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Buffalo Sabres Twelve Days of Christmas Day Nine

On the ninth day of Christmas my Buffalo Sabres need, nine nasty Sabres.  What do I mean by nasty?  We need to get tough, and not just team tough where guys avoid starting anything because John Scott is on your bench.

The Buffalo Sabres need to get guys that are going to get into the dirty area and win battles for pucks.  Opposing players need to fear the entire bench, from one end to the other.  The current “tough guy” situation in Buffalo has the league on notice.  Guys like John Scott aren’t what I am looking for.

I want nine guys at least, that can skate, hit, and put the puck in the net.  A team that no one likes to play, because no matter what happens, most of the time your going to be looking up wondering what the number of the truck that just hit you was.  The guy that’s going to punch you in the face when you go into the corner looking for a puck, and do it so he doesn’t get caught, but you retaliate and get two minutes.

A group of guys that when push comes to shove, go bare knuckles when you even look at our first round draft pick whose picking your goalie apart.

Nine nasty Sabres that will make life miserable for their opposing players, both at home and on the road.

Just three days left in our Christmas season countdown.

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  • Dano

    I would LOVE to have ‘ 9 nasties ‘ on the bench, but the NHL wont have it.

    Think of the articles on THIS site where it was questioned how Buffalo was a ‘ dirty team ‘. Scott Freight trained and took a suspension for what is a ‘ hockey play ‘. The guy is 6foot8 and weighs 100lbs more then me. *I* couldnt have taken that kind of hit without being shook up.

    You want nine players whom can play physical and put the puck in the net. Thats a rare entity Tim.

    I would rather a team that tells Bettman to kiss its ass and jumps the boards when a teammate is in trouble. I have a lot of respect for Clarksons actions earlier in the year or of Eric Goddards a few years back.