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Poll: Should the Buffalo Sabres Re-Sign Matt Moulson?

Among several other players in the Buffalo Sabres organization Matt Moulson is one of the big fish who’s future will need to be decided upon in the near future and the ball seems to be in the Buffalo Sabres court.

Last week Matt Moulson said he would consider re-signing and staying in Buffalo long-term as he has enjoyed his time with the Sabres and has enjoyed playing under interim coach Ted Nolan.

“Definitely, I think there is. I don’t know what they think of me. I love playing for Teddy. Like I said before, the organization has treated myself and my family incredibly well. The people of Buffalo are great fans and it has been a lot of fun growing with these guys. From where we were to where we want to be is obviously a process, but I think we’ve made some huge strides. ~ Matt Moulson on his future in Buffalo from CBC

Now words mean little when money and assets are parting chips in the sports world and Moulson may indeed follow the money out of

Buffalo, but at least right now his heart seems to still be in Buffalo as he starts thinking about free agency.

While Moulson has expressed interest in sticking around in Buffalo, do the Sabres want to keep Moulson long-term through the rebuild? There is no reason to believe the Sabres don’t want to re-sign Moulson, sure when he was first acquired for Thomas Vanek many believed he would be flipped at the trade deadline, but he’s played well and is willing to stay.

He has 7 goals since joining the Buffalo Sabres and has 6 points in his last 6 games playing alongside Zemgus Girgensons and Tyler Ennis on the Buffalo Sabres top line. He also ranks second amongst active players on the roster in Corsi for with a 47.3% rating. He and Girgensons have formed great chemistry and as a result are producing. Keeping Moulson would give the Buffalo Sabres a solid first line building block going forward and someone who compliments Girgensons playing style.

Matt Moulson answered the questions of whether he can produce without John Tavares quite seemingly and the answer was a resounding yes. He has become the man since joining the Sabres and for the most part he has stepped up to the plate.

But has he done enough to show the Buffalo Sabres they need to keep him instead of flipping him for prospects and picks for the future? If someone comes knocking, like the Pittsburgh Penguins currently are, do you shut the door and turn off all the lights or do you invite them in to talk about a deal?

What do you think the Buffalo Sabres should do with Matt Moulson going forward? Do they re-sign him to be a staple during the rebuild, do they let him walk to free agency or trade him to whoever comes knocking?

What Should the Sabres Do With Matt Moulson?

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  • David Clark

    Listen, I like Matty-Mo as much as the next fan of the Sabres. However, at the trade deadline there is usually a team or two willing to pay through the nose for a player like him. Personal (fan) feelings aside, the right play for a rebuilding team is to accept an overpayment by a competing team in return for Moulson. If Moulson truly means what he said (which may or may not be true, I don’t get the impression that he is the type to create unneeded drama by saying otherwise), then after the season is over the Sabres can still throw the most lucrative deal available at him and he can return to play for Nolan again next year and for however many years after that.

    • Jes

      Spot on David

  • Melvin Hurley

    Rebuilding is an evolutionary process, not one of throwing out what is evolving positively right now is the future and right now the partnership with Moulson is evolving nicely, retaining him would be a good move to see how far they can go together and certainly until someone better is needed. I’m liking what I seeing and don’t want to go backwards next season.
    On the same theme why do you get rid of one of the best players in the NHL in the hope that his back up can deliver? Resign Moulson and Miller, both could be two year deals giving both sides time to see how things progress.

    • Jes

      Miller’s a goner. I’d rather have Moulson then Miller. Miller seems to actually now I’ve said this many times but he only shows up when the Olympics come around and or when it’s contract time. If he is willing to except a short term deal like 2-3 years then I’m all for it. Anything over that will just comeback and end up biting us in our ass.

      But in all honesty trade Miller before the deadline, he will be testing the market come free agency. He’d be dumb not to at this point.

      Moulson I’m open to resigning. I doubt he resigns but I’d make a pitch.

    • David Clark

      If you think either Moulson or Miller are going to sign 2-year deals, you are solely mistaken and possibly out of touch with veteran Free Agents. They take as much money and as many years as they can possibly get through the process… it’s financial security to them and a chance to cash in on those prime years in the rearview mirror. Did you see the Phaneuf signing? 7 yrs at $7 million per season. That didn’t happen by chance… it’s by design, by both the team and the player.

  • Dano

    Good read CC!

    *IF* Moulson is to be dealt.. There would have to be a serious overpayment to acquire him. A first and second plus a prospect/roster player.

    I would look to resign Moulson. Offer him 5 years at 5 or 6million a year. Make a statement that the Sabres are serious in putting together a winner.

    All things considered, Moulson is a great 2way player, hes responsible with the puck and a good mentor to guys like Gus and the younger players.

  • qwicwted

    I really like Moulson and I believe he is the type of player we want our youngsters to emulate. Funny thing with trades especially around this time of year, teams do tend to overpay. As much as I want the Sabres to resign Moulson, if the right deal came along and it was beneficial to both the Sabres and Moulson – I’m thinking that with the injury to Dupuis, Moulson is the perfect replacement. Gives Moulson an opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup and it quite possibly gives the Sabres more prospects. Thing is, nothing is for sure in this world and I guess I want it all – the assets Moulson can get us as a rental player, but also resigning him next year.

  • Joe

    I really want to keep moulson along with miller but u have to show them that ur going to make progress unlike regier. Have to make a big splash for trade or in free agency to keep them here

  • Jes

    I’d trade him at deadline and then make a pitch at resigning him in the offseason. If the right deal comes along there’s no reason not to trade him at the deadline.

  • Ludz

    I would hate to see Buffalo pay 5-6 million for this guy rather spend that money on a veteran center. Since coming to Buffalo Moulson has produced .65 points per game. Over a 82 game season thats a 53 point pace. His seven goals in 26 games puts him on a full season pace for 21 goals. That is a second liners numbers. If someone gives up a good return for him at the deadline(first rounder, Forward Prospect) I take it, he is just another good second line winger getting more chances in Buffalo. He is a building block for a mediocre teams not a championship team.

  • DeathclutchF5

    Penguins are gonna trade for him giving up a 1st round pick and a prospect.