Nov 15, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Toronto Maple Leafs right wing David Clarkson (71) and Buffalo Sabres center Steve Ott (9) are separated by linesman Brian Mach (78) during the third period at First Niagara Center. Sabres beat the Leafs 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres – Toronto Maple Leafs: Fan Chatter

All right, Buffalo Sabres fans:

The last time the Sabres played the Leafs, things got chippy, Toronto acted like a bunch of punks, and I got jumped like a narc at a biker rally after posting my piece about how embarrassing the Leafs had acted on the ice this season.

Forget the records of the two teams; the Sabres are rebuilding, and we know the talent on Toronto’s team is greater than the talent of Buffalo’s. My point was simply that winning doesn’t give you the right to act like a bunch of cowards and cheap-shot artists IF you also want to be a respected team in the NHL.  The Leafs will win more games than the Sabres this season, obviously, but I don’t like some of the shenanigans they are displaying on the ice.

That could all change tonight, granted, so I am not going to trash the team before the game is played.  However, given how badly I was swarmed by rude Leafs fans two weeks ago, I kind of hope the Sabres win tonight just so I can start yet another international incident (especially if things get chippy)!

Just try and have my back this time, okay?  Ha!

Questions to consider:

1. Who gets tossed from the game tonight?

2. Can the Sabres finally score 5 goals, to shut super-fan Jes up?!?

3. How many shifts does John Scott play?

Leave your answers to these questions, plus any other predictions you may have about tonight’s action, down below, or @theamazingMrS!  Let’s go Sabres, and come at me, Canada!

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  • Timothy Redinger

    D’Agostini gets a goal, and the Sabres fall 4-2.

  • Richard Spalding

    I think the players-only meeting results in a win against the hated leafs, 3-2. Scott gets 8 shifts tonight, and gets tossed!

    • Richard Spalding

      Oh my goodness, I rock!!!

  • wolfdoctor

    Sabres win in a fist fest, 4-2. Scott is ejected for “bleeding on the ice” because he was unable to get out of the way of numerous stick swinging slashes inflicted by one or more of the Leaf cowardly princesses.

    • Richard Spalding

      Ha ha ha! Love that last part.

    • Jes


  • Jes

    Sabres win 5-1

    1. Both John Scott and Orr get the toss out in tonight’s game.
    2. Lol love it. Hells yes. Sabres will score 5 tonight in regulation;).
    3. I`m with you on this one Richard, 8-10 shifts + 14-20 PIMS. Most of them just for getting jumped by the Leafs.

    Lol I got your back this time Richard, so long as you don`t hate on the Maple Leaf. That was really the only reason it got out of hand last time haha. Plus I got to have your back since you mentioned me in your column.

    • Richard Spalding

      Sanctity of the Leaf – got it! :)

  • JHizzle75

    1. I think Scott and Foligno get tossed
    2. I wish they could get 5, but Toronto goalies are playing well this year.
    3. Scott gets one or two, only because he gets tossed in the first
    Final score 3-1 Sabres