The Search For the Next Sabres GM: Jason Botterill

Since Terry Pegula relieved Darcy Regier of his general manager duties early last week the Buffalo Sabres have gone without a GM, but this week the search is on. While Pat LaFontaine travels around to meet with candidates who may become the next Buffalo Sabres GM, we will be looking at the best candidates for the job. First up is Jason Botterill.

Currently Jason Botterill is the assistant general manager and cap wizard with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s been the assistant GM 7441500184_c762004182for 5 season’s now after working two seasons as the directory of hockey operations. His specialties are cap management and scouting, both of which he’s done with success for the Penguins.

Botterill is a former first round pick (20th) taken by the Dallas Stars after playing 4 season’s at the University of Michigan, where he led the team to a national championship in 1996. He played 88 games in the NHL and 36 of those games were for the Buffalo Sabres. If he were to be hired as the new GM it would make a clean sweep of former players back in Buffalo to manage the team.

Botterill is a strong believer in the draft and ensuring that his teams take the best talent available, which would be a great benefit considering the number of first round- and likely top 10, picks the Sabres will have in the next two season’s. Imagine a GM that brings in a solid scouting staff and actually knows how to scout himself? The Sabres could land some real talent in the drafts.

Jason Botterill is one of the up and coming young management people. After spending time with the NHL, the Dallas Stars and the Pittsburgh Penguins, he has quite a resume and is starting to gain more and more attention. What do people love about Botterill? His cap management. He has done a great job managing the cap in Pittsburgh with some complex and controversial moves that allowed the team to keep both Jordan Staal and Tomas Vokoun at points.

LaFontaine has been granted permission to meet with Botterill about the vacant Sabres GM position, so he is definitely one of the front runners in the search. Even if the Sabres were to pass over Botterill, he is a name you’re going to hear more and more of in the near future as he looks for a GM job somewhere in the NHL.

Jason Botterill would be a solid choice as the next GM of the Buffalo Sabres. He will do a solid job at managing the cap and will help ensure the draft will turn up gems instead of duds.

What do you think, could you see Jason Botterill as the GM of the Buffalo Sabres?

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  • jimbobv2

    Botts is at the top of the list for me if the Sabres go for a guy with no NHL GM experience.

    He is well rounded with playing experience, being around a Cup winning organization with the Pens, he’s really smart, has worked to keep a talented team together under the cap, and he’s been a part of drafting, too.

    He is definitely an up and comer that will is likely to get a GM job with someone over the next few years if he doesn’t land the Buffalo job.

    • Jes

      who are your top 3 candidates?

      • jimbobv2

        As a former manager who had to hire people, I am more interested in how a candidate fits in with my group, how they think, and what they want to do in their new job.

        Botteril, Gorton, Smith, Fenton, Dudley, Loiselle. They are all solid candidates.

        But, it’s hard to stack rank them on resume only. I’d like to see them come to the table with their plan for re-making the team and then see who comes out on top.

        But, I won’t get that chance. LOL

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Botterill is going to be a big guy one day whether with the Sabres or not for sure, be nice if the Sabres could snatch him up

  • Jes

    Botterill, Messier or Burke. Those are my 3 choices. Anyone else I wouldn’t be happy with at all, especially if it’s Dudley.

    • Dano

      Just out of Curiosity, what do you find wrong with Dudley?

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I believe Dudley said no to interviewing with the Sabres…

        • Jes

          That’s awesome news.

      • Jes

        I dunno I just find the Canadiens have been a physically weak, pushed around team for awhile now and they continue to invest in small speedy forwards like Briere as an example and that’s just about all. I don’t want to be that team again where we got pushed around on a game to game basis. I believe that is what he’d turn our team into if he were to be our GM and I wouldn’t like it one bit. But as CC said that he turned down the Sabres interview proposal sooooo happy news for us!!!!!

        • Dano

          Parros, Moen, White, Prust.. Not what I would call ‘ skilled ‘ or small by any means.

          There IS something about Dudley that does seem ‘ lacking ‘. Its like with Burke.

          I dunno exactly what it is, but theres just something that says ‘ no ‘.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I like Botterill and Burke, not so much a fan of Messier but I wouldn’t be against them hiring him either lol.