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Tyler Myers to Have Phone Hearing

Earlier today we asked you guys what you thought about Myers hit from last night’s game and whether or not he would be suspended. The answer to that question appears to be yes as the NHL has scheduled a phone for Tyler Myers tomorrow.

Since it is a phone meeting the max that 6 foot 8 Tyler Myers can get for leaving the ice to deliver a hit to the head of an opponent is 5 games and based on the fact that he is a repeat offender, one could easily suspect the gentle giant will be given around 3 games.

Here’s the gif. of the hit

GIF: 6-foot-8 Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers delivered an ille... on Twitpic

After watching the video and gif a few more times, I’m undecided whether Myers initial target was Dainius Zubrus‘ head or if he just missed his target and nailed the head. After all Zubrus did stop before the hit and he had his head down which is the ultimate no-no in hockey. Oddly enough if you watch the replay it looks as if Steve Ott is sizing Zubrus up for a big hit, imagine if both Myers and Ott squished Zubrus?

Intentional or not, the fact that Myers left the ice doesn’t bode well as he pleads his case to the NHL. Being a repeat offender I could easily see Myers handed a 3 game suspension from shanaban for this hit.

How many games do you think Myers will get slapped with? Or can Tyler Myers escape with just a fine much like Joffrey Lupul did earlier this week.

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  • Dano

    Myers should be given a medal and an achievement award for showing a veteran forward what happens when you dont keep your head up.

  • Jes

    Myers will get at least 3. But knowing how Shanaban has treated these matters with Buffalo in the past I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with 5.

  • jimbo

    Was at the game last night. Getting tired of Scott and now Myers being handcuffed for being big! They supposed to be getting on their knees to deliver a hit? The video on Myers hit shows him jumping into the boards and making contact then with Zubrus. If your less than six feet tall, stand next to a guy that’s six eight…see where your head is compared to his shoulders. Maybe the little guys should skate with their head up when the giants are on the ice.

  • davidmuscalo

    If it were any other player but a Buffalo Sabres player, I would say there will be no suspension. Since Myers does play for the Sabres, Shabbyhan will give him at least a three-game suspension. Myers did what a defenseman is supposed to do, he stood up in front of a opposing player who was trying to enter the Sabres’ defensive zone. It was a good check and it is not his fault that his opponent had his head down. As for Myers leaving his feet, he was just standing up and his momentum carried his skates of the ice momentarily. It was not done to embellish the check.

  • Joe

    These r the kind of suspensions i will never agree with. If u skate with ur head down u make ur head the initial point of contact regardless of the intention of the checking player. This is one of the biggest problems i jave with te nhl bc i was taught from the day i started playing to not skate with my head down and if i did to suffer the consequences