Poll: Will Drew Stafford Be Suspended?

The Buffalo Sabres dressed just 16 players in their 2-1 OT win over the Phoenix Coyotes and before the game was finished they were down to just 15 players after Drew Stafford was kicked out.

Drew Stafford was given an elbowing major and a game misconduct for an elbow the head/face of Oliver Ekman-Larsson. While it was an intentional elbow, Ekman-Larsson certainly did his best to sell it to the referees.

Here’s a look at Stafford’s elbow, you be the judge.



Stafford was not only upset over his ejection but was also upset at an earlier hit Ekman-Larsson laid on him. Larsson remained on the ice for a few minutes after the hit, but stayed in the game and was back on the ice a shift later. As stated above, Stafford was given a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for his elbow.

What did you think of the elbow? Do you think it will warrant a call from sherif Brendan Shanahan?

Here’s what Ted Nolan had to say about the hit;

“I think he just tried to shoulder him off more so than the elbow, but it didn’t look good” ~ Ted Nolan on Drew Stafford elbow

Do you think Drew Stafford will see supplementary discipline for his elbow? If so how long will he sit? Vote in the first poll on whether he will be suspended or not and vote in the second poll for the length his his suspension if you answered yes. It’s Christmas eve so we’re giving y’all a double poll!

Will Drew Stafford Be Suspended?

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If Yes, How Long Will He Sit

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  • Dano

    Drew will probably get 5 for ‘ intent to injure ‘ but I feel he should get more. Yes, you heard me correctly. The anti-shannaban guy is a bit miffed.

    The ‘ Elbow ‘ ( which was more like a shoulder ) was intentionally thrown. He took his hand off his stick, checked over his shoulder, then threw his arm. Intentional? Without a doubt.

    My problem is.. Drew.. You need to gauge your distance and you should have pushed your elbow pad up using the side of your body before hand . *IF* you missed with the elbow, you still would have connected on/in a more solid way with the gear doing more damage.

    Ekmon-Larsson was doing some minor stickwork and throwing the body all game prior to this. If your going to play old-school, expect someone to take your up on the matter. For failing, I hope Shannaban sits you at the max. Next time your going to pull something like that, make it WORTH the ‘ time off ‘. Take the time for the crime.

    Stafford failed to deliver ( what I would call ) a *proper* elbow. He should contact Gordie to show him how its done. I do admire his intentions and effort, but his results arent going to be worth the games so why bother?

  • [email protected]

    For some reason, the little bubble to click to vote doesn’t show up on polls for me lately…I can still vote if I click next to my option though.

  • qwicwted

    I just think it wasn’t the smartest thing to do and like you said Dano, Drew has been in the league long enough to have chosen a better time and way to make his statement. I think his suspension should be more for the stupidity of his action than for the act itself.

    • Dano

      If Drew was looking to some kind of ‘ payback ‘, make it worth the suspension otherwise.. just keep playing.

      Drew could have shed the mitts. Would have been the honorable thing to do.. Instead, he chose the way of the Rat. THAT is what really annoys me about the whole thing. I dont care at all for Rats.

      Jes might be onto something though. Maybe Shannaban can find a way to give the guy a seasonal ban. Would make a wonderful gift!

  • Jes

    I honestly hope he gets the year so we don’t have to see his pathetic ass on the ice for the rest of the year. Go Shanaban, make it happen!!!

  • davidmuscalo

    Looked like a good hockey play to me. The guy was dogging him and he just tried to brush him off. The guy was behind him; he certainly wasn’t targeting a head he couldn’t see!