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Poll: Should the Buffalo Sabres Go After Danny Briere?

As you probably read yesterday, both Tim and I put our thoughts on the Buffalo Sabres going after Daniel Briere out for all to read and to pick a side of sorts. If you haven’t read either article for or against acquiring Briere make sure to do so before voting in today’s poll.

After Briere was made a healthy scratch for the third time this season the trade winds started to pick up and since Buffalo sits 30th in

the NHL and Briere is a former Sabre, they blew in the Sabres direction. The scuttlebutt on twitter last night became all about the Buffalo Sabres and a possible trade for Briere to return home.

What would the Sabres be sending the Canadiens in exchange for Briere? Everything from Steve Ott to Tyler Myers and Drew Stafford to Ville Leino was tossed around last night. Pure speculation of course, but there is truth to the fact that Briere isn’t happy in Montreal and that as a result the Canadiens are shopping the aging centre.

Bringing Briere back would give the Sabres another proven centre and a player to help lead the young players over the next few season’s. The Sabres are in desperate need of leadership and a number one centre.

But at 36, Briere spends more time hurt than in the line-up and he is just a shell of the player he once was when he wore blue and gold. Could he score more than Cody Hodgson or Drew Stafford? What leadership could he bring if he only sticks around for a year? The Sabres need someone who is committed to the long-term future of the team, who will grow with the team and that player is not Danny Briere.

You’ve read the arguments both for and against bringing Daniel Briere back to the Buffalo Sabres to finish his career and write a wrong made by both player and management. You have your own thoughts on the potential move and we want to know what you the fans think about the possibility of Briere being brought back to Buffalo. Vote in the poll and let’s debate in the comments.

Should the Sabres Take A Stab at Danny Briere?

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  • qwicwted

    Cat -sometimes the response choices you all give to your questions are so black/white. There are always grey areas. I don’t think it is a question of no wanting Danny, but more of a question off “How Much” are you willing to pay for Danny. Would he score more than Stafford – I’m sure he would. Would he score more than Leino – I know he would, but does his leadership and play compare with what Steve Ott brings to the table – well the weighting might favor leadership, but on physicality and scoring Ott would be the winner.
    So I guess I’d be more inclined to say – Can Danny Briere help the Sabres – Yes even with his diminished speed and skills – he would, but even more importantly his leadership and mentoring of our youth would be invaluable. So, my response would be – Yes, I would trade for Danny if the price is right.

    • David Clark

      I second this comment. Well articulated, too.

    • Jes

      Will he get more points then Stafford on our team? Doubt it. Him and Stafford probably be notching the same amount of points. But definitely more then Leino.

    • Jes

      I like the last sentence. The right price is what we should be looking at. Grigorenko as suggested in one of the columns would be horrible trade straight up. Something like a 2nd and Sulzer would be better.

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  • Jes

    Hell no!! Guys worth nothing more then a 2nd round pick and a low level prospect. If anyone pays more then that they should be fired on the spot. Like I’ve said before the guys not even half the player he once was. There’s nothing he can really help us with to be honest.

    I still don’t know how people voted for yes?

    • David Clark

      Because Sabres fans are desperate for anything or anyone worth watching on this team.

      • Jes

        Briere is no where close to be worth watching anymore. Guys a 3rd liner right now. I’d rather watch Scott and Ellis then Briere.

        • qwicwted

          Maybe we should just wait for Montreal to put him on waivers and then pick him up.

          • Jes

            Lol yup you know it’ll happen with the way he’s been playing.

  • davidmuscalo

    It is time for Briere to hang up his skates. The Sabres need experience, but experience with no speed or physical stamina is not what a rebuilding team needs. Briere has been running on an empty tank for the past three years, his glory years are far behind him and the Sabres don’t need another Rivet on the team.

  • Dan

    Caitlin, what about a column re. the USA Olympic hockey selection? Perhaps some discussion re. players selected and those left off? Perhaps some discussion re the behavior/unprofessional behavior of the USA Olympic management team?