Five Players The Future Buffalo Sabres GM Should Trade

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Pat LaFontaine and the Buffalo Sabres are currently in the process of finding a new GM to continue the rebuild and clean up the mess that former GM, Darcy Regier, created during his tenure. Since the firing of Regier and hiring of LaFontaine, the Sabres community has had some faith restored in the team – even if they are still losing. Us fans are trusting LaFontaine to find a capable GM to reconstruct the Sabres into a playoff contender, and hopefully one-day, a Stanley Cup contender.

To achieve those goals, I feel that it will be necessary to not just rely on the draft to build a team, I think more trades will be in order as well. One trade is obvious, and will be listed as my Honorable MentionRyan Miller. The future GM should make trading Miller priority number one – Miller deserves better than the team that has been playing in front of him. Continue on to see the five players that I think the future GM should trade…

Ryan Miller (30)
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  • Caitlin Campbell

    Agree with everyone but Otter, I get that he’s worth a lot in a trade but we need that veteran presence through the rebuild. He’s a good leader when he doesn’t take dumb penalties

    • Mark Huss

      I know all of Buffalo is drooling over Ott, I am a big fan of his hard work, not a big fan of him overall though. I don’t think he is the right guy to lead a team of youngsters. There are better veteran’s out there that would do a better job, IMO.

      Thanks for commenting CC! I respect your thoughts, but unfortunately disagree.

    • JHizzle75

      I think besides Miller, Ott would be our most coveted player at the deadline, and will give the Sabres the best return. If a team wants to give up something of value for Ott, I say why not? Lol

  • jimbobv2

    Leino’s contract is untradable.

    Myers has gotten better under Nolan. I wouldn’t move him now.

    Miller, Ott, and Stafford are easy calls unless they want to re-sign Ott or can re-sign Miller.

    And Ehrhoff isn’t going anywhere as he’s a relatively inexpensive 24 minute per game defenseman.

    • Mark Huss

      Leino – You never know until you try, Regier brought him in because he played so well in the playoffs against the Sabres. Other teams could take a gamble on him for depth. Plus, salary cap is going up next year.

      Ehrhoff – I would much rather have a different OFD who scored goals and racked up assists. Minutes or not, he hasn’t been the player that he was in Vancouver.

      • jimbobv2

        Leino has 36 pts in 95 games as a Sabre. No GM is going to add Leino who has 3 more years after this year with a cap hit at $4.5M per. Well, unless the Sabres move Leino for a player with as bad a contract, or worse. But, there aren’t too many contracts that bad in the league.

        Ehrhoff has been better than he was in Vancouver. The numbers aren’t there because he isn’t playing with the Sedins, Kesler, etc that inflate his PP numbers.

        If you drop Ehrhoff on a team like Pittsburgh or Chicago or SJ, his offensive numbers will jump right back up.

        • Mark Huss

          If Leino can’t go on deadline day, then it is time for a buyout to be used.

          As for Ehrhoff, go look at his stats, he was getting points because he was shooting the puck!

          Send him to Pittsburgh or Chicago or SJ then, and let his numbers go up. I want an OFD to produce and make forwards better, no matter what their name is.

          • jimbobv2

            I expect Leino to be bought out this summer as long as he is healthy and can be bought out.

            Ehrhoff got more shots in Vancouver because they weren’t one of the worst puck possession teams in the NHL. No OFD is going to do much on this team that is one of the league’s worst at puck possession.

          • Mark Huss

            Agree to disagree on the whole matter. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate your input.

          • jimbobv2

            What OFD is going to change this whole team around when it comes to puck possession?

          • Mark Huss

            You tell me! I am not asking for one person to turn the team around. I want to get rid of people who aren’t making this team better – which is exactly what Ehrhoff hasn’t done, made the team better.

          • jimbobv2

            You are the one that wants “an OFD to produce and make forwards better”.

            I think that player is extremely rare to non-existent in today’s NHL.

            So, who do you think would be a huge upgrade over Ehrhoff and would make the forwards on this team better?

            I don’t think that player exists in today’s NHL. Any OFD you drop on this roster will see their production drop because they are very likely going to see the overall talent around them experience a dramatic drop off.

          • JHizzle75

            I agree. Ehrhoff is a bargain considering the minutes he eats up. I don’t think we should trade him, it’s not his fault this team doesn’t score. Besides , we’ll need him when we make Myers a forward…..;D

          • Mark Huss

            YOU WIN!

  • Thomas Eric

    They can trade villie by eating some salary but villie is starting to look better

  • Benjamin M Taylor

    I DO somewhat sympathize for the plight of Ryan Miller. Unfortunately, we’ll be put in a bad spot with him, because every GM in the league knows he wants out of Buffalo. That decreases his value. Bad for the rebuilding Sabres. It’s hard to say what else needs to be done, because the team changes weekly. Once the dust settles, Nolan gets his feet wet (I think his signature work ethic has already taken hold: case in point– the new Drew Stafford), and the youngsters begin to gel, the brass can make an assessment. We don’t even have a GM, for chris’sakes!! I think the need for offense is apparent.
    In the end, there’s no “cure-all”. No one member of this team (besides Miller) would leave a hole we couldn’t replace. In fact, I think it might be of notice how much we could get by starting to flip some of our draft picks for some young offensive threats who will still be around after a rebuild.

  • qwicwted

    IMO I think both Stafford and Leino are showing us what they were and are capable of. Stafford is growing his confidence and under Nolan he is playing the physical game with skill that we know he has. Leino, the guy just has bad luck and I kind of blame his poor performance on injuries and our coaches not allowing him to gel – just throwing him on any line and expecting success, especially out of position. Since Nolan, we have seen what Ville brings to the table, he is a playmaker who is not afraid to play along the boards, corners or in front of the net. I think once he starts clicking (which is real soon) we will be considering him a bargain.

    At one point I was advocating shipping Meyers out of town, I just couldn’t figure out how he his mental aspect of the game was getting messed up especially when we had Patrick and Teppo coaching the D. Perhaps the expectation was for Meyers to play a different type of d and he just lost his confidence. For a while last year our D looked Dazed and confused as it seemed all our D wanted to play offense.

    Anyway, I think our trade bait is Miller, Ennis, McBain, and I think Ehrhoff. While Ehroff can play a lot of minutes – he just can’t hit the net and sometimes he needs to be more physical. I’m a little confused as to what they plan on doing with Moulson, but I guess while they are getting to know Miller, they can just blow off others in the organization. What Patty has to do is trade some of our assets and get a top 6 guy who is a leader and has a few years left on their contract – maybe like Cammarelli, Callahan, or Gionta.