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Buffalo Sabres On Pace For NHL Record

Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not a very good record to hold.  Currently the Buffalo Sabres have 72 goals on the season.  They just can’t put the

puck in the net.

Leading the team in the goal scoring category are Cody Hodgson and Tyler Ennis with eight goals each.  Unless someone gets absolutely on fire, there will be no one on the roster that will hit 20 goals this season.  But what happens when John Scott has the same number of goals or more goals than 14 members of the organization that have worn blue and gold this year?

The record the Buffalo Sabres are closing in on is the fewest goals in the regular season.  It is a record that has stood for sixty years, set by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1953-1954 season.  It was a season that the Blackhawks only scored a combined 133 goals.

Sure they only played 70 games, but the Blackhawks that year only managed 12 wins.  With twelve extra games on their schedule – the Buffalo Sabres offense has to be truly bad if they are going to break the Blackhawks record.

Halfway through this season, the Sabres have played 41 games – and scored 72 goals.  If they match that output, they will be safe from having the fewest goals with their name forever etched in history, as they will end the season with a gross, 144 goals spread across the roster.


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  • Jes

    I don’t get it, they are on pace for the record but if they put in the same effort as they have in the first half in the second half they will have more goals then the Blackhawks? Like you said your title is very misleading haha.

    • Ben Chalker

      Maybe its on goals per game…

    • Timothy Redinger

      The Sabres have more games to get goals than the 53-54 Blackhawks did, so technically they are on pace for the worst offensive output. Yes – they may end up with more goals, but with 12 more games.

  • chas territo

    Bottom line? They suck this year and possibly for more years to come. Patty get a new GM, get this crappy team back to what it once was!!