Only Tyler Ennis Can Solve The Lundqvist: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Three Stars vs New York Rangers

It was almost six periods in a row for the Buffalo Sabres.  In fact, the team had been shutout 64 minutes 19

seconds against the New Jersey Devils, and tonight fought the puck and couldn’t beat Henrik Lundgvist for 57 minutes 54 seconds.  That’s 122 minutes and 13 seconds that they could not beat the opposing teams goaltender.

Third Star:  Tonight’s third star is Cody Hodgson.  Hodgson led the Buffalo Sabres offense tonight with five shots on goal – and his penalty taken in the third period was the result of frustration and an over attempt and going after the rebound.  Hodgson could have been a hero on that play, making it 1-1, instead he takes the penalty that makes it 2-0.

Sure normally you wouldn’t put a guy that probably throws the game in the opponents direction momentum wise in the running for any of the stars tonight – but you have to give credit where credit is due, and if more guys took five shots in a game, your bound to find the back of the net.

Second Star: Mike Weber.  In a 3-1 loss, he stays even in the plus minus category, and throws 7 hits against the New York Rangers.

Look, the Buffalo Sabres are a bad hockey team, but they are turning over the corner, and how do you eventually beat other teams, you wear them down.  Mike Weber did his part tonight by wearing down the New York Rangers.

First Star: Ok, so my first two selections were feel good choices – the first star is well deserved however, as Tyler Ennis gets top honors, golden helmet, stupid fur jacket, parrot, whatever you want to call it.  With two hits, the only goal against the New York Rangers so far in two games, and breaking an almost two game shutout streak of the Sabres – Tyler Ennis buzzed around the ice tonight and made things happen for the meager Buffalo Sabres offense.

The Sabres are back on the ice Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens.  Will there be any hero’s in that game?

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  • Vic Soga

    Tim, the only star in the game are the loyal fans who sat though this lacklustre game. Hats off to them but there are less and less of them for each game.

    • Jes

      Your right about that Vic. Well said. I wonder how many season ticket holders will renew next season?

      But if I had to choose 3 stars probably end up being…

      1st Star – Ennis – The guy got the only goal for us in the past two games so hey it’s got to be worth something right?

      2nd Star – Weber – The guy was a mean machine today. Only if he plays like this more often he’d actually be a good NHLer. And hey he didn’t get a minus +/- rating.

      3rd Star – Myers – He was everywhere tonight. Defending and offense add some physical aspects in there.

      Honorable mention – Hodgson – Number two line dollars, number three line results since Nolan took over. Still not getting it done. Had few opportunities. But I guess playing against one of the very best in the world in Lundqvist will hurt anyone’s chances of scoring.

      Quick question – How does McBain go from being a scratch to being a 20+ minute player? Did I miss something? Like don’t get me wrong he did alright with the minutes but just wondering what did he actually do to deserve a hike in minutes like that?

    • Timothy Redinger

      Vic – after seeing what I saw last night I wanted to give a start to the fans that did stick it out to the end, as well as anyone who watches this team while they wear those turdburgers.

      • Vic Soga

        But we still cannot score and win face offs? Centres had the whole summer off practising instead of playing golf.

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