Buffalo Sabres Twelve Days Of Christmas Day Ten

Ten days of Christmas.  I can’t believe how fast we are already removing ourselves from the end of 2013.  Inconsistency has been the keyword for the Buffalo Sabres this season and is one of the biggest downfalls of the team.

Passing is one of the teams biggest issues.  Some nights they have it, but for the most part – they just can’t seem to get it to go tape to tape.  The break out pass is bad, the puck slides to an empty spot on the ice.

This was glaringly obvious in the game last night against the Minnesota Wild.  How many times have the Sabres been on the powerplay and a eggpass back to the point goes to an empty area of the ice and slides harmlessly out to center ice.

Bad passing puts you in a position of constantly retreating and starting over.  On a team that struggles to just get it going in the first place – that first pass and keeping the puck moving is over important.

Now, I am not a hockey coach, but I do have ideas on how the Buffalo Sabres can practice to improve their passing.

Now first, getting soft hands and accurate passing is the key to making good passes in a hockey game.

Once they get that concept down, they can move on to bigger and better things.  I mean, interim head coach Ted Nolan has been saying the Buffalo Sabres have to be getting back to basics and playing simple hockey no?  So bust out the eggs at First Niagara Center and get to passing.  Sure the Zamboni crew might have to work a little harder after practice, getting all the egg goop and shells off the ice in time for the game on Saturday – but it really can’t hurt right?

And once they the egg drill down, why not bust out the footballs so they get the team work aspect of passing down as well?


Back to basics for the tenth day of Christmas - so we can get Ten Sabres Passing.

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