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Daily Poll: Time For A Fire Sale in Buffalo?

Buffalo Sabres fans let me ask you a serious question, are you ready for the Buffalo Sabres rebuild? Now before you answer that question, let me add another aspect to it. Are you ok with a rebuild by means of a fire sale? Where the Sabres sell off players like Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, Ryan Miller, Steve Ott and perhaps even Jhonas Enroth in exchange for draft picks?

For the most part a lot of Buffalo Sabres fans seem to be on board with their latest rebuild, but no one really knows what route the Sabres will take through their rebuild and as Mark pointed out yesterday, that route could mean selling most of the players on today’s roster for young prospects and draft picks. If the Sabres did that would you be okay?

If the Sabres were to go the fire sale route it would be like from scratch and would need to be done by the end of this season so they could build around the new core of Zemgus Girgensons, Joel Armia, Nikita Zadorov, Mark Pysyk and Mikhail Grigorenko. Starting from scratch would be a tall order and the Sabres would need to insure they had the right coach in place to lead and teach a group to play hockey and compete.

It would mean a few more long and painful season’s before the Sabres see success, but in the end the Buffalo Sabres could end up with one of the most exciting and competitive teams in the NHL in a few season’s. But that would mean kissing goodbye to players such as Ott, Ville Leino, Drew Stafford, Matt Moulson and potentially Cody Hodgson.

As Mark pointed out, we don’t know what the new GM will want to do with this team and how they will choose to rebuild it. They could choose to build around players like Hodgson, Moulson and Ott or they could choose to keep only a few of the rookies around. Would you be open to a fire-sale if the Buffalo Sabres do go that route?

Also if the Buffalo Sabres do go choose to go with a fire-sale, who would be on your no-touch list and why?

Are You Game For a Fire-Sale?

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  • wolfdoctor

    Just trade the UFAs for draft choices and the sooner, the better.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      works for me

  • Jes

    We’ve already had a fire sale. I don’t know what you guys call trading your best veterans for draft picks in return is but it is a fire sale. No team ever actually has a everything is gone fire sale. They keep there young assets. Players like Ott, Moulson, McCormick and Miller should be shopped and maybe even gone after the Xmas break. None of them will resign here. The only ones that have the slightest of chances to resign are

    McCormick and Ott.

    Leino is gone for surely by buyout. Although I do like that idea of Leino for Havlat or Leino for Richards.

    Stafford seems to be favored by new coach so I think he will stay.

    Flynn should be gone lol.

    Weber should be dealt, guy is horrible.

    We should be looking at what we can get for Ehrhoff. I’m not saying trade him, just saying we should see what we can get for him. Probably get a lot in return for him seeing his cap hit and his abilities as a top 4 defenseman will be in high demand. We could easily squeeze a lot out of a team. Ehrhoff for Hemsky and Oilers first rounder this year?

    Ennis is not a game changer but I’d look at what we can get for him. He has been playing great these last few games.

    Sulzer we could probably get a low draft pick for, like a 5th rounder or something.

    • JHizzle75

      I think we should try to get Hemsky also.
      I think he’d look good in blue and gold.
      Would like to keep Ehrhoff, maybe the Oil would take Tallinder or Weber…. Lol

      • Jes

        Lol ya I doubt that. MacT seems like a good GM from the moves he made in the offseason. Got rid of Horcoff.

        I’d also add McBain to that list as must go’s along with Tallinder. I believe Regier would’ve got us a 2nd rounder for Tallinder doubt the new GM gets anything like that lol.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Other than the young guys with promising futures there isn’t anyone I’d label as untouchable

  • Dano

    CC: I need to ask a question of clarity before I vote in your poll.

    “Are you ok with a rebuild by means of a fire sale? Where the Sabres sell off players like Tyler Myers, Tyler Ennis, Ryan Miller, Steve Ott and perhaps even Jhonas Enroth in exchange for draft picks?”

    Are you stipulating JUST draft picks and nothing else?

    Draft picks alone wont rebuild this team. Its not working in Edmonton and I dont believe it will work here.

    This is just my view of things, sorry if it seems long winded..

    Too many people seem to represent or ‘ say ‘ rebuilding is done with the draft. Its just one component, a third of the whole picture.

    Theres players on-hand, the draft and free-agency/trades/PTO’s. All 3 paths/options should be used to get the most of whats presently out there and in dealing away what the organization doesnt want in contracts/players.

    Im not sold on the ‘ draft ‘ as there have been many players whom were drafted high and never came to fruition.

    Patrick Stefan. In that same year, both the Sedins went at #2 and #3. Zetterberg went at over 200!

    Alexander Svitov! Taken in the top 5. People wonder why I question Russians, this is a prime example. He put up less then 10 points and was traded away. Finally went back to Russia.

    Its not just Russians though, look no further then Rick DiPietro! #1 overall! Is he an ‘ Elite ‘ goaltender?

    Lets keep it in ‘ Buffalo ‘ for this next one. Morris Titanic. ( Yes, thats his real name! ) Buffalo took him in the 10-15 pick range. He played all of 20 games?

    Pat Peake. Anyone remember him? Was in the same draft class as Markus Naslund and Alex Kovalev ( they were taken after Peake! )

    The Oilers are drafting much better then they did a while back. Anyone remember Niinimaki? A goaltender that never made it to the NHL. I dont even know if he made it to the AHL for that matter ( Maybe a game or 2 )?

    Heres a good one ( This is plagiarism, not my words on this ): “The New York Rangers could have taken Dustin Brown, Brent Seabrook, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Brent Burns, Ryan Kesler, Mike Richards or Corey Perry with the 12th overall pick in 2003.They ended up with Jessiman, a man who has played in two career NHL games.”

    The ‘ Draft ‘ is a ‘ crap shoot ‘. Players whom havent played in the NHL. They ALL have the potential to be a bar of gold or a ‘ pile ‘ on the ground. One can *speculate* how they will be or how they will develop.

    I believe a greater weight should be put on Free-agency then the ‘ draft ‘. Free-agency has its ‘ busts ‘ as well ( Leino and Ehrhoff ) but a better perspective can be made with someone whos been around then someone whom hasnt.

    All options should be equally considered. Maybe use some of those picks to snag a few established players instead of drafting. Its a door that should be left open in my opinion.

    Should there be a wholesale type of ‘ fire sale ‘? Not at all. You need SOMETHING to build from. One or 2 established players ( at minimum ).

    Why not look to trade those UFA’s along with some of that pile of picks for established players that have 5-6 years in the league and maybe a year or 2 left on their present contracts? Find a couple players whom have solid foundation to put a baseline to a rebuild.

    THAT is what Buffalo doesnt have. Theres no Mentors for the kids.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      That’s a fair point I guess we need to keep some of our former picks, but firesale I mean guys like Miller, Stafford and Leino (Those types of players)
      But no by no means am I limiting this to the draft, go out and get solid young players who will improve your team

      • Dano

        Its not just solid young players though. There are some other veterans I believe would fit the equation of solving Buffalos dilemma.

        I can answer your poll now ;)

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Oh I agree, there are some veterans that I believe should stick around as just young guys won’t help the Sabres get where they want to get.
          Good :)

          • Dano

            I dont like the Veterans we have. I would go fishing for Veterans from other teams. Bring people in from teams that have had some sucess. The Attitudes would be much better and they *might* bring leadership thats presently lacking in the Buffalo system.

            I feel like writing an article on what *I* would do as GM and see if Tim might publish it. LOL!