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Corey Tropp Claimed by Columbus Blue Jackets

The Buffalo Sabres placed Corey Tropp on waivers yesterday after they claimed Matt D’Agostini off waivers from the Pittsburgh Penguins and today Corey Tropp was claimed by the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Various sources reported earlier this morning that the Blue Jackets had claimed Tropp off waivers and then Darren Dreger confirmed the report.

Corey Tropp is one of those tough young players who knows his role on any team. His role with the Sabres was a 3rd or 4th line player

who played a physical game, much like a Patrick Kaleta. In pre-season Tropp sacrificed himself right before the John Scott and Phil Kessel scrum in order to stand up for Marcus Foligno. It was a scary scene as Tropp cracked his head on the ice and was left with a concussion after being knocked unconscious.

Tropp also missed the entire 2012-2013 season while battling with a knee injury. Tropp does get hurt often and it appears he will be a career minor leaguer. But Tropp is still a young player who has time to develop and the Buffalo Sabres intended to send him to Rochester to further develop his game, instead the Blue Jackets decided to swipe him away.

Corey Tropp played in 43 NHL games over 4 years with the Sabres and put up 9 points with 20 penalty minutes. He was a -8 in 9 games this season. Tropp played a blue collar style of hockey and was regarded as one of the hardest working guys on the Sabres.

He was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2007 NHL Entry draft and the Blue Jackets had previously stated they were interested in drafting Tropp. Tropp will join a Blue Jackets team which ranks 25th in the NHL and is in need of a shake-up as they battle numerous injuries. He will wear 26 for the Blue Jackets as he looks to restart his career. Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen says he likes Tropp’s grit and versatility.

So long Corey Tropp and Welcome again Matt D’Agostini!


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  • Jes

    Ahhhh well get rid of one 3rd/4th liner for another.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      pretty much and Matt D’Agostini can produce more right now than Tropp can…

  • Dano

    This hath suckith.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agreeith

  • JHizzle75

    Still don’t get . Sabres need first line players and they’re picking up third liners on waivers. Are they planning on some kind of package deal? Four third liners for one first liner or something?

    • Jes

      D’Agostini is better then Tropp right now. So in a sense it is an upgrade, by how much? Not a heck of a whole lot.

      We will get those first line players out of the draft. Only way those types of players will ever come to Buffalo and maybe through trade. Doubt the trades are going to happen since the GM position is still up for grabs. Some would think a team in such disarray would be craving to get a GM under contract.

      I know, I know, picking a GM is hard but in all seriousness how many candidates are there? So far all we heard about were 3 candidates(Botterill, Fenton and Benning.) I know me and CC wanted Burke to get an interview but in all seriousness would you rather be a VP or GM? So I doubt he even wants to leave CGY. Dudley has already said no (Thank God). Hurry up and pick one of those 3 so we can get the trades happening and molding our new franchise.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        As much as Id like to see Burke here I think the real search is between Botterill and Benning. LaFontaine is really interested in both guys

        • Jes

          I thought you said in one of your posts that Lafontaine is leaning towards a more experienced GM?

          • Caitlin Campbell

            He is leaning towards a more experienced guy but considering Dudley said no and everyone thinks Burke won’t ditch Calgary he doesn’t have much of a choice unless he holds out

          • billyx

            I think Burke would welcome the chance to show the Leafs where to shove it.

        • PaulR

          Dear Lord, please not Brian Burke. The guy only produced drama in Toronto and was otherwise a failure.

          He picked up Tim Connolly from the Sabres – no more needs to be said.

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  • ende

    meh, marginal player. Dime a dozen. Next!

  • billyx

    Tropp already equaled his total scoring with the Sabres this year by getting an assist in his first game with Columbus. Living across the border but being a Sabre fan for over 40 years, it was nice to watch the game live in Buffalo and get some cross border shopping in. I guess I’ll call last night a solid 2 for 1 win win !