Buffalo Sabres Daily Dashboard November 14th, 2013

Well Buffalo Sabres fans, how does it feel waking up on this Thursday morning knowing that for the first time in 16 years Darcy Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.20.49 PMRegier is no longer the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres? To make things even better for you this morning he also took Ron Rolston out-of-town with him. I think most Sabres fans can agree it’s been a very good 24 hours.

Have you stopped cheering yet? The new- old- guys in town are Pat LaFontaine as president of hockey operations and Ted Nolan as head coach. Those names sound familiar? You can vote in a poll about whether the Sabres made the right decision here or read a thank you letter to Terry Pegula here. Now on to the rest of the NHL as we get you caught up on the world of hockey.

We all knew the Buffalo Sabres were losing and many expected them to, so that’s not why there needed to be a change. There needed to be a change because of the way the Sabres were losing. [Die By the Blade]

As you’ve probably heard by now Steven Stamkos broke his tibia earlier this week and underwent surgery to fix the injury on Tuesday. Normal recovery from this kind of injury is anywhere from 8-12 weeks, yet he hasn’t been ruled out for Team Canada. [CBC]

The Buffalo Sabres made a lot of good moves in the right direction yesterday by ending Darcy Regier’s tenure in Buffalo, but the biggest moves are still to come as they look to enter the rebuilding waves. [Bleacher Report]

Carter Hutton is no longer getting the job done between the pipes for the Nashville Predators and with Pekka Rinne on the shelf long-term the Predators are now exploring trade options. *cough* Ryan Miller *cough* [On the Forecheck]

Do you enjoy seeing NHL players compete in the winter Olympics every so often? Well that all may be changing as Gary Bettman is in favour of a World Cup [Toronto Star]

Nazem Kadri delivered two questionable hits last night as the Leafs took on the Wild. Will he get suspended? Probably not. [Yahoo Sports]

NHL GM’s are willing to adapt changes to overtime in order to limit the number of shootouts. Finally am I right? [NHL]

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  • chas territo

    Yes, it’s a glorious day, sun shining, breezy and warm! Also, the Sabres are finally unburdened with DR and Ronny no emotion Rolston!! You know from my many comments I wanted Darcy gone, now I reap the reward of a new regime with 2 good hires! Life can finally be good here in Buffalo with our Sabre team! Patty and Nolan are 2 great people who come to us with a clean slate. Can anyone not be happy and relieved??

    I know some good names have been bandied about on who should be the new GM….? I think Burke would be a 2nd choice, Dudley 1st. How about Messier, the Captain as assistant GM? He has no exp., but neither does Pat. Bothare going to learn on the job if we had both here. What do you think? Caitlin, another good article!!

    • Jes

      I don’t like Dudley don’t know why, I just don’t.

      Messier, Botterill or Burke are my choices.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        My top choice is Burke

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the read Chas

  • Dano

    “Nazem Kadri delivered two questionable hits last night as the Leafs took on the Wild. Will he get suspended? Probably not. [Yahoo Sports]:

    3 games for the run on Backstrom and the other ( match Penalty for a headshot on Granlund ) has no mention thus far.

    Im wondering if the league is going to wait till the games are up and then call Kadri a ‘ repeat offender ‘. Weird, same game, 2 offenses?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      A lot of people don’t have a broblem with his 2nd hit but the one on Backstrom was pretty bad. He’s beginning to get a bad name for himself…

      • Dano

        Im wondering though.. Toronto now has 3 players whom have been suspended. Ashton, Kadri and Kessel. Are they now the leagues ‘ dirty team ‘?.

        Take a look at Winchesters flying elbow to Kelly of the Bruins..

        Im finding it harder and harder to call Kaleta a ‘ dirty ‘ player when theres many others whom are doing much worse ( in comparison ).

        Unprovoked running a goaltender? Flying elbows? Im waiting slew-foots to start flaring up in the penalties called.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Kadri is certainly making a name for himself… I do think the Leafs have a nasty/dirty side to their game