The Search for the Next Sabres GM: Paul Fenton

When a team is as bad as the Buffalo Sabres currently are it can be difficult at times to find someone who wants to take a management position, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the next candidate. Assistant Nashville Predators GM Paul Fenton is actually begging Pat LaFontaine to interview him for the position as he is very interested in become the Buffalo Sabres next GM. How about that, someone we don’t have to bribe or kidnap to come to the Sabres!

In fact Paul Fenton is so interested that he got his boss, the current GM of the Predators David Poile to call the Sabres and inquire about an interview. Well it sure is refreshing to see someone really wanting to join the Sabres organization for once.

“I would love to get an opportunity to talk to them.” ~ Paul Fenton

What makes Fenton so interesting to the Sabres has very little in fact to do with Fenton and has everything to do with his boss Poile. Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 1.01.45 PMPoile has mentored Fenton and full endorses his ability to become the Sabres GM, but deeper than that Poile also mentered Ray Shero before he became the big man in Pittsburgh. If there is a GM who is ready for the rebuild then Fenton is near the top of that category.

In addition to Fenton’s work as assistant GM with the Predators, he is also the GM of the AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals. Fenton is a former NHL player, although he never laced up for the Sabres, he spent nine years in the league as he bounced around to several teams including the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers.

Fenton has been with the Predators organization for 16 years and has been the assistant GM for the last 8. He has done everything short of running the team as the GM; He runs their AHL team, handles most hockey operations and scouts for talent. In fact he was a major scout for the Predators in the 2003 draft which saw them land Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, Kevin Klein and current Buffalo Sabre Alexander Sulzer. Fenton also spent 5 years with the Anaheim Ducks and helped them land Teemu Selanne. But one drawback of Fenton from a Sabres perspective is he helped trade a first round pick for Paul Gaustad.

There is no question that Paul Fenton has lots of experience running a hockey team and is ready to take the next step in becoming a GM. He’s got a great eye for talent but so do Jason Botterill and Jim Benning who have already been granted an interview with LaFontaine.

Paul Fenton would be a solid choice to lead the Sabres through the rebuild and his desire to become the next Buffalo Sabres GM is admirable, but he’s up against some pretty stiff competition who are all ready to take the next step. What do you think of Paul Fenton? Does he have a shot at becoming the next Sabres GM?

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  • Jes

    I wouldn’t mind him as the Sabres GM. Although on one side the Preds being a competitive team during there tenure in the NHL and have got a good track at drafting stud defensemen. On the other side they have failed miserably IMO in the one spot it matters most (Playoffs). They also have a track record having drafting no good offensive talent? Hornqvist was ok but nothing special. Personally I’d like to score goals.

    But it looks like he contacted the Sabres, inquiring about the job not the other way around so I’m not sure how well that bodes for him. I heard something about Botterill contacting the Sabres as well?

    Looks like Lafontaine wants to go young. IMO the top 3 GM Candidates would be… (Not my top 3, but Lafontaine’s top 3)
    - Benning
    - Botterill
    - Benton?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’ve heard a rumour that after talking with Benning and Botterill, LaFontaine might want someone with a bit more experience which means Brian Burke is back in the mix.

      • qwicwted


      • Jes

        That’d be great news. Only thing about Burke that kind of scares me is that he may not be willing to go the rebuilding route. He seems to throw a lot of money around at free agents.

        Also this whole thing about looking for someone with more experience has me very scared that Dudley may just be our new GM. Which is something I am desperately against.

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