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Ted Nolan A Conditional Component of Buffalo Sabres New GM Hire

The Buffalo Sabres are still operating in the National Hockey League without a general manager manning the

bridge.  Sure Pat Lafontaine is running the hockey department in his new role with the team as President of Hockey Operations.  Lafontaine is a smart hockey man, who has the Sabres staff of scouts and other hockey department members guiding him in the ways of this team.

Lafontaine came into the position with a short list of general manager candidates that he thinks will be a good fit in the role of general manager rebuilding what is right now the worst team in the National Hockey League.

Competitive men hoping to make themselves known in the executive world of the league should welcome the challenge of shaping a winning hockey team, especially with an owner willing do to whatever it takes.

Could that same owner be inhibiting the search for a general manager, or enabling Pat Lafontaine from finding the new general manager?

The conversation could turn swiftly South with a general manager if the interim coaching situation is brought up, and it most certainly will be brought up.

A new general manager is going to want to bring in his own team, a guy on the bench that shares his vision, that will create on the ice, what the general manager is envisioning when he makes the moves to bring the pieces into the fold.

If the Buffalo Sabres are inferring that Ted Nolan will be in the picture as the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres – general manager candidates who may have once been interested in the position, could be giving Pat Lafontaine, the thanks but no thanks after discussing their futures within the organization.

Ted Nolan could be a conditional component of the Buffalo Sabres new GM hire – and that could be a problem for the Buffalo Sabres.

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  • Dano

    Hey Tim…

    I have heard the same thoughts from a few people. Was this just a thought from your own head or something you have heard yourself? I just find it odd reading the stipulation of keeping Nolan around when Ive heard it elsewhere.

    Im hoping its not true as any GM hired *should* be allowed their own Staff.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Hey Dano,

      This thought isnt based on a solid report that I heard, just my own ramblings based off me being asked this on a Montreal pregame show.

      • Dano

        Im gonna catch up with Rayzor at his restaurant sometime this week and ask him if hes heard anything. Its just odd that the same thing is coming from a bunch of people whom are all on different forums/areas. Maybe there is some validity to it? I would hope not.

  • Jes

    Good read Tim.

    Ya I honestly think GM’s that have been interviewed wanted to do a firm sweep of the coaching that’s why Lafontaine hasn’t hired as of yet. I believe the new regime wants a puppet not a GM. I’m hoping I’m wrong on this as a new GM traditionally is allowed to choose his own staff. I hope Lafontaine realizes that Nolan’s not the guy and hires a GM to do all the hiring.

  • qwicwted

    I don’t see Nolan being a condition of being hired, but Nolan is Patty’s guy and that is why I am thinking more and more that Patty is just going to retain the job. While I like some of the things Nolan has done to install missing confidence, playing within yourself and getting back to basics with our veterans, I wonder if he can instill those qualities into our youngsters. On another note, I am kind of confused about the roles of Ted Black and Pat Lafontaine – aren’t they the same thing? or maybe just another bureaucratic level.

  • jimbobv2

    At the introductory press conference, LaFontaine said that the next GM would make the call on who would be the permanent head coach.

    I doubt he would say that publicly and then make Nolan remaining beyond this season a requirement when interviewing candidates.