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Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins Three Stars

The Boston Bruins showed the Buffalo Sabres tonight what it meant to be a play a tough home game, as the Buffalo Sabres struggled to get the

puck to bounce their way. It took awhile, but finally we saw some spark as to why Buffalo vs Boston should still be considered a rivalry.

In another game where it is tough to pick out three top players on a team that largely played well but failed to cash in on opportunities, here are your three stars for the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

Third Star:  Tyler Myers.  The kid continues to show signs of improvement, and standing up for himself against Patrice Bergeron, and not only holding his own, but “winning” the fight.  I don’t think it swung the momentum of the game in either teams favor, but when your biggest defenseman starts pulling cards like that in a game, you know his head is in the game and compete is high on his to do list.  If Myers can continue to make his presence known – the Buffalo Sabres might actually have their Calder level defenseman back and offensive players may think twice before taking exceptions in the Sabres zone.

Second Star: Drew Stafford.  Sure he didn’t score a goal tonight, but he did lead the team in the faceoff circle, just slightly less than Matt Ellis.  Ellis continues to show that he will work hard, and that will be rewarded under the Ted Nolan system- but is still only on the ice for 9 minutes tonight.  Stafford had four shots, but was a minus 2. Still deserves second star honors in my book.

First Star: Zemgus Girgensons.  With the only goal for the Sabres tonight, and a nifty one at that Girgensons gets the first star.  Girgensons again played as advertised, stepping into situations where toughness is necessary and going to the dirty areas to score goals.  Much like is goal against the Ottawa Senators there was a fair amount of luck to it, but Girgensons again proves that if you throw it at the net with confidence the puck is going to find the back of the net.

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  • Johnny Football


    This FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK 2 years ago played very well in the preseason before breaking his hand. Vanek raved over his scoring capabilities.

    Why are D’Agastini, Porter, Ellis and Omark playing ahead of this dude? How many points per game do these guys put up on average? CALL UP ARMIA before the season is toast!!

    • Jes

      Before the season is toast? Do you know where we stand in the standings right now? Wow… Winning now would just kill us in the draft race for Ekblad or Reinhart. Either we pick first or we end up like we did last year yet again.

      The Amerks are going to the Spengler Cup so they’ll need a scorer. Armia has no business on the big club right now. Once trade deadline rolls around and we get rid of Moulson and Ott then call him up, not now.

      • Johnny Football

        I threw in the towel on the Bills. I hope they lose out so we can get a REAL quarterback like Manziel. EJ is a joke. I am not ready to give up on the Sabres yet dude.

        The Sabres are only a goal a game away from winning 8 out of 10 games. Yes, they could make the playoffs. The guys who have no business on the club are the forwards I mentioned. Armia put up great stats the past 2 years in the mens elite league in Finland, which is just as good a league as the AHL. Who cares about the Amerks success!

        CALL UP ARMIA NOW!!!

        • Jes

          Men’s elite league in Finland compared to the NHL are to very different things bub. Mathematically it’s possible sure, but it is not going to happen. No one said give up on the team. What people should rooting for is for zero wins the rest of the year so we get our shot at Ekblad or Reinhart.

          Who cares about the Amerks success? LOL you for real? I’m pretty damn sure Pegula and management staff or the Sabres does. Hence why Pysyk and others got sent down to compete in the Spengler Cup. Lol your a funny guy.

          • Johnny Football

            1. Hey “bub” (who the f*ck uses that word?) I never compared the NHL to the Finland League. I compared the AHL to the Finland Elite League that Armia excelled in.

            2. Sorry fella, not gonna give up on the possibility that THIS SABRE TEAM will make the playoffs.

            3. Amerks. LOL. Are you kidding me that the success of the Amerks is a priority of the Sabres WINNING GAMES NOW? The reason Pysyk is down there TEMPORARILY is to get him some work. The Sabres are DEEP on defenseman. He will probably be back in a couple of weeks BUB!

            4. No, YOU are FUNNY MAN!


            When I watched the Amerks play outside in Rochester against Lake Erie, Armia was the man that set up Ellis for his awesome performance that night. I bet you missed that game.


          • Jes

            1. Who uses Bub? If you know how to read you can see you do lol funny guy.

            2. Not telling you to give up hope.

            3. Lol are you hard at reading? Did I say the Amerks were a priority? Lol read the post before you start flapping your gums. They were sent down for the Spengler Cup.

            4. I know I am, thank you. Your a very nice little girl.


            What the f*ck does that have to do with this conversation. Because of one play he belongs in the NHL?

            He will end up with 9 minutes a game compared to the top minutes he will be getting in the AHL? And actually learn the game, instead of rushing him into action like we did with Grirgorenko. Look how good Girgensons is doing with getting a whole season done in the AHL. Bring the youngsters in right you make a better player, you over rush them you get pure disappointment. Common sense.

            Toodles? Who uses that anymore? Minus the guys maybe in San Francisco…

          • Johnny Football

            Armia is 20 years old. He has played 2 years in the Finish league. That’s like Girgensons spending 2 years in the AHL.

            That is not rushing him in like the 18 year old Grigorenko.

            What is the big deal in agreeing that he could possibly be an improvement over the forwards would produce zero points every game?

            Worst case scenario the NHL experience will be good for his development into next season.

  • Jes

    1st Star – Girgensons – Played a good physical game plus a goal.
    2nd Star – Myers – Beat up Bergeron and played great defensively and joined in on a couple rushes. He’s turning into a beast ladies and gents.
    3rd Star – Enroth – Didn’t get much help from the D. Made a few spectacular saves. No offense to help him though.

    Stafford? I dunno, I thought he was unnoticeable all game.

    Omark created a few chances.

  • Dano

    ” Gus ” with the first star! HE played well. Physical, scored and honestly, he looked to have more energy then most of the team.