Dec 14, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Avalanche ice girls prepare to clear the ice in a overtime period against the Minnesota Wild at Pepsi Center. The Minnesota Wild defeated the Colorado Avalanche in a shootout 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Daily Dasherboard December 15, 2013

Good morning to you all, my valued Sabre Noise readers!

My morning could be better – Ville Leino did not score yesterday – but all in all, we’re doing okay over here in my neck of the woods.  Christmas is but ten days away, the snow has stopped falling after yesterday’s storm, and there is ice out in front of our Elementary School, meaning I can now skate with the boys without paying!

Free stuff is good, everyone, which is why I’m running a special on today’s links: they are free, for a limited time offer.

Here they are!

Did you know there were 45 games in the NHL yesterday?  True story!  Get all of your game recaps at my trusted source.  [TSN]

Well Shawn Thornton finally got his suspension for his unnecessary and idiotic take-down of Brooks Orpic, much to the chagrin of Boston Bruins fans, who apparently think being a nice guy gives you the right to assault players from behind.  However, as this piece points out, the NHL needs to move much more swiftly when it comes to dealing with these incidents.  [ESPN]

And this piece actually argues that Thornton’s suspension was not enough.  [Sporting News] I agree.

What the hell is this – Steven Stamkos is SKATING?  Didn’t he break his leg?!?  [Sports Illustrated]  The NHL needs more tough guys like this, and less “tough” guys like Shawn Thornton.

When this season started, I didn’t think there was a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks that Ryan Miller would make the US Olympic Team.  Oops.  These goalie power rankings serve up a nice plate of crow for me.  [Sporting News]

Ah, hockey!  The sport of young lovers everywhere.  Wait, what?  Yep – and this video proves it.  [Puck Daddy]

Finally, here is your list of Buffalo Sabres’ prospects to watch at the upcoming 2014 World Junior Championships. [Bleacher Report]

Have a good one, folks!




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  • JHizzle75

    Yeah I’ve been pretty quiet about that Thornton suspension. I thought he would get 20 games , but 15 is still better than his “Fan Club” was calling for. I’m not one to gloat, but I just figured with the current climate in the league 10 or less games seemed like not enough. What he did was inexcusable, but I think if it happened a couple of years ago his punishment wouldn’t have been so severe.

  • Dano


    Was that my Christmas gift? Just sayin’.. ;)

    Thortons suspension.. Id reverse it and give him a medal. Bare with me on this one Rich, I’ll explain.

    Plagerism here :

    “Orpik has a league-wide reputation as an opportunist consistently looking to take out players who won’t fight back. Orpik is no stranger to the world of supplementary discipline; he served a three-game suspension back in 2007 for fracturing Erik Cole’s neck on a nasty hit from behind. That hit ended Cole’s season, and his hit on Eriksson may very well end Eriksson’s, as well, given the unpredictable nature of multiple head injuries.”

    Its from a Bruins homer named Joe Haggerty. I cant stand the guy, he should be second to public stockading next to Jack Edwards BUT his statement is very accurate and factually supported.

    A LOT of people ( Including yourself ) went after Kaleta for being a Rat. You also spoke of John Scott being wrong hitting this same guy as Orpik did.

    The difference is, Scott and Kaleta and Thorton for that matter would all take what they have coming to them for doing such. The League ( Polititians ) dont need to get involved. The players take care of it on the ice, not the Boardroom.

    What Suspending Thorton does ( right or wrong, doesnt matter ) is send a message to the Rats that ‘ we will protect you. Go out and run another teams goal scorers, there wont be any on-ice retribution ‘.

    Some will say Thorton should have turned him around, challenged him.. Thorton DID in fact do such! Amazing how the news highlights left the video clips out of Thorton crosschecking and shoving Orpik, trying to get him to shed his mitts. Its a sad day for todays standards when a Rat like Matt Cooke owned up for his hit on Savard and now Orpik can go around injuring players and laugh about it.

    If anything, the incident could be played 2 ways. If Ericcson was hit by a ‘ clean hit ‘ from Orpik, it shows the guy plays with his head down and hes responsible ( in some ways ) for the freight training from Scott whom served a suspension.

    I guess we need more Rats in the league, Shannaban protects them.

    I have no love at all for those M@ssholes from Boston but I dont blame them for retaliation for having a teammate injured by a Rat.

    When someone runs Zemgus or one of the kids on our team and Scott doesnt go after them, I dont want to hear any complaints about John Scott.