Oct 2, 2013; Park City, UT, USA; Team USA women ~For Dano~

Buffalo Sabres Daily Dashboard December 19

Good morning and happy game day Buffalo Sabres fans. Are you ready for the Buffalo Sabres “rival” game against the Boston Bruins? It’s sure to be an exciting game, as the Sabres look to turn their game around.

Before you get caught up in all the latest game day news, be sure to check out the rest of the stories from the around the NHL.

Who is potentially the hardest player to knock off the puck? Why Sidney Crosby of course! Today we take a look at why he is so difficult to knock off the puck. [The Hockey News]

After suffering yet another concussion, is there any point in a George Parros return to the NHL? While I don’t agree with taking fighting out of the game like the article suggests, I think it’s time for Parros to skate off into the sunset. [Toronto Sun]

Tyler Seguin has really changed his game since being dealt to the Dallas Stars, here’s a closer look into his change. [Bleacher Report]

A lot of young talented players eligible to play in the World Juniors wont be available because they’re busy making names for themselves in the NHL. The latest player who will not be returning is Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly. [CBC]

The Winnipeg Jets suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Sabres. A loss in which two goals from Mark Scheifele couldn’t do the trick. Can the Jets bounce back from this brutal loss? [Bleacher Report]

Tom Wilson will have a phone hearing with the NHL for his charging/hit on Brayden Schenn from Tuesday night. But if you ask the Washington Capitals head coach, Adam Oates he doesn’t believe it there should have even been a penalty. [Comcast]

One of the greatest inventions for fans of any kind of sport, is the internet and social media platforms. Mix sports teams, their fans and places like youtube and the result is some of the best Christmas video’s. Here’s a good one to send you off with on this Thursday.

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  • Dano

    OMG! Merry Christmas to me! A PAIR of Hockey Chics! Thank you CC! ;)

    Good read as well. I believe Wilsons hit was fine. Schenn turned at the last minute and put the numbers in the way. The person in possession of the puck has a responsibility to NOT turn their numbers to someone at the last second.

    • Jes

      Could happen. If there’s players like Stafford and Leino in the NHL I wouldn’t be shocked if they put in a special clause for 16 year olds to play in the NHL.

      • Dano

        I say this in all fairness.. Theres a pair of ladies whom play on the
        pond. One plays goal and being honest, shes the best out of everyone
        there. Shes played on bar league teams with men. The other is brutal.
        Shes thrown some elbows and slashes that *I* can appreciate/admire.

        started following the womens teams about 10 years ago and I must say,
        some of them hit just as hard as some of the guys. If they had bigger
        frames ( like men ) to use a bit more force, they would be on espn’s
        highlight reels more then most NHL hits. ;)

        I just dig Hockey Chics in general. :D

        • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

          There were twin girls who played on my son’s mite team last year. They really anchored the defense and knocked kids around when they could. Our team misses them this year (they moved about forty-five minutes north of us) – they were the leaders of the team. I remember one kid celebrated a bit too much after one goal; one of the sisters absolutely plowed him from behind, and that kid didn’t celebrate again. Beautiful!

          • Dano

            Dale Hunters daughters? ;) ala Pierre Turgeon?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Merry Christmas Dano! I figured you’d like double the hockey chics!
      I think Wilson’s hit deserved his major penalty for charging, but not much more.
      I played some hockey with the dudes… Go Female players!

  • Jes

    Seguin is doing awesome. How bad have the Bruins lost this whole Seguin thing? First they lose Kessel to a division rival and then they lose Seguin for an overhyped often injured Eriksson.