Poll: Did the Buffalo Sabres Make the Right Move Firing Ron Rolston and Darcy Regier

Alright Buffalo Sabres fans you can stop celebrating now, ah who am I kidding this party has been in the waiting for nearly 16 years so keep dancing.

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How many of the players were also dancing at the news Ron Rolston and Darcy Regier were no longer in charge? I bet Mikhail Grigorenko is happy. But seriously the Buffalo Sabres still have more than half a season to play and improve on, so after rejoicing early this morning it’s business as usual back in Buffalo.

Darcy Regier leaves as the longest tenured manager in Buffalo Sabres history and one of the longest in NHL history, while Ron Rolston leaves as the shortest tenured coach in team history. After a very rocky start to the season Terry Pegula has decided to go in a new direction with his hockey team and for many fans the decision took long enough. But never-the-less, Darcy Regier is no longer the GM of the Buffalo Sabres. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Rolston will be replaced by Ted Nolan, who previously coached the Sabres from 1995-1997, while the Sabres will not immediately replace Regier. They created a new position- director of hockey operations- for former player and fan favourite Pat LaFontaine who turned down the GM gig.

Today marks a new era for the Buffalo Sabres who will be going forward without Regier at the helm for the first time in 16 years. Sounds like things are about to change in Buffalo.

This poll today is simple; Do you like that the Buffalo Sabres fired both Regier and Rolston? Should one of them have been kept on board a little longer? Vote in the poll and then sound off in the comments your thoughts on the firing of both Rolston and Regier. Also leave your thoughts on the additions of Nolan and LaFontaine.

Was Firing Both Rolston and Regier The Right Move?

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  • Kevin

    Yes. The fact that they are moving in another direction, and that RR was not considered as being the answer he had to be let go.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I don’t know if they’re moving in another direction per say as much as they just didn’t like how Regier was driving the bus

  • [email protected]

    Wow, the results are overwhelming! Who would have thought :)

    • Caitlin Campbell

      haha yes I figured they would be pretty lopsided

      • [email protected]

        I figured they would be too, just can’t help being sarcastic!

  • Dano

    CC : Grigerenko is deficating himself right now. Nolan will NOT tolerate someone whom just wishes to go out and score goals. Grigerenko better learn defense and live it or his ass will be back in the minors or off to the KHL when he walks away from not reporting to the Amerks.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thats a good point Dano, hadn’t thought of that. Nolan will demand work ethic and if Grigo doesn’t give it they’ll have issues

      • Dano

        It will be the same situation as with Hasek. We know what Nolan will do, stand his ground. Management will have to choose : Developing the team or dealing with a Russian with an attitude that was given a promise by the GM.. whom was fired..

        With Duh-cy gone, Grigerenko needs to realize, his shit wont be tolerated. There wont be any ‘ typical lazy russians ‘ on the team. There wont be any Lazy Canadians, Lazy Americans, Lazy martians from saturn.. EVERYONE will have to play 2 way hockey, or clean out their locker.

        I can Guarantee Nail-Yak doesnt want to come to Buffalo now!

        I see the kids doing well with Nolan. Foligno, Tropp, Girgens. They had some hustle to begin with and now they will have a coach whom appreciates their effort.

        Myers.. OH MAN! I cant wait to see him get straightened out.

        About 2 weeks ago, I said R. Lee Ermey or a Drill Instructor type is what this team needed as a Coach. Looks like I sorta had my wish granted . ;) .

        • [email protected]

          The scf-fi geek in me needs to point out that Martians are from Mars. Saturnians are from Saturn. That is all lmao

        • Caitlin Campbell

          I agree the young guys need a coach that is going to get them working hard and giving it their all. Are we a contending team no but I have a feeling we’re better than how we’ve been playing and I think Nolan will get the best out of these guys

        • Joe

          i think nolan is wat myers needs toget his act togethe. I think nolan will be able to get myers back into shape.

        • Joe Mazurkiewicz

          GREAT POST MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny that Grigerenko was SCRATCHED 2nite!!!!

    • Jes

      Might as well get rid of CoHo as well. He plays absolute no defense, probably even less the Grigorenko.

  • qwicwted

    While I know there are those that are rejoicing at Darcy’s departure, I still think that he did a reasonable job working within the guidelines and the parameters he had to work with. You gotta give him credit for getting the most for bang for our buck with the trades of Roy, Gaustad, Regehr, Leopold, Pommer, and Vanek. I don’t agree with some of the things he has done, and Darcy’s replacement seemed to be part of Darcy’s “suffering” that the team and fans had to go through I’m glad Pegula heard the fans and I think bringing Pat La La and Ted Nolan back are good moves. With Nolan maybe we will change our reputation back to being the hardest working team in the NHL. With Patty, it is a good PR move and shows that the Sabres want to head in the right direction.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He made some good trades no doubt but it was time for him to go for sure

      • philherz

        And how many trades were not made or made way too late on players that needed fresh starts? (Connolly, Afinogenov, etc., etc.)

        • Caitlin Campbell

          yup while he could make fantastic trades he remained a little too loyal and at times over-valued his players.

          • BryanD

            Ville Leino 6 year 4.5 million…. little over valued hahaha

          • Caitlin Campbell

            Just a hair

      • Kevin

        Wasn’t it him that got rid of Mike Wilson to Florida for Rhett Warrenner? Now that was a winner. Everybody hated Wilson, he was the teams whipping boy and rightly so, he stunk. The to get RW straight up was a doozy of a trade because he turned out to be a solid Dman for the Sabres

    • chas territo

      Evidently, “reasonable” was not good enough, thankfully! lol.

  • [email protected]

    I heard a rumor that they were looking to bring on Matt Barnaby….but they couldn’t wake him from his drunken slumber. They even tried poking him with Garth Snow’s stick…

    • Jes

      LOL hahahahha. He’s always drunk isn’t he? I remember watching him on a NHL poker game the guy was wasted on live TV.

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  • Justin Tosczak

    Both had to leave Buffalo. Rolston could have assisted or been sent down to Rochester though. He is undeniable talent at developing young athletes. He is not an NHL hockey head coach, yet.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I was surprised they didn’t send Rolston back to Rochester as well

  • davidmuscalo

    This was really a rhetorical question and you know it.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yes it was- but wanted to get some disscusion going

  • Johntrice Smith

    Not a big fan of Ted Nolan’s after the rift he had with John Muckler, but willing to give him a chance. His success or failure should not be determined by his wins or losses, but how he brings the young players along. If he sends the youngbloods back to junior and fills the team with tough guys like he had last time, then we’ve taken a step back.

    The new president has a lot of good choices available for GM, besides the names already mentioned don’t forget about Neil Smith or Larry Carriere.

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