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Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs Knee Jerk Reactions

The Buffalo Sabres could have lost this game 10-2 tonight, and the total outcome of this post would be the exact same.  Alright, you got me there,

if the score was 10-2 Toronto I would definitely be writing about something completely different.  I mean hell would have frozen over because the Toronto Maple Leafs are not that good, nor are the Buffalo Sabres that bad.

It only took me about eight minutes into the first period to figure out what I was writing about tonight – and that is once again, the focus of a hockey post in a game between the Leafs and the Sabres is about John Scott.

Except – John Scott, playing in his 200th game didn’t do anything that we are used to seeing John Scott do.  Scott actually scored a goal.  John Scott was in perfect position to smack a rebound in a wide open empty net after Jonathan Bernier couldn’t control a deflected shot.

Of course the Buffalo Sabres couldn’t hold onto the two – nothing lead that John Scott had given his team.  While the first period is normally the kryptonite for the Buffalo Sabres – they get a two nothing lead and sit back on their heels thinking the Maple Leafs would give up.

Sometimes the boys in blue and gold need to reminded they still are the Buffalo Sabres and are not good enough to sit on a two goal lead – even if the opponent was the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs.

Thankfully for the Sabres – the opponents were the lowly Leafs though – and Steve Ott makes sure that the John Scott goal wasn’t in vain.  Hey when your a Buffalo Sabres fan right now, you have to get excited about little things.  Scoring at 24 seconds left to tie the game is like the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup over the Boston Bruins because of a 17 minute Boston Bake Beans induced brain fart.  (Ok – so the game has not anywhere the amount of intensity or importance, but I have been trying to work a Boston Bruins 17 second slam into a post somewhere).

Oh, and stay classy Toronto – nice cross check to Moulson to slam his face into the net.  But John Scott’s a goon right?  Well guess what – Randy Carlyle should be having six foot eight inch nightmares, because his team absolutely loses their freaking minds when he even looks at the ice.


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