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Daily Poll: Will the Buffalo Sabres Score More than 150 Goals?

By this point in time I think it’s safe to admit that the Buffalo Sabres aren’t exactly having a good season. In fact they are on pace to finish as the worst team in NHL history based on offence. Although there is a new regime in Buffalo with Ted Nolan and Pat LaFontaine, it doesn’t seem like things will be changing anytime soon.

Through the first 29 games this season the Buffalo Sabres have scored just 46 goals which puts them last in the NHL in goals for and 20

goals behind the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers. Their 46 goals put them scoring at a despicable 1.59 goals per game rate. If you’re doing the math at home, that isn’t good.

With just 46 goals through 29 games it’s no wonder that the Buffalo Sabres sit last in the NHL; if you can’t score you can’t win. The Buffalo Sabres can’t rely on Ryan Miller and Jhonas Enroth to bail them out every game.

The Buffalo Sabres scorers are just not producing. From Cody Hodgson right down to Ville Leino and Drew Stafford, the offence just isn’t providing the offence and that’s a major problem. In fact Cody Hodgson is the only player on pace to reach 30 points this season.

Anyways, let’s get to the point of today’s poll. The Sabres can’t seem to score so continuing with that theme we want to know if the Buffalo Sabres will score more than 150 goals this season?

The last full NHL season in 2011-2012, saw the Minnesota Wild scored 166 goals to bring up the rear of the NHL. In case you’re wondering the Sabres scored 211 that year.

While we hate to grasp on the negatives with the Buffalo Sabres this season, one has to wonder if they will reach 150 goal mark this season.

Make sure you vote in the poll below and then sound off in the comments about the Buffalo Sabres offencive woes.

Will the Buffalo Sabres Score More than 150 Goals?

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  • kmf418

    That’s rough. I don’t think they will hit 150 goals. Even if they do, that’s still terrible haha

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It’s extremely rough and a little sad but a reality for the Sabres. There’s a good chance they’ll be the worst offencive team in history. But at least we’ll be able to say we lived through the worst season right? haha

      • Jes

        Haha good point CC. JW are we on track to also be the worst team in history of the NHL? By points I mean.

        • Andrew


          The 74-75 Capitals had the lowest with 21. 8 Wins, 5 Ties.

          Sabres have 14 points in 29 games.

          • Dan

            They will be the worst post Overtime team and the worst non first year expansion team. The Capitals were a first year expansion team yet the Sabre’s could still challenge them for the fewest regulation time wins.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            I think we will be the worst post overtime era or soemthing. We wont be the worst in history but we’re the worst of some era I believe

  • Dano

    After watching them play the Habs tonight and putting in a pair.. 150.. I see it happening with the present team. If they liquidate what they have right now though ( Moulson, Ott, Ennis ), no, they wont make 150.

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