Time For Pat LaFontaine To Get Serious About the GM Search

As of about noon today the Buffalo Sabres are no longer the only team in the hunt for a new general manager to help rebuild their hockey team as Brian Burke and the Calgary Flames have thrown their hat into the circle.

The Flames relieved Jay Feaster and assistant GM John Weisbrod of their duties earlier today and while Burke will take over as the interim GM he will be looking for someone else to handle the GM duties full time. If there is one thing we know of Brian Burke it’s the fact he doesn’t mess around. He’s looking for a new GM and will likely have his man in the not too distant future, which only adds more pressure to LaFontaine’s search for a GM.

The leading front runner for the Flames job right now is Joe Nieuwendyk as Brian Burke will begin interviewing candidates as early as tonight. With Buffalo Sabres GM search there is no leading man, and a search of two-weeks has turned into a search that could last until the end of this season. The Flames also searching for a GM it’s time for LaFontaine to make his move and name a GM before Burke outbids him.

LaFontaine is still interviewing candidates and will need to make his decision soon, he might want to start narrowing down the search. Obviously finding the right guy to lead the next chapter of the Buffalo Sabres is crucial, but if you take your time that right guy will quickly become unavailable. He’s had the luxury of taking his time up to this point but that luxury is slowly running as the clock keeps ticking.

Lot’s of capable guys have been linked to the Sabres GM search. From Jim Benning to Jason Botterill, Mike Futa to Tim Murray, there are no shortage of candidates to choose from and if LaFontaine is looking to name himself as GM then he should hurry up and do it.

Burke obviously has his eye on some candidates and has his reason’s for firing Feaster now instead of after the season, maybe he has his eye on someone that LaFontaine does as well. Can LaFontaine match a bid against Burke? Which team looks better to a GM- The Buffalo Sabres or Calgary Flames?

Either way it’s time Pat LaFontaine started getting serious in his search for a GM before his guy gets swept right out from under him by Burke and before there are 3 or 4 teams in the hunt.

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  • Jes

    Good read CC.

    I think if your right about the whole Yes Man thing then I don’t think either team will look good. But right now farm wise we are ahead of the flames in sure talent and also our draft picks have to say something to the candidates consideration. We might end up with two picks in the top 5 this year (If NY Islanders decide not to defer it to next year and risk losing a shot at Conor McDavid.)

    I don’t think Nieuwendyke is even considered as a GM for the Sabres so that’s a good sign that he’s the favorite for the Calgary job. He’s not a good GM anyways.

    IMO Lafontaine SHOULD BE looking to name his GM or himself the GM before Xmas. But if recent reports are true and they go well into the offseason and so on then Lafontaine IMO has failed thus far as VP.
    I hope Lafontaine doesn’t start to interview Feaster. I know he has a cup, but that whole O’Rielly debacle should make him a non-threat to be considered.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yes the good news is the Sabres have no interest in Nieuwendyke as of yet but Burke did say he made the move now because the Sabres are in the hunt which means time is ticking. If LaFontaine lets the right go slip away because he took too long he definitely will have failed early on.

      My top 2 are Botterill and Benning lol

      • Jes

        How do you feel about Futa?

        • Caitlin Campbell

          I honestly don’t know much about him.

          • Kevin

            My top 2 are: Botterill and Messier. Not so much in that order. If he bring in Botterill, the bring in Mess as an asst.

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  • Kevin

    Did you have to plaster that guys face so large. :-D