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Jeremey Roenick Wants To Be Face Of Franchise

According to reports, Jeremy Roenick wants to be an owner and face of an NHL franchise.  A fair number of teams would be lucky to have him as a front office executive, and if Seattle has it’s day – he could be a part of an ownership group that brings hockey to the Pacific Northwest.

The National Hockey League has positioned themselves to expand to a 32 team league.  The current alignment of teams has the Western Conference with two fewer teams than its counterpart in the East.

Despite reports that commissioner Gary Bettman was looking at expansion to Seattle as early as next season – he said in an interview on NHL.com that the league has no formal expansion processes in the works.

With the vacancy at the general manager position – and possibly the ability to help reshape a franchise in Buffalo – should Pat Lafontaine be contacting the former NHL all star and Hall of Famer (United States Hockey Hall of Fame) about the ability to be the general manager in Buffalo?

Jeremy Roenick is not one to pull punches with his feelings – having once told fans to kiss his ass in response to fan comments that NHL players are spoiled – but he was always open to the fans signing autographs and interacting when he could.

The fact that Roenick spent most of his career on the West Coast with a brief three year stint with the Philadelphia Flyers may tell me that he is more interested in joining a West Coast franchise – but if ownership doesn’t pan out for him right away – he could be convinced that building a winner in Buffalo is more alluring than being a part owner of a newly minted franchise.


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  • Bill Stowers

    Orrrr he could start a franchise in my home city of indianapolis. We would support an NHL team more than seattle. And we have the stadiums and size that seattle doesnt have.

    • Jes

      That’s pretty good idea. Never thought of Indianapolis before.

      • Thomas Eric

        I mean they have foot ball basketball they need hockey

        • Jes

          I know… IMO I believe Indy gets overshadowed a lot in terms of being able to support a pro sports franchise. But in all fairness Seattle could do a great job with a NHL franchise.

          • Thomas Eric

            I think both cities would be great

  • Jes

    Really? Roenick’s got that type of money?

    It’s an ok idea but if he wants to be an owner then why would he want to become a GM for like a year or two? Pat Lafontaine needs someone who’s going to be here for somewhat of a long haul and with what you stated about Roenick wanting to be an owner I doubt Lafontaine even places a call.

  • Dano

    Jeremy Roenick as a GM? Interesting thought. One I never considered in the whole Quest for the next GM in Buffalo.

    *IF* such a move were to happen, it would be a good experience for Roenick. It would give him a perspective outside of being a Player or Coach and offer more insight if he did become a Franchise Owner.

    I dont know how this would benefit Buffalo though. He would bring that ‘ Star Power ‘ with him but no experience at the position. If he wants to own a team, will that take his thoughts off working as a GM?

    • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger

      I didn’t really either – but if he wants back into hockey and expansion is out of the question for at least next season or the season after – why not call him?

  • Jes

    By the way I love the whole new setup on this site.

    • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger

      Thanks Jes – it has been a long time in the works – we are hoping more people enjoy it.

  • Bill Stowers

    They would be both great. Indy is a great sports city. It hosts large events very well (indy 500 and superbowl 47). Its quickly becoming one of the larger markets and a team right by chicago and detroit could create some exciting midwest rivalries. I love seattle and honestly hope both of the citys get a team one day. But of course id rather it be indianapolis haha.