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NHL Daily Dasherboard December 1, 2013

NHL / Buffalo Sabres / Sabre Noise fans, I cannot believe it is already the first of December.

It seems like, just a few days ago, it was Thankisgiving and . . . wait a minute.  It WAS just a few days ago that we had Thanksgiving.  Huh.  We really don’t get anywhere near enough time to enjoy that holiday before the Christmas season is upon us; in fact, the Christmas season pretty much makes Thanksgiving a tiny blip on the radar.  Nevertheless, it’s December, so I hope you are ready for snow, sleet, cold wind . . . and today’s links!

There was a lot of action on ice last night – I know you fell asleep before it all ended, so get caught up here.  [TSN]  That’s an order!

I really enjoy hearing Kerry Fraser discuss the officiating side of things.  Check out his latest Hey Ref!  [TSN]

Oh, Bleacher Report!  You guys sure do love your lists.  (Is it a requirement that every writer compile at least one list a week over there?)  Here’s the latest: the greatest playmakers in the NHL so far this season.  I’m sure they didn’t miss anybody!

It’s not too early to be thinking ahead to the 2014 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.  Here are ten names to know.  [b/r]

In case there was any doubt as to who the new arena in Markham, Ontario, is for, this article clears it up.  [The Hockey News]

Finally, here’s WGR 550′s take on last night’s Sabres-Devils action.  Take it for what you will – I think the Sabres are showing definite signs of life.

Happy December first, all!

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  • Dano

    Keep those puck bunnies coming ;)

    Lots of good links. The one that I find odd is on the discussion of the Markham arena. Its reminiscent of a certain BlackBerry company owner wanting to put a team in Hamilton.

    • Richard Spalding

      Well, we all know the NHL is going to add two more teams. Will Markham land one of the two?

      • Dano

        I say this from being an ‘ Old ‘ Guy. To show my interest in hockey, I saw the Seals play at home and then saw them play at home again in Cleveland ;) . I have seen the Hartford Whalers on home ice. Most years, I catch a Detroit game at the Joe and a Pens game. On odd years, Ill go to Philly to visit friends and catch a game there.

        *I* believe the next 2 cities to pick up a team will be the French ( Quebec, heaven forbid anyone not refer to them as ‘ french ‘ ) and none other then Kansas City.

        I know a lot of people believe Seattle will be next, but they couldnt even support a NBA team, Hockey? Really? Maybe if enough Nucks fans jump the boarder for the games, sure, it might happen.

        I think the whole ‘ alignment ‘ politics will get tossed aside and geographical locations will be used. Detroit might not like being tossed back into the west, but it will happen before the French or any other ‘ more east ‘ team is put there.

        A balancing act needs to happen for the East/West dilema. Its far off-balanced right now with 2 less teams in the West.