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Report: Ryan Miller To Play For USA

Despite being the goaltender on the worst team in the NHL, Ryan Miller may be one of the best goaltenders in the league right now and he’s getting hot at just the right time. Team USA will officially name their roster for the 2014 Olympics on Wednesday after the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings square-off for the Winter Classic, and according to the latest report Ryan Miller will be named as one of the three netminders.

Joining Miller will be currently injured Jonathan Quick and in a surprising twist Jimmy Howard. With Miller’s track record from the last Olympics- carrying an underdog team USA to the gold medal game and his extremely strong play this season helping the Buffalo Sabres stay afloat in the NHL, there was little doubt that Miller would re-earn his spot for team USA.



In all likely hood the starting job will come down to a battle between Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick- What holds more stock? A

Stanley Cup ring and a Conn Smythe or an Olympic silver medal and a Vezina? Right now one would think Miller has the upper hand just due to the fact that Quick is injured and will be out of the line-up till mid-January and could be a little rusty by the time the Olympics roll around.

While these three netminders have not been confirmed, Ben Bishop, Tim Thomas and Cory Schneider are just a few of the names who appear to have been snubbed despite strong play. There was a lot of support to make Ben Bishop the third goaltender over Howard as he has arguably been the best American goaltender in the NHL this season.

But team USA is reportedly looking for experience and strong play from not only the NHL but from previous stints with USA hockey and Ben Bishop does not have that experience.

Ryan Miller will look to improve on his silver medal finish from the 2010 Olympics as he looks to finally rid Sidney Crosby from his nightmares. The Buffalo Sabres may be the worst team in the NHL but they may have the starting goaltender for Team USA at the 2014 Olympics.

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  • Thomas Eric

    Miller should be starter hands down its his job to lose

    • JHizzle75

      After last night’s performance I don’t think anyone would argue. Not even Jonathan Quick. Lol

      • Thomas Eric

        I know but a lot of people are hopping on j quicks nuts cause he has a cup and crap doesn’t mean anything all that means is he had a solid team in front of him

        • JHizzle75

          The 2010 Olympics alone should have been enough for Miller to make the team. His performance this year has earned him the starting goalie honours.

  • Jes

    No brainer Miller was going to be the starter and on the Olympic team.

    The third goalie IMO should be Schneider over Howard IMO. Howard’s an awful goalie IMO. Over glorified backup is all he is IMO.

    • Thomas Eric

      I say bishop give him the experience needed so maybe down the road he could play a role in the next Olympics he’ll even Tim Thomas over howard

      • Kevin

        Tim Thomas? Bhwaaaa Please!! He shouldn’t even be talked about. He is hurt every other game. Schneider is a backup once again. Bishop is the only choice of those 3 and deservedly so.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          I am slightly surprised with No Bishop but he just isn’t ready- although this Olympics may have poised him for the next.

  • Mary Ann

    I hope you’re right, Cait – I think that Howard will not make the cut because of his injury. But Miller, in particular, after his performance last night, shows that he has the muster to give those farking Canadians :-) …. Of course Crawford gets snubbed – he is the red-headed step child for some reason. I don’ think Quick is better than Miller at this point. Miller all the way!

    • JHizzle75

      You know Caitlin is Canadian, right?
      Team USA wouldn’t have been in the medal round last Olympics if it wasn’t for Miller, so just be realistic and be happy with silver…again. Go Canada Go !

      • Caitlin Campbell

        haha Yes I am Canadian- Is my secret out?
        But When Miller plays I do secretly cheer for the USA (only when they don’t play Canada)

      • Mary Ann

        LOL Yes, I know she is Canadian – that is why the smiley face is there! She knows I love her and that my comments were meant to make her smile! HAPPY 2014, Grasshopper!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      There’s little doubt in my mind he’ll be on the team- the question is whether he will start or not… I hope he does.