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Buffalo Sabres Daily Dashboard November 23

Good morning Buffalo Sabres fans! How is your morning shaping up? Where I am north of the boarder I woke up to a whack on snow,

hopefully it’s not snowing where you are and you can enjoy a beautiful Saturday spent not watching the Buffalo Sabres. Over the next 10 days I have the pleasure of introducing a friend from New Zealand to the wonderful game of hockey, not sure if showing her the Sabres is the best way to do that but she should get the gist of the game no?

Anyways enough about me and on to the hockey news you actually want to hear as we take you on a journey around the rest of the NHL this snowy morning.

Here’s one for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that Rich really really likes. I think we here at SabreNoise can admit the Leafs have started off the season pretty well-heck of a lot better than the Sabres- but don’t worry all you who like to hate on the Leafs, that hot streak won’t last. [Bleacher Report]

Here are your 13 biggest disappointments so far this NHL season and no the Buffalo Sabres as a whole are not on that list, but Ron Rolston is. [Puck Daddy]

There is little question that Jaromir Jagr has still got it and he’s been showing it as he continues to cement his name into the NHL record books. But Jaromir Jagr believes he still has enough in the tank to attend and play in the next two Olympic games he would be 46 in 2018. If he can do it my hat is certainly off to the man. [Star-Ledger]

You know the Old spice guy? Yes, the guy your man can smell like? Well it turns out not only is he a former football player, he is a huge hockey nut who laces up the skates to play with the boys. He will be in Sochi and will attend a few hockey games. [The Color of hockey]

With Jonathan Quick out everyone is crossing their fingers that Ryan Miller will steal his starting job away at the Olympics, but apparently USA hockey isn’t worried about Quick quite yet. [NHL]

Anyone remember the legendary Forbes Kennedy who played for the Boston Bruins years ago? Well years ago he made one little kid extremely hockey by giving him a signed stick and this past week that kid returned the stick in turn making Kennedy extremely happy. [The Guardian]

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  • Vic Soga

    Good afternoon Caitlin. Watched Zadorov play his first game back with the London Knights last night. He laid out a couple big hits and got an assist on a great pass. He did play on the second unit on the PP. However, he did cough up the puck a couple of times and still has the tendency of watching the puck in his own end instead of covering the open man. Dale Hunter will correct that in a hurry. Another Sabre draft pick (7th round) playing with the Knights also is Brady Austin who was the second star of the game and is a stud also at 6’4″ and 225lbs. He scored. Buffalo should sign him. That is the Sabre prospect update.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the update Vic

  • Dano

    CC : PLEASE refrain from using pics of Bettman or Shannaban. ;) . Bad enough the Sabres are having ‘ issues ‘, dont need the albatross of the leagues management brought into the picture ( pun intended :D ).