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Daily Poll: Buffalo Sabres Vs. Calgary Flames Race for a New GM

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Buffalo Sabres are no longer the only team in the hunt for a new GM and to make matters worse their competition is looking for the exact same thing- a GM to lead a lengthy rebuild. Yesterday the Calgary Flames cleaned house firing Jay Feaster and his assistant GM.

The timing of such a move was a little odd as many felt Feaster lost control of the Flames a few season’s ago and that he would be

allowed to finish off the year, but when there’s another team in the GM hunt it’s best to get in early. Brian Burke cited the Sabres GM search as one of the reason’s the Flames had to pull the trigger on Feaster now rather than later.

“There is another team conducting a search right now, If there’s any overlap on the candidates we want, today’s important. Time could be of vital essence here.” ~Brian Burke quote from John Vogl

Well if that isn’t a kick to Pat LaFontaine’s rear end I don’t know what is, it’s time for LaFontaine to get serious in his search as he’s got some serious competition and Brian Burke doesn’t fool around.

Which job looks better to a potential GM candidate? The Buffalo Sabres GM spot with an owner willing to spend all the money under the sun or the Calgary Flames GM spot alongside Brian Burke? Honestly, both organizations are entering the rebuilding phase as they look to re-tool their teams in hopes of being competitive in the NHL once again. Both have some solid prospects with great potential and both teams are at a crossroads. But when Burke finds the guy he wants, rest assured he wont rest until that guy is the new GM of the Flames, hopefully it’s not the same guy LaFontaine wants.

The earliest rumor has the Flames front-runner as Joe Nieuwendyk after they immediately asked for permission to speak with him, while the Sabres have no front-runner in their search. While Nieuwendyk hasn’t been directly linked to the Sabres, they must have had some sort of interest in him to make the Flames get in the running.

Our poll question for today focuses around the race for a new GM and if you’re on twitter you would have heard all the jokes yesterday.

Who do you think will be the first to land their fish to fill their vacant GM spot? Will the Flames beat out the Sabres? Will we have a fight to death over a new GM? Vote in the poll below on who you think will be first to hire a GM.

Who Will Hire Their GM First?

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  • jimbobv2

    Burke isn’t a rookie, so I expect him to make a much quicker hire.

    • Jes

      Yup. Plus he’s an awesome GM himself so even if he mans the fort they technically already have a GM in place.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Yes Technically they already have a GM in place all be it an interim one. But he said he would consider naming himself GM if he finds no one else

  • Dano

    I would put it to Calgary and Offer Burke an irrefusable package to be the Sabres next GM. :D ( I know, it cant really be done but.. the thought of it is funny. Buy their guy before he buys them one.. )

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I wish he could come here and be our GM! But I imagine Burkie will have his guy in the not too distant future

  • davidmuscalo

    The Sabres are in no hurry, nor should they be. There are a lot of candidates out there so I doubt that the Sabres and Burke will be looking at the same guy. If either Burke or LaFontaine thought there was one particular candidate who stood out from the rest, they would have already offer him the job. What’s the rush, this season and next season are already lost – a new GM will not save either season and he can only continue to rebuild the team for future success. Patience is what is needed here.