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Poll: Will Tyler Myers Be Suspended?

It would seem that Brendan Shanahan will have to make yet another call to the Buffalo Sabres due to an illegal head hit. The culprit this time around is 6 foot 8 Tyler Myers after he levelled Dainius Zubrus into the boards during last night’s win.

At 6 foot 8, how can one really fault Myers for hitting anyone smaller than him? Standing straight up his elbow is virtually at the height of a lot of player’s heads, sometimes these hits are a result of a bigger man and a smaller man doing battle. Is that the case with the Myers hit or will Myers see some form of Shanaban for his hit?

Here’s some video of the hit which Myers laid on Zubrus.

Here it is again in gif. form.

GIF: 6-foot-8 Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers delivered an ille... on Twitpic

While it’s hard to criticize a player nicknamed the gentle giant for a hard body check, it does appear that Tyler Myers left the ice as he lunged towards the opposing players head. Myers was given just a 2 minute minor penalty during the game but the New Jersey Devils were not at all happy with the hit after the game.

One would have to believe that the height argument is virtually nullified considering Tyler Myers left the ice to deliver the hit almost

jumping into his opponents head. My thoughts on the hit? Well they’re summed up in one simple tweet;

There is very little rhyme or reason for any player to jump into an opposing player to deliver a hit, but even less reason for a player who’s stature is over 6 foot 5 to jump into a player to lay a hit. Not to mention he lunges upwards towards the head of Zubrus.

I love the fact that Myers was trying to make a strong play along the boards as he re-finds and learns the physical aspect to his game once again, but it’s hard to not see suspension after looking at the gif. 500 times. It sure seems to be everything the league is trying to get rid of. Leaving the ice, hit to the head and a slight elbow.

But the Buffalo Sabres and Tyler Myers may win out on a technicality.


If I was Myers, I’d be waiting by the phone for a call from Shanahan, but I don’t run the NHL discipline centre nor do I pretend to know what goes on with the forces that do. All that matters right now is what the NHL thinks about the hit, oh yeah, and what you the readers think about the hit.

Do you think Myers will get suspended for his hit? Myers has been suspended once before so he is a repeat offender, will that weigh into to the debate? Vote in the poll and then in the comments either argue why he shouldn’t be suspended or how many games he will get.

Will Myers Be Suspended?

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  • Patrick Helper

    This is the Pandoras Box I wad talking about on TMMotS. Myers missed his target and hit a smaller player in the head. However Lupul seemed to cross-check the Red Wings forward not caring about his action. I think Myers should be suspended but in todays NHL there is an argument to be made either way. This mess was created by the league,and only the league can sort this out.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I think Lupul should have recieved at least 2 games for his actions and the intentional cross-check where as Myers who didn’t mean to hit the guy in the head will likely get 3.
      They league is turning the gme upside down, no consistency and no respect amongst players

  • Dano


    Your Gif image is missing frames. From looking at slow motion video, myers has a skate on the ice when contact is initially made. Such is legal under the rules.

    The same argument being made for Myers being 6foot8 was thrown out the window by Scott haters and ( Scott ) was refereed to as a ‘ goon ‘.

    Scott never left his skates, was never suspended prior. If that is the case, with all the cries of leaving his skates, Myers should see 7+ games.

    I doubt he sees 4 games worth of ‘ shanaban ‘.

    Theres no consistency in the league regarding suspensions.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree there is no consistancy at all but he is a Buffalo Sabre and because of that he’ll probably get a few games. He will have a phone hearing and the max for that is 5. I see what you mean that he still has a skate on the ice but the fact he left the ice at all won’t help IMO.

      • Dano

        In previous rulings ( some of Kaletas many.. ) they take a look at why the player left their skates. If it is due to the force of the impact between the 2 players, its not considered ‘ leaving your skates ‘ on an intentional basis.

        Zubrus never saw Myers coming. His focus is looking at the puck. He didnt have his head up.

        THAT is the main problem with a lot of these supposed ‘ dirty hits ‘. The onus of ‘ player safety ‘ goes both ways. If you come into the zone with your head down, you deserve to have it taken off your shoulders. You are part of the problem. The Defender is responsible for checking you and if you are unaware of their presence, be prepared to help yourself ( if you can ) get back on your skates.

        Im waiting on the day when someone is suspended for a hit like this and they say to the media ‘ You think that was bad? Wait till I catch them next time admiring their pass or having their head down! ‘.

        Suspensions have come in droves and too many guys have been ‘ banned ‘ for catching people not doing their part and watching out for themselves. Kids learn in pee-wee and bantoms to keep your head up and be aware of whos around you. The pros shouldnt follow that early learning?

        • Dano

          Myers did use his shoulder and pushed upwards during the check. Initial contact though.. he was still on the ice.

          Im sure Shanaban ( and others ) will say to the differ, just speaks to the problems of consistency.

          Zubrus is already lifted off the ice before Myers right skate leaves surface contact. Leading with a shoulder is legal.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            Honestly I feel like Myers is a slight victim due to his height on this hit- he did leave the ice whether it was after the hit or not the NHL still won’t like the hit.

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  • Jes

    All I got to say is if this was a Original Six team then there would probably be only a $10,000 fine but seeing it’s the Sabres it’ll be 4+.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree with you- it’s the Sabres so the punishment will be worse

  • Vic Soga

    Myers will get two games. If he had hit a Bruin, he would have gotten 5. Lupul should have gotten 2 but that shows how inconsistent Shanahan is. The only good thing from the suspension is maybe Ristolainen will get called up on emergency call up.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree that Lupul should have gottten at least 2 and I imagine Myers will get 2 or 3 IMO.
      Ohh I’d like to see Ristolainen get called up after his WJC performance

      • Vic Soga

        If he did, the warmup on Tuesday would be electric.

  • Dano

    I think the Sabres should start calling themselves the ‘ Perry Street Bullies ‘ . ;)