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Poll: What Does the NHL Have to do to Improve Safety?

*Spoiler alert* Tomorrow I will be writing a piece about NHL safety and all the suspension we’ve seen this season, heck it’s been dubbed “the stretcher era,” that’s how bad it has gotten. Anyways, I want to include your guys thoughts about what the NHL can and, or, should do to limit these types of hits.

Whether you’re a fan of old-time, big hitting hockey or prefer the European skill side of the game, you have to at some point realize

their is a problem with the NHL. There have been far too many dirty hits and suspendable offences just 33 games into the season. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good, hard clean hit and there have been many clean hits penalized, but no one seems to know the balance anymore.

So today we want to ask you guys what the NHL and the department of safety, needs to do in order to limit these reckless hits and suspensions. Would stiffer penalties for offenders, regardless of whether or not they’re a first time offender help? Start slapping guys with a 20 game suspension for taking a guys head off, if the other guys is deemed to seriously be hurt. The players are clearly not afraid of NHL discipline right now.

Should they get rid of the instigator rule and allow the players to once again police the game? Or is the game simply gotten too fast and the players to big to prevent such hits?

Hitting has always been apart of the game and with the game moving at such a fast rate in which a split-second decision is required, there are bound to be some questionable hits. But the rate we’re seeing these hits at this season leads one to believe there could be a bigger problem.

Vote in the poll, leave a comment with your opinion and then check back tomorrow for my follow up article on the subject of safety and the NHL.

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  • Jes

    Nothing. If the players do not expect to be injured now and again then they are in the wrong line of work. They know anything can happen at any given time. It’s just like for drivers. An accident can happen at any given time yet we choose to drive anyway. It comes with the territory, if they want something safer go get a degree or start a business or something. Injuries and hockey go hand in hand.

    • Dano

      Right on!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      They go hand in hand yes… but there is more to it than just “stuff that comes with the job” The players have a complete lack of respect and like Dano said the equipment just enables them to hit harder.

  • Dano

    Heres the HUGE difference in why theres bus loads of injuries in ‘ Bettmans ‘ game. Im calling it HIS game as hes F’ed it up so badly, its on HIS shoulders.

    In my days, 2line pass rule was in effect. Clutching and grabbing was in effect. These fast, small players of today wouldnt survive the game of old as they would have trouble making it past center ice.

    Removing the redline opened up a game of speed. It became more about speed and agility then grit and grinding.

    Add to that speed the ARMOR these guys wear today. Ive caught some elbows. They arent that big in comparison to an elbow encased in Kevlar and synthetic polymers used in the equipment. When I elbowed people ( yes, intentionally ) I’d often hit that ‘ not so funny bone ‘ and my arm would be sore for a day or so. WIth the new elbow pads..

    Its like having a machinegun that never runs out of ammo! So long as Im the one swinging the elbow, I can go through a whole teams heads and not even flinch. Toss in their coach, trainers and equipment guys too!

    The same with shoulderpads! How about a low-bridge/hip followed by a 180 under them and leaving a knee/stick for them to land on ( its an applied artform! )

    In my time, playing with the elbows, knees and not too many people wearing helmets, there werent all these injuries.

    If the guys from my time had the equipment these present day guys have.. You would have seen the SAME results. People getting injured constantly. Thats STILL with the redline being relevant.

    Even when they go to full cage helmets, Concussions will still happen. Injuries will still happen. The ONLY way to reel in the amount of injuries is to take hitting out of the game.

    • Jes

      Spot on Dano!!

      I watched back when there was a 2 line pass, thought it was lame. I hope it sticks otherwise there are many players that won’t have jobs lol.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Making the equipment smaller is a way to reel in the amount of head injuries.