Dec 23, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; The Dallas Stars ice girls perform during the game against the Nashville Predators at the American Airlines Center. The Stars defeated the Predators 6-3. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Daily Dasherboard: Silent Sunday Edition

Morning, everyone!

Today is a good day so far, and it’s not just because I’m sitting in an ice rink while I type this.  Today marks the first day that my family will begin to celebrate the holidays, as we have one Christmas party to attend and are meeting up with some family members who reside in Florida, as well.  It’s a great time of the year, and it really puts life in perspective for me.  Win or lose, the Buffalo Sabres are but a small part of my life, so for the next week at least, watching them struggle to compete in the NHL won’t faze me.

Once 2014 rolls in, though, the gloves are off again!

All right: let’s get down to work here.

Saturday night in the NHL – were you too busy to watch?  Here’s what you need to know!  [TSN]

It’s not too early to talk about Vezina candidates . . . so let’s talk about Vezina candidates!  Ten of them in fact!  [Bleacher Report]

How about the scoring title - who has a legitimate chance to challenge Sidney Crosby?  [b/r]

Anyone care about the Top 13 Tweets of the NHL season?  [Sports Illustrated]  Well someone did!

And how about your Buffalo Sabres link of the day?  This one comes courtesy of Garth, who asks the same question our very own Caitlin asked, oh, about two weeks ago.  [Hockey Buzz]  Hey: he’s good for a laugh.

Enjoy, everyone!!!!


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  • Dano

    Cheerleading elfs? No puck bunnies? C’mon Rich! CC potted a PAIR of hockey chics! You gonna let her ‘ 2 up ‘ you?!?! ;)

    From one of your links –>

    “To say nothing of the top 3 overall pick that Buffalo will have in the 2014 entry draft based on this horrendous season. Whats more, trading UFAs Ryan Miller and Matt Moulson at or before the NHL trade deadline will fetch Buffalo top six forwards and more first and second round draft picks to add to the treasure trove that Darcy Regier accumulated before he was fired in November.”

    .. Which will fetch Buffalo top 6 forwards ( I was told such wont happen.. ) AND more draft picks.

    I guess Im not alone in my thoughts afterall.

    Ive heard of a few rumors of teams shopping people with a year or more on their contracts. Nothing of great name mind you, but solid players. Buffalo has too much cap room and might take on some of those contracts ( along with other accommodations ),

    We all have to see what comes at the trade deadline.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Step your game up Rich!

      • Richard Spalding

        Plpht! :)

    • Richard Spalding

      Man, I gave you THREE babes dressed like sexy Santas! Three! You are a man of discriminating taste!!!

      • Dano

        2 Hockey chics > 3 cheerleaders. ;)