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Poll: Does Luke Adam Have a Future With the Buffalo Sabres?

From leading the AHL in scoring to notching just 1 goal in 9 games with the Buffalo Sabres, that is the story of the last 9 games for Luke Adam. He was on fire with the Rochester Americans and everyone waited in anticipation for the Sabres to give Adam the call. Under Ron Rolston that call never came and Adam kept lighting up the AHL while the Sabres failed to score.

Finally when Ted Nolan came to town, it was time to give Luke Adam a clean slate and a fresh chance to impress the new Sabres brass. As he continued to score in bunches- 13 goals in 15 games- and led the AHL, the call finally came and Luke Adam was a Buffalo Sabre once again.

Everyone hoped Adam would be able to bring his goal scoring touch with him to the NHL. He came back with a bang and immediately

fans were excited for him to have another chance with the Sabres. He looked better, more mature and confident, things were looking good for Adam’s future. The only thing missing was the goals. As fans waited, patience growing thin, Adam just couldn’t find the back of the net. For whatever reason, Adam couldn’t score or contribute. He finished his short stint with the Buffalo Sabres having just 1 goal and 1 point through 9 games.

While he looked better, the offence just wasn’t there and in the end Luke Adam has found himself back in Rochester once again. How does the Buffalo Sabres organization feel about Adam?

He has 15 goals and 26 points in 84 career games with the Sabres, but has never been able to prove that he belongs at the NHL level. He’s done fantastic in the AHL and perhaps that is where he truly belongs.

After his third attempt seems to have failed, do you think Luke Adam has a future with the Buffalo Sabres? What does that future entail?

Does Luke Adam Have a Future with the Sabres?

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  • Caitlin Campbell

    I’ve been a support of Luke Adam for a long while now, attributing his struggles to Lindy Ruff, but I think it’s time the Sabres move on from Adam.

    • Dan

      I agree with most of your observations of Luke Adam but it is really difficult to judge any young player on this current team. There is a long list of underachievers….Stafford, Leino, Ennis, Moulson, etc. Poor Luke has a lot of company and perhaps we should be looking at other elements of his game like his compete level. Oh yeah, I would rather pay Adam the league minimum than pay $4+ million to stiffs like Stafford.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        fair point, he’s not alone in underachieving this season, but he’s the easiest one to get rid of right now. Can’t waive Stafford or Leino without the risk of losing them for nothing and Moulson may be gone at season’s end.

  • Dano

    I like Adam, but hes a star AHL player and an average NHL player. Many people do well in the AHL and just cant get anywhere in the NHL.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m beginning to come to that conclussion, I think he could be an ok 3rd liner in the NHL but his true skills shine in the AHL. Le sigh, I’ve always liked him.

  • wolfdoctor

    Adam was getting chances but just wasn’t capitalizing. He finished his stint here with a +/- of zero, tied for best on the team. The Sabres gave up on him too soon. IMO, he’s no worse than half the players on the team.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He looked good and played a very strong game if he was putting up points the view would be different. It will be interesting to see what they do with him after the Spangler Cup

  • lee Munn

    I think this was a very smart move by Lafontaine/Nolan. I think they placed the younger players back down for experience in Spangler Cup. Let them have some quality “playoff like atmosphere” to help while bringing up Porter who does not need this as well to improve his game. I just hope they all get back to Buffalo after Spangler.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Yup, they just sent down the young guys for the Spangler Cup as they have already announced that Pysyk will be back once the tournament is complete. Could turn out to be a great move, too bad Grigorenko can’t be there

  • Jes

    Personally I think he will be third line guy for us. Once he’s developed he won’t be much more. Depending on who we draft in the 1st round this season I don’t know if he will be back. The new management may want to step away from some of Regier’s busts.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m torn… obviously I’m a fan but I think he’s run out of strikes in Buffalo