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Poll: What Type of NHL Do You Want in 30 Years?

Today’s poll comes curtesy of Jordan, and although he’s a Toronto Maple Leafs fan we won’t hold that against him. Jordan wants to know what kind of game will be prevalent in the NHL 30 years from now. There are two answers for this question; either hard-hitting and fighting hockey or a more skilled game with less hitting.

We’ll start our comparison with the hard-hitting hockey of the future. Do you want to see the game filled with big, strong, tough players

dressed like football players who’s main objective is to wear down and beat their opponent physically- like the Boston Bruins? This type of game would eliminate the smaller Nathan Gerbe‘s and Martin St. Louis from the game and even the Sidney Crosby‘s and Steven Stamkos‘ would have a tough time battling.

This type of NHL would put physical play at the forefront, while the skilled game fades off into the back. It would also see an increase in the number of injuries as the equipment becomes stronger and bigger. The NHL will be filled with hard hitting hockey, but the goals and skilled players won’t be as prominent as one might want.

The other option is to have a game with smaller and softer equipment with little hitting, to emphasize the skill game. This would pretty much be the type of hockey you see currently in Europe. They use bigger ice and they focus on being fast and scoring goals as opposed to crushing their opponent against the boards. When you see Canada or the USA play in tournament overseas you often see the European teams shy away from contact because they’re not used to it. They use their speed and skill to beat their opponents, and it’s beginning to work.

This type of NHL would feature less injuries and create more high-scoring games as offencive skill becomes the focal point. In the second option hitting would not be completely taken out, but they could have smaller equipment to limit the punishing blows and allow both the hitter and hittee to feel the effect, instead of the bullet-proof stuff they use today.

What do you want the NHL to look like in 30 years? No doubt the game is and will continue to change and whatever changes they make in the next 5-10 years will determine the direction in which the game is heading. Which style would you prefer?

What Type of NHL Do you Want to See?

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  • Dano

    Good article CC.

    “Jordan wants to know what kind of game will be prevalent in the NHL 30 years from now. There are two answers for this question; either hard-hitting and fighting hockey or a more skilled game with less hitting.”

    The poll is a direct reflect of how ‘ humanity ‘ is trying to direct itself. Within 5 years, fighting will be banned and so will a lot of the hitting. Everyone on the ice will be in panties and the term ‘ penalty box ‘ will be replaced by ‘ time out area’.

    What a lot of people dont realize is that many of the ‘ star ‘ players in the NHL and its ‘ Hall of Fame ‘ werent of great statute.

    Look at the ‘ French Connection ‘ Perreault was 6foot1. Martin was 5foot11. Robert was a mere 5foot10 and all of 170lbs!

    They played in the 70′s era with the Big Bad Bruins and the Broad Street Bullies. There were headhunters and cheap shot artists everywhere. 2 line pass rule was in effect, no instigator penalties and the benches would still clear. A ‘ DonnyBrooke ‘ was NOT an uncommon thing.

    They faired rather well with each potting 20+ goals a year and a rough average of 80 points each season. There were no rules helping/protecting them at all. Can you imagine what their tallies would be like in TODAYS game?!?!

    Steve Yzerman isnt 6 foot and certainly not more then 190 lbs. Then again, his whiny ass had Kocur and Probert watching out for him..

    The NHL has had some rugged little guys in its days whom DID make a difference for their teams. They didnt have the Body Armor or the refs protecting them.

    The league started to really change when they let the Euros enter the league in droves. Instead of good, hard hitting, north americans, we had the euros and their ‘ soft ‘ game take over. The NHL moved its rules and style towards that of Europe. Enter the Russians and now You have those Canadian Farm boys being pushed out of the league.. Absolutely Unacceptable to me.

    Ive TRIED watching some of the Euro ‘ Elite ‘ leagues and if you take ANY of those teams, put them against an old school Canadian/North American team, they would quit playing after the first period due to complaints of menstrual cramps or some other ailment in line of that type.

    Euro Hockey is boring. The KHL isnt much better. Why the NHL is moving in that direction is all about trying to get the ‘ soccer moms ‘ ( Soccer, another lame sport ) to have a winter sport to attend while the soccer fields are covered in snow.

    “What do you want the NHL to look like in 30 years?”

    What do *I* want? :

    1.) Get rid of Bettman and his whole crew ( Colin, Shannaban ).
    2.) Get rid of the instagator.
    3.) Get rid of the leaving the bench penalty/rule.
    4.) Make visors illegal endless a player has a prior history/current injury.
    5.) Go back to the CCM/Cooper Elbow/knee pads and get rid of the BODY ARMOR the players wear thats similar to what the US Marines wear on the battlefield.
    6.) Re-Instate the red line.
    7.) Put the Officials on notice! Make a mandatory off season school they have to attend and have a testing phase to it.
    8.) Condense the advertising. If its one thing that looks absolutely horrible in the Euro leagues its all the F-ing add’s! Its hard to tell what team they are on but you can sure read all the billboard sized logos.
    9.) Do as the Euros/Russians have and put a limit on the number of Non-North American players a team is allowed to have on their roster. Works for them, right?

    Basically, Bring the 70′s and 80′s back. Let the players handle the game and the ‘ office ‘ do their administrative work/push papers. At the present rate, I wont be an NHL fan in 5-10 years from now. The ‘ game ‘ they call hockey is NOT what I grew up playing and watching.

    • Joe

      Agree totally minus the equipment. In todays game the shots r twice as hard and ppl skate twice as fast and hit twice as hard sl u need some of that protection but otherwise i agree totally with u

      • Caitlin Campbell

        The only think with the equipment is just the size. The size is a big factor in a lot injuries

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree Dano, even just watch old replays of “old school” hockey I can see the vast difference in the way the game was played.
      Thanks for the comment Dano

  • Jes

    What kind of NHL do I want in 30 years? A NHL where the Buffalo Sabres have won a Stanley Cup.

    If past is any indication I wouldn’t be surprised if the NHL starts playing Bantam style. Probably even put the little stops signs on the back of the players jerseys. If it honestly they get rid of hits and the physicality of the game then it’s not hockey anymore. Hockey is a physical sport, a mans sport and if they want to get rid of all that stuff then honestly why even watch and spend money, when you could just go down to the local rink and watch the beer leaguers play. Like I’ve said before injuries even severe ones are a part of the game. They go hand in hand. And honestly if they do turn the NHL into the panzie league then I have no real reason to be watching it.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      One where Buffalo has won a Stanley Cup HAHAH priceless Jes!