of looking past what you believe is the only truth?

            “No I don’t have experience being a GM of an NHL club. But that just a fact you can’t just F around with a player like Yaks and go even further.. ”

            As is the case with A russian in Buffalo. You either have to cater to them, or send them on their way. Just as you feel ‘ entitlement ‘ to your opinion, they feel ‘ entitlement ‘ of playing as THEY see fit, not as a team might need them.

            “How I am over exaggerating? You should run for congress throwing out all these accusations that I’m over exaggerating when clearly it’s you. McCormick on the 2nd line? If that’s not over exaggerating I don’t know what it is. You personally wouldn’t have my vote. With the rate your going you’d lose the election. McCormick on the 2nd line? Lol.”

            Again, you have your opinion.

          • Jes

            LOL OMG here you go again running your mouth like you know something about this game and this team. I love to argue? Take a good look in the mirror douche. Nolan’s gonna put McCormick on the 2nd line hey? Lol I remember seeing him slated in on the 4th line. McCormick on the 2nd line you either should be a patient on Dr. Phil or a comic live Saturday Nights at the Apollo. If I was coach those lazy Russians would never make the team, Cody McCormick would be a 2nd liner blah blah blah, keep running your mouth.

            The sport of hockey has immensely changed over the years. If you haven’t noticed that then honestly I’m sorry for having to tell you this (Probably not the first) but you are in plain words stupid beyond belief. The players are way better then what they used to be. I don’t know how you can miss that?
            My problem? 1 word YOU. You come in here and start running your mouth after all I said was McCormick isn’t 3rd line material on a winning team. Then you go on to respond by he could be 2nd line.and say sarcastic bullshit like you should run for congress and so on….

          • Dano

            “LOL OMG here you go again running your mouth like you know something about this game and this team.”

            And there you are once again. Douche? Really?

            ” Take a good look in the mirror douche.”

            Its for purposes as you demonstrate as to why your not really worthy of conversation.

            “My problem? 1 word YOU. You come in here and start running your mouth.. ”

            ” stupid beyond belief. ”

            This is the difference between you and I. When you can find yourself capable of discussion without the flaming, by all means contimue. Till then, go have a beer.

          • Jes

            Don’t drink have kidney problems.

            Difference? The only difference I see is that you started this whole thing. You can see exactly who started it if you scroll a few posts up. No offense by saying shit like oh you should run for GM hell even better run for Congress. Then you go on to say something about you not being a therapist. Just because you word it elegantly doesn`t mean it`s the right thing to say.

            Again all I said was McCormick isn`t a 3rd liner on a winning team then you kept taking it further and further and hell further.

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

            You guys are killing me!

          • Jes

            Sorry Rich and to the rest of the Readers.

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

            :) You two are regular contributors and I always look forward to what you have to say. I was just picking.

          • Dano

            Jes.. this is a conspiracy on Rich to hork-up all the beer!

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

            Hork? So which McKenzie brother are you, Bob or Doug?

          • Dano

            Take off hoser, eh? Definitely Bob. :D

          • Dano

            Well.. seeing as Jes and I both dont drink, you can have our Beers/Liquor from CC’s chugging/drinking game? Deal?

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding


          • Dano

            Im not going to call you a douche, stupid or anything degrading. If you wish to do such, you can represent yourself however you choose with your own words. I dont appreciate such and I dont think others do either.

            You have your vision on how to run a team ‘ today ‘. Its NOT wrong at all. But there are other methods that DO work and CAN work.

            Looking at the present group of people on the Sabres Roster the only thing they have is a few guys with energy and *possibly* some others with potential.

            Theres plenty on that roster that shouldnt be there as they dont put much effort into their game.

            I dont know ( being sincere ) if you understand the concept of rewarding those whom at least TRY and are willing to give their best effort over those whom float or just arent doing what they are capable of doing anymore.

            I think a better ( sincere ) explination of my view should be given. It might be you have my perspective wrong from my own wording.

            Is Stafford a second line type? He has 6 points with 4 (3?) more games ( McCormic has 5pts ). Stafford is a -6. McCormic is a -4. They are about the same player outside of McCormic actually trying to do something.

            Substitute Tyler Ennis ( whom played on the first line ) for Stafford.. Again 6pts but a -7.

            Either Ennis and Stafford have given up or McCormic has improved a LOT. I dont thnk McCormic has improved that much at all.

            McCormic is 9th overall on the teams listing. 18 skaters, that puts him in the top half. For being a pugalist for most of his time in the NHL, and seeing a LOT of ‘ first round draft picks ‘ on the ice with him.. it certainly doesnt seem like McCormic is ‘ talented ‘ compared to the rest.

            Maybe its the old Jarhead in me or something, but I dont reward those whom dont at least try and achieve ( or so it looks ) when theres a guy in the mix whom appears to be motivated into trying to get something done.

            On this team ( Sabres ) hes solid for the third line, maybe/possibly even the second.

            He has just as many points as Ott in half the icetime. Ott is the Captain?

            Take a look at McBain. 12 games , 4 points, -4, just under 20minutes of ice time. Myers : 20 games, 4 points, -9, 21 minutes of icetime. Myers : 31PIMS, McBain? 2.

            We play with the players we have and their performances speak for themselves.

            I hope that explains my position on why I believe theres quite a few players whom people say should be 4th liners of bottom defensive pairs that should be further up the ranks.

  • 40plusyearsfrustration

    Hockey Heaven now, I hope. I can now re-start to root this team on.
    A whole new mind set.
    Hey, wheres “bullwinkle..errr…Darcy…errr..bullwinkle.
    He’s usually on here to defend said, DEPARTED-Imitation GM.
    GO SABRES!!!!!!!

  • [email protected]

    I had to make sure today was April 1st when I saw this….too good to be true!!

  • Andrew

    Nolan turned around a crappy Sabres team before. Maybe he can do it again.

    Will the next GM keep him around after this year? That remains to be seen. He is known to ruffle feathers.

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  • davidmuscalo

    I am fine with Ted Nolan. I was disappointed when he was replaced by Ruff. He just the right guy to teach the young players and improve their skills. I looking forward to enjoy the rest of season although I do not expect miracles.