Nov 12, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller (30) during the game against the Los Angeles Kings at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres – St. Louis Blues: Fan Chatter!!!

Sabre Noise fans, fear not: I am still alive and well!

Things got pretty hairy around here yesterday – at one point, I truly thought an international incident was about to break out! – but I survived the onslaught, no thanks to many of you, who arrived late to the scrum and were of no help to me whatsoever.

But my love for you is legit, and I forgive you!  Ha ha!

So here I am, ready to discuss tonight’s match-up between the slightly new-look Buffalo Sabres and the St. Louis Blues.

Interim head coach Ted Nolan has decided that he wants to win games sooner than later, and that skating four teenagers is not going to achieve that end, so the Sabres will be without the services of Rasmus Ristolainen, Nikita Zadorov, and Mikhail Girgorenko tonight.  Buffalo will have defenseman Mike Weber at its disposal, if that means anything to you!

Meanwhile, the Blues come in riding the sheer awesomeness of Alexander Steen.  Can he stay this hot?  Against a team like Buffalo, he sure can!   I know Nolan wants to win, but this team isn’t built to win; it as deconstructed in order to acquire draft picks, so Steen could potentially have a career night in store for him . . .

. . . unless Ryan Miller plays crazy-good hockey, which for the most part he has done this season.  Miller’s play is one of the only feel-good stories to come out of Buffalo this season, but the Sabres are not the only team to go through a rebuild, despite what the media and classless fans of other teams will have you believe.  I hope Miller can keep the Sabres close, but this is another one of those games that could be over by the end of the first if the Sabres don’t come out ready to compete.

Questions to consider:

  1. Can the Sabres shut down Steen tonight?
  2. Can Buffalo, a team that has been absolutely destroyed in the first period of games so far this year, actually win the opening period?

Let me hear your picks, prognostications, and platitudes, if you have any!  And never shy away from tossing some thoughts my way on twitter @theamazingMrS.  Let’s have fun, and go Sabres!

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  • Jes

    Sabres win 5-1
    1. Doubt it, Steen’s been on a roll. Wonder what those Laughs fans think about letting him go? lol.
    2. Yes sir. Sabres will hammer a couple by Elliot or Halak while the Blues get there only goal in the first period.
    3. Glad to hear you are ok (y), keep up the good work. Personally despite what those Laughs fans may think I believe you get a lot of readers. Hell there reading right?

    • Richard Spalding

      Yes – I got a lot of readers. So for all of the hate most of them displayed, they gave us some good page views yesterday! Ha ha – the joke is on them!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      hasn’t 5-1 Sabres been your prediction for the last 10 games? LOL

      • Jes

        Lol yes Caitlin and until it comes true I won’t stop lol

  • Kevin

    Shutting down Steen will be like patching an old tire. Soon as you patch the first hole (Steen) out pops more leaks (his teamates). So the answer to #1. is — I will go with yes, but I reserve the fact that it won’t matter because his friends will pick up the slack. #2. I hope I am wrong, but, I have to say NO.

  • Richard Spalding

    I think this is a really, really difficult match-up for the Sabres. I know Miller has been facing a lot of shots and doing his best to keep the Sabres close. I also know Nolan has probably gotten on his team’s case for their failure to play a full 60 minutes the other night in Toronto. I say this will be close, but a 3-2 loss for Buffalo. If I’m right, I win, but if I’m wrong, as a fan, I win!!!

    • Vic Soga

      With Weber back, we will lose 5-2 as the soon-to-be second oldest team in the league will come out slow again.
      Maybe Miller and Foligno will get on the St. Louis bus after the game and Halak, Stewart and 1st round pick will stay. Foligno is in the doghouse. Too young. Does Nolan have anything against father Mike?
      Two Rochester players will stay after their game at First Niagara tomorrow. Sulzer and Zigomanis. No Adam, no McNabb. Too young.
      Sorry Sabre fans for thinking outside the box.

      • Jes

        Are you being sarcastic about Adam and McNabb being to young?

  • Caitlin Campbell

    3-1 Blues :( Miller plays well and Blues score an empty netter for the 3rd goal