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Poll: Is It Time For a Tyler Myers Experiment?

There is little doubt that Tyler Myers game has been significantly better this season and even better under Ted Nolan. He has gotten his confidence back, is using his size to his advantage, has stopped taking so many penalties and is once again joining in the rush and putting up points. It’s quite refreshing to see Myers re-find his game from his Calder winning rookie season once again.

Just imagine Myers joined by Mark Pysyk, Rasmus Ristolainen and Nikita Zadorov on the blue line of the Buffalo Sabres future? Talk about a lethal top 4.

But I think the Buffalo Sabres need to try an experiment out with Tyler Myers by moving the 6 foot 8 defenceman to offence for a couple of games. He has the size, strength, speed and the shot to be effective putting up points on offence. They’ve used John Scott on both offence and defence this season and it worked out just fine, so why not try putting Myers as a winger?

Myers sits second in defencive scoring for the Sabres with 3 goals and 7 assists. He has a nack for offence and the Buffalo Sabres should try him out at forward for a couple of games, what do they have to lose? It’s not like the Sabres are challenging for a playoff spot and it’s not like Myers is about to win the Norris trophy.

Play him at wing for a few games, let him know it’s just for fun and you’re not expecting too much and plant his big body in front of the net on the power play. He averages nearly 20 minutes a night and would have the stamina to compete and would be pretty deadly against in the corners.

Of course Myers is a very mental hockey player, once something is in his head it is very difficult for him to move- hence why he’s had trouble rebounding from his Calder winning season. If you move him to offence and he doesn’t do well, will that stick with him and effect his defencive game? Will his mind be stuck on offence once the move is done?

What do you think, should the Buffalo Sabres try defenceman Tyler Myers at forward for a couple of games to reward him for his strong play and to see if it could be something going forward? How do you think Myers would fare as a forward? He obviously wouldn’t get shoved around. Vote in the poll and then comment below your thoughts on the move.

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  • lee Munn

    I voted keep him on D… but I would like him on offense on just power plays as Boston does with Chara. I think this just might work-out, and this year is the time to give it a try.

    • Joe

      Chara and myers r the same height but not even close to equal in size or strength. Most defenseman in the nhl would be able to move hil pretty easily. If u talking about doing wat boston does with chara od use scott for that. Ive been saying to do it with scott since he got here

      • lee Munn

        Yes Scott may be more equal in size. But talent??? NO. Myers at least gets more than 1 pt a year.

  • Joe

    Myers offense comes from him sneaking in from the point if u put him on offense that takes away from him
    Being. Able to sneak in uncovered I like how hes playing on the blue line theres no reason to mess with that

  • JHizzle75

    This question was brought up a while ago on this site, can’t remember the person’s name…but I was once on board with this idea whole-heartedly. The problem is Myers has really picked his game up since then. Earlier in the year when people were saying “Myers is terrible, trade him” it was deserved. Now, I think he’s playing closer to his true potential under Nolan ( still just a glimpse of what he will eventually become) and there is no longer a need to try to jump start his career by putting him as a forward. Lol I would still love to see it, though, just strictly out of curiosity!

  • ateee

    I don’t really see the point unless moving him up on the power play like someone else mentioned. Scott flip flopped because he experience in both spots. Myers does not. If anything, ease him into special teams but not take ice time away from another forward (especially on a team of youth) just because.

    • Jes

      Nicely said