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Daily Poll: Are the Leafs the Best Buffalo Sabres Rival Today?

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Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of fun with the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans. Between Rich and I, we probably have

wanted posters up around the city of Toronto. But what those posts really represented when you dig to the root, is the intense rivalry between the Leafs and Sabres. But enough fooling around and poking the bear when it’s down, we want to know what you guys- the readers think of the Sabres rivalry with the Leafs?

Do you think there is even a rivalry between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres? Have you been up to Toronto for a game? And most importantly, are the Leafs the best rivals of the Sabres? Now we’re talking about the best Sabres rivalry in all of team history, we’re talking about their best rivals today!

The Leafs and Sabres square off multiple times a season (around 6) and no matter how poorly either team is playing, the match seems to bring out the best in both teams. Perfect example is the overtime win the Sabres recorded this Friday. The Sabres sit 30th and are on pace to become the worst team in NHL history while the Toronto Maple Leafs are right in the middle of the playoff battle in the East. Still the Sabres brought their A-Game and ended up winning the game.

Then the Leafs fan’s kindly wasted their beer by throwing it at the Buffalo Sabres, classy eh? You know two teams have some kind of a rivalry when their netminders drop the mitts in preseason and Steve Ott refers to the opposition’s captain as a “princess.” Not to mention the two teams are separated by just a 2 hour drive on the QEW.

The next some-what rivalry the Sabres have is with the Boston Bruins ever since the Milan Lucic hit on Ryan Miller, which is frankly getting old. Other than the hit that pretty much ruined the Buffalo Sabres, there isn’t much to the rivalry. Still most fans circle those games on their calendars “just in case.”

This leads us back to our poll for today; Are the Leafs the Buffalo Sabres biggest rivalry in today’s NHL? Remember we’re just talking about today, not the 1989 Buffalo Sabres. If you don’t feel the Leafs are the Sabres biggest rivalry, who is? Make sure you sound-off in the comments so we can get the debate going and determine who is the Buffalo Sabres biggest rivalry today.

Are the Leafs the Sabres Biggest Rival?

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