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Daily Poll: Is Matt Moulson the First Liner the Buffalo Sabres Can Build Around?

Before we get started, credit for today’s poll goes to one of our commentors named jim. He suggested that in addition to asking whether Cody Hodgson was a number one centre of a contending team we should ask about Moulson and several other players. Stick tap to Jim for the idea and this brings us to today’s poll. Can the Buffalo Sabres build a team around Matt Moulson on first line?

Let’s forget for a moment that Moulson is a free agent at the end of this season and has the freedom to- and likely will- walk away from

the Buffalo Sabres. Instead let’s pretend that he is willing to stay with the Sabres as they continue their rebuild over the next two to three season’s. Is Matt Moulson that first line guy the Sabres can build around?

What I mean by build around goes further than just signing him. To build around Moulson would be to acquire a centre and possibly another winger who would play to his strengths if Hodgson doesn’t do the job.

For most people Moulson has already proved that he belongs on the number one line by his play with the New York Islanders and John Tavares. While Hodgson is no Tavares and both bring different aspects to their linemates, the true sign of a top notch winger is one who can adapt to their centreman and for the most part Moulson has done that.

Moulson has surpassed the 30 goal plateau three times in his young career and has recorded at least 50 points twice. He’s proven he can put up the points and contribute to a team. Now in order for a winger to find success in the NHL they often have to placed with a centre of equal skill, but sometimes an elite winger is one who has the ability to make his linemates- including the centre- better hockey players. Just look at the situation in Toronto with Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak.

From everything we’ve seen from Moulson since he’s arrived with the Sabres there is no reason to believe he doesn’t make his linemates better. Moulson has the skill to score 30 goals and put up 50 points, he’s shown that, but the question becomes whether he can do it alongside Hodgson.

This is where we open the floor up to you guys. Do you think Matt Moulson is the type of player the Buffalo Sabres can build a winning team around? Is he the kind of player you want on your first line when you’re trying to have a competitive team? Remember he played alongside Tavares during the Islanders playoff stint last season so he has playoff experience.

Can the Buffalo Sabres build around Matt Moulson? Should they build around him? Will he even stay with the Buffalo Sabres? Vote in the poll and then sound off in the comments below.

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Can the Sabres Build Around Matt Moulson?

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  • erico

    as much as i love matty moulson he is not an ideal player to model a franchise off of. the direction the sabres are going by the time they turn it around moulson and hodgson will probably be seeing 2nd or 3rd line minutes with new franchise players selected high in the draft who will be leading this team. Reinhart, mcdavid etc.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thats a good point, if he stays for the rebuild by the time it’s done he’s on the 2nd or 3rd line which isn’t ideal for his career.

  • Jes

    Personally I don’t think we can build around him. Most of his success was due to Tavares. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player but if we were going to build around him I would have rather just have kept Pominville. Who is a year older but has proven to put up points consistently without the great center that Moulson had.

    But IMO Moulson is looking forward to free agency. He’s in his 30′s now so I don’t see him signing with a rebuilding franchise. Unless of course we vastly overpay.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for the read Jes. I agree that in all likely hood he bolts unless we over pay for him which is a shame as I think he’d be a solid pick-up. Like you said I don’t think we can build around him if we keep Hodgson as the #1 C, it’s gotta be someone better IMO.

  • Kevin

    Stop talking Pictures in the mirror CC! LOL anyway Build around? No. Do I hope he stays, or they keep him? Yes. But by no means let him walk just to get another draft pick. IMO we have enough for the next 3yrs. What we need now is a great handful of veteran players. He needs to be one of them.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yes we need some more veteran presence and I sure hope he sticks around but they definitely need to get something for him.