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Buffalo Sabres and Minnesota Wild Knee Jerk Reactions

The Buffalo Sabres began 2014 on the same note in which they ended 2013, a losing note. Their first game of 2014 saw them face-off against former captain Jason Pominville and the Minnesota Wild where they were easily beatan by a stronger Western Team. At

least they were able to prevent the shutout and get on the board tonight thanks to Matt Ellis.

Right from the start tonight you could almost tell that tonight was not going to be the Sabres night. Miller came up big several times in the first few minutes and the Sabres put up two very uninspiring power play attempts. But when the 2nd period hit, everything went south tonight.

Tonight was not the way the Buffalo Sabres wanted to begin 2014, I’m not sure what they were playing but it certainly wasn’t hockey.

Here’s a few takeaway’s from the game.

  • Did Ryan Miller have his best outing tonight, no not at all, but he deserves better. Miller might not have been sharp but the team in front of him was even worse. When the Sabres win it’s because Miller bails them out, but when he isn’t playing at 120% the team does nothing to back him up? Ryan Miller deserves better than the poor defence that attempts to play in front of him. Tonight Miller was hung out to dry by his team and it’s tough to watch. Hopefully team USA does a better job supporting Miller than his own team does. For the record, Miller wasn’t exactly horrible tonight, he made several key saves but when he needed the help his teammates were no where to be found.
  • Right from the start the Buffalo Sabres were not sharp tonight. The first period was slow and boring but the Sabres did generate some chances despite going 0-2 on the power play, but the second period was horrible. The Sabres quickly found themselves down 2-0 in the 2nd as they watched the Minnesota Wild play hockey. The second period’s have not been kind to the Buffalo Sabres as of late and as a result they often find themselves down at the end of 40 minutes.
  • Linus Omark was given an opportunity by the Buffalo Sabres to have another shot to make it the NHL, so far he has done nothing and I mean nothing to prove that he deserves said opportunity. For a guy playing for his NHL life, Omark has done nothing to attempt to earn a contract. Also Matt D’Agostini has done absolutely nothing much like Omark, heck John Scott is playing better than both of these guys.
  • The good news is Jason Pominville is doing great in Minnesota, he scored a goal tonight when they were giving out his bobble head which looked nothing like him. Another thing to note is Drew Stafford left the game with an injury after hitting Matt Cooke. Cooke came back at Stafford and speared him marking the end of Stafford’s night. With Cody Hodgson and Ville Leino currently out, the Sabres are running out of forwards.

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  • Dano

    Once again, the fourth line produces, sits at a +/- 0 and put forth good effort/energy. The rest of the team?

    Moulson -3? Ennis -2 At least Gus was out there hitting and trying to get things going. Im used to seeing that line play a bit responsible, what happened?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Tonight was just an off night for the boys- especially the top line. Moulson looked off the entire game, Girgs was going hard physically but as a little suspect in his own end.

      • Dano

        The team needs some consistency though. They need to hit on all cylinders, 95+% of the time. The 4th line has been the only one doing the basics. Shutting down the other team and trying to keep control of the puck. Trying to get into the offensive zone.

        The good thing about the fourth line is it opens up room for Myers. While the ‘ goons ‘ are out there, Myers has the chance to show his offensive side and move the puck.

  • Jes

    You can’t give Miller all this credit. The team lost as a whole. Miller let in 3 goals he’s just as much to be blamed as the rest of the team for todays loss.

    Scott is a beast. Guy better get another contract extension. At least 2 years.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The first 2 goals he allowed weren’t the best but the third goal he can’t be held responsible, that was a pure snipe, a goal scorers goal very few netminders would have had that one.
      2 years for what 2 goals and a few fights?
      yup Stafford will be out long term

      • Jes

        He’s contributing more then Foligno right now. So should we not resign Foligno at years end? Foligno had a flash here and there but other then that he’s been a disaster all year long.

        I’m taking into assumption that you’ve watched the Sabres the last 5-8 games? Unless you haven’t the 4th line with Scott and Ellis have been our best line that doesn’t have Girgensons and Moulson on it.

  • JHizzle75

    Sounds like I didn’t miss much. A rare game that I was unable to watch.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      A game I wish I hadn’t watched…. no you didn’t miss much

  • Ben Chalker

    Its a shame Omark isn’t paying off. Is he being misused or is he just not up to scratch?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I think he’s just not up to scratch- we’ve seen nothing from him, nothing at all there has to be some kind of effort from the player and we haven’t seen any.

  • Justin Tosczak

    Bang on about Omark and D’agostini

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thank you